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bae wrote me a letter 💌. watch my latest #buzzfeed vid on #buzzfeedyellow - couples write each other love letters! link in bio!

Things Tall Girls Dominate At💅 produced by @awkwardholland and my tall crew @webbylinster @safiyany @emsven13
And little babies @lianalydia @bransonbread @nicolaang #buzzfeed #buzzfeedyellow #tallgirls #bald

Surprised... no let's be real lmfao
Link in my bio if you wanna see me trying out Lipdicks lipstick! And if they work 😂😂😂😂
I seriously can't
That paused photo... 😂😩😂😩😂

The try guys slayin at the beach ☀️🐚 #EuropeanSwimwear #TryGuys #BuzzFeedYellow

"My wife & I look up to you" - Ned to winners. ✨ Are we #goals? See for yourself on the finale of #LoveGoals via @buzzfeedvideo #buzzfeedyellow!

"but neither of us are going to say anything." really loved how brave everyone was last night, and how patient you were, and for letting me share this @buzzfeedvideo piece with you.

feat. @jiiingwen with bench placement by @hxqiu
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Hardcore Bodybuilders looking daam Cute❤ #buzzfeedyellow

Tried an experiment w Buzzfeed, on fairness creams. Checkout the video. Link in Bio #buzzfeedyellow #buzzfeedindia #notfairyetlovely

Did I have a #manbun or not? Check out the new video from @buzzfeed and director @kmcshane Link in my bio. #buzzfeed #buzzfeedmotionpictures #buzzfeedyellow @buzzfeedyellow


Starting a dialogue about mental illness is imperative to growth, awareness, discovery and eventually prevention. We can no longer sweep it under the rug because it can be uncomfortable to discuss. Thankfully, there are many organizations, forums, and programs that are bringing to light the stigmas surrounding mental health. WE create the stigmas, so WE can destroy them too. Did you know….. - 1 in 4 people suffer some sort of mental illness. So if it isn’t you, it will be someone in your family, your friends, or your workplace. - 20% of youth (ages 13-18) live with a mental health condition.
More than 2/3 of North Americans who have a mental illness live in the community and lead productive lives. - Mental illnesses can affect people of any age, race, religion, or income. It is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, and ability to relate to others and daily functioning. - Serious mental illnesses include: major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and borderline personality disorder.

If you feel you have a mental illness, or you have questions surrounding mental health, reach out to qualified individuals who are ready to help. The worst thing we can do is keep silent about it. We are one world, one family. We can and will look after each other. We can change how we view mental health, and in doing so, we can become whole.

Thank you @buzzfeed for this powerful video!

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This is from last year but it is such a GREAT video with a GREAT message! 💜👙👼 Watch video on youtube


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A: If you could address every single person in this world for just five minutes, what would you say? .

P: I would say that do what​ you really want to do, thoughtfully make your own choices and don’t just blindly listen to the world. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have only yourself to blame but at least you’ll be at peace. I have learnt to do just that and I am very happy.

There is no lack of opportunities, ever. The economy might be slow, the job market might suck but there are always gaps waiting to be filled in. Just find love for what you do- opportunities will appear sooner or later, you can create them in fact! .

But none of this can happen without a general base of knowledge. You need to acquaint yourself with basic geography, politics, current affairs and even your own roots- the culture that you come from.To be successful, you need to be able to identify patterns, make connections and keep up with the changing world. If you just stay in your bubble, you’ll lose out on a lot.

I still have some time left? I’d love to give a shout out to Elon Musk. I think he’s going to be the guy who will transform the world, the most influential person out there. I just love the way he thinks; I feel everyone should read up on him. People will find inspiration for life!

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A: What does feminism mean to you? Tell me about one time you stood up against gender discrimination.

N: Feminism to me in one word means ‘pro-women’, however recently I think there have been many cases where this concept has been overused.

But, whenever anybody says stuff like ‘you’re a girl, you shouldn’t be doing this’, I don’t like it one bit. According to me, women should not be deprived of anything​ only because​ of their gender.

Honestly, there hasn’t been a case where I have stood up against gender discrimination. There hasn’t been any situation where I felt I needed to.

In some way I feel I have made a small positive contribution though. My mom was a full time housewife who hadn’t worked outside of the home till a few years ago, and this was of her own personal choice. Today, she works with my dad. .

She spent some time educating herself about the business but now she has quite a big role. Still she is eager to learn more and take up further responsibilities. And what I really admire is that she’s become completely independent. She even travels back and forth by train every day where this would have been literally unthinkable like three years back. Just yesterday, we happened to travel back together and I wanted to cab it home, but she made me take the train.

I can't take credit for any of this except for saying that I gave her all the support and encouragement​ that she needed. I can’t say it enough; I love the fact that she took up this challenge. I think it is just brilliant and I am so proud of her. It’s all her. Her guts and her hard work….only with a little bit of encouragement from us.

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AF: What is one life lesson you have picked up in the last one year?

AM: One of my weaknesses has always been that I can’t say no to anyone, ever. And somehow it was fine till now. I would pick up the slack of my teammates and my colleagues, go out of my way to help others and basically always go that extra mile, because I have always been this person who gives her hundred percent to anything, be it a small project or a serious work responsibility.

But now with time, I have realized that sometimes you need to be very practical and you need to think about the effects of your actions considering the big picture. To grow from within, you actually need to think about yourself and not what others might think of you. And you have to be able to say no when that’s what you want to do.

I’ve realised this but the hard part comes now right? Actually acting on it. It’s difficult for me to change. Sometimes I wonder, why should I change myself just for others, but then I know that at the end of the day, this quality of mine is back firing on me only.

Plus, soon I’ll be entering the so called real world with back biting and office politics so I’m preparing for that…making myself adaptable enough to put on a different face every time it is required of me. My authentic self is obviously something I will try to preserve, but only show it when I find it to be appropriate. Be nice but not naïve, this is my new life mantra.

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I am going to hell

Who the fuck works at Buzzfeed

in new york i told a stranger they looked beautiful...here's their reaction before and after... #buzzfeedyellow #notclickbait #notad

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