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Tropical chia pots!! ☀️🌴
It's been a hot one here in Melbourne so It's something refreshing from me today!!😋 :
Almond Chia with a Mango,lime and raspberry purée, chopped Kiwi and passionfruit to top it all off!😜 It took seconds to make which is even better as time just got the better of me today!! Infact all week!!🙄 Trying to fit everything in lately is proving to be tricky!! I feel like I'm in a bit of a whirlwind..not the best feeling but at least I managed to fit in a walk this morning which always helps clear the mind! Anyone else feeling the same??
Hope everyone's week went well and you get time to relax over the weekend!!
🌟Various Chia recipes down my page) for the Mango purée just purée 1 frozen/fresh cheek with juice of a lime and a little coconut water..and add raspberries to it!! Easy peasy!!!👌
A huge Thankyou to my friend Jose @naturally.jo who totally surprised me today with featuring my breakfast bowls...So kind🙏 Love love love this community!! Also so grateful to @leahitsines and @cuisinesworld for sharing my food on their feeds today!! Thankyou 🙌🌟💚
Big hugs and squidgy kisses to you all
Chloe xxxx
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Almond butter, cacao & flaxseed chocolate truffles by @charleyshealth 💖
Recipe: 3 tbsp smooth almond butter. 1 tbsp date syrup. 2 tbsp raw cacao powder. 1 tbsp coconut oil- slightly softened. 2 tbsp Linwoods ground flaxseed.
In a bowl, mix together the almond butter, coconut oil and date syrup until well combined. Add in the flaxseed and cacao powder and mix again. The mixture should be really soft sand easy to mould.
Roll the dough into balls and roll in toppings of your choice )crushed pistachios, cacao nibs and desiccated coconut). Leave the truffles in the fridge to set for few hours.

Y'all. I made another @rachaelsgoodeats cashew cookie skillet tonight....annnnnd then I may have spent 15 minutes or so eye-banging it before digging in, which I think shows superhuman restraint on my part. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Recipe is on her blog (and it's gluten, dairy + refined-sugar free 😱) - I added @justins dark chocolate pb cups 'cause I was feelin' scandalous. 😻 #savoringtheflavoring #fortheloveofnums

Selamat Siang EATers,
Udang masak cabe bawang buat makan siang nikmat banget nih .
Snapchat 👻 : ANDRESARWONO .
Check my latest review on the blog (direct link on bio)
📷 : @cookingbypat .
Inspiration of the day 🍴🍳 .
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GIVEAWAY ALERT! New York's sweetest event, Dessert Goals, might be completely sold out, but lucky for you I have TWO PAIRS of tickets to give away! 🙌🏻🍪🍰🍩 Winners will be chosen randomly at midnight tonight! All you have to do is:
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Having some late night pizza netflix cravings with wifey❤
Chicken Avocado/Tuna 30cm NY Style @newyorkpizza_nl

Ending the week/day with a super early dinner in hopes of hittin the sack as soon as the kids go to sleep. 🙌🏼 Clean out fridge salad tonight with some romaine, carrots, cucumber slices, red peppers, almonds and instapot chicken breast. Topped my salad with @primalkitchenfoods ranch dressing and added shredded cheese after I snapped my pic. Had a very stressful and exhausting week which totally caught up to me today. 😳😱🙊 So the plan is to get the kids to bed, eat some chocolate and go to bed all before 8:30 😴
Hope everyone has an awesome night!!


Pokazatelj da je nešto dobro je kad istu stvar u tjedan dana pripremaš drugi put. 🤗 Tako sam se i ja s dolaskom proljeća iznova zaljubio u svoju najdražu #tonkabean i ponovno je spetljao s šumskim voćem. 👌 A tu je i apsolutna vladarica instgrama #magnolia 😍 ugodan vam vikend, veselite se jako-jako i uživajte baš, baš. 😘

You shouldn’t miss the waffle ice cream from FLO. Velvety smooth, creamy, rich and pure Vanilla Gelato, perfect alone or served alongside your favourite waffle. The crispy waffles are freshly baked upon order and accompanied with choco-brownie and walnut. It is as addictive as it looks. The vanilla ice cream is so good and you shouldn’t miss it! It comes in 3 flavours; vanilla, matcha and coconut. I’ve added another scoop of matcha ice cream at only S$2.50. It’s such a steal for premium ice cream.
Bountiful Choco-Brownie Waffle (comes with Vanilla Gelato) at S$14.50.
Read on at foodgem.sg/food/cafe/flo
Where to dine?
FLO Food Lovers Only
2 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601

Fluffy pancakes on a saturday morning 🍴🥞

Buenos días 🙋 Me han dicho que ha vuelto el frío por España ☁ ☁ ❄ ❄ Así que aquí os mando este doble chocolate caliente con nata y un chorreón de bayleis para que entréis en calor. Aquí a diferencia hace un día espectacular. Hace sol 🌞 y el cielo está azul 💙 Así que nosotras @evitablog nos vamos de paseo por la City. Que paséis un buen fin de semana 😉
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promo FREE ONGKIR nya tinggal beberapa hari lagi. Yang masih bingung-bingung mau pilih Background APA langsung tanya-tanya ke admin ya.

Photo taken with White Background A1.

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Soft on the inside.
These are some damn.good.cookies (if I say so myself🌚😬)
No fancy ingredients. Not even a fancy protein powder. Just ya bog standard chocolate whey💁🏼(yes these are a protein cookie this time)
And no, it's not another banana/oats/peanut butter kind of 'cookie' these do actually taste like a proper cookie😎🤓
However now I'm armed with some @jimjams_spreads I'll be drizZizling that instead😋
Hoping to get to the gym today at some point..went this morning but didn't even make it out the car. First time in a LONG time my anxiety has stopped me..😕
Have a fab weekend and enjoy this beaaaaaaut weather we've got😍

Siamo orgogliosi di sostenere la @Liltroma nella settimana nazionale della prevenzione oncologica. Fate una cosa buona: andate stamane a fare colazione presso il @flashmarket di Grottaperfetta e comprate una ciambella. Il ricavato sarà devoluto alla ricerca contro il cancro! •
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Is there anything better than fresh homemade #pasta for a Saturday night in? 🍝🧀😋 #delicious #italianfood

🔹Twix Giant Easter Egg 🔹Reeses Giant Easter Egg
Calories: 1680
Took me quite a while to track these down and I finally got around to trying them out 😅😅 I started off with the Twix and the filling to chocolate ratio, was brilliant 👌It had a very gooey caramel swirl in there! As usual, Reeses delivers the Damn goods again. As you can see in the photos, the peanut butter filling is EXTREMELY generous. Peanut Butter Overload. If you like Reeses Peanut Butter. You need this egg. 😍
TRAINING UPDATE: First full week of training down after last weekend I missed my sessions. Felt a bit sluggish this week but was able to hit a 90kg (198lbs) bench for three sets of 9 which I'm pretty happy with, especially being in a deficit 😎📉

Ribbin' La Vida Loca

Concha's Garden Café | Fuji Velvia 50

Super smoothie per affrontare un sabato mattina di colloqui 😱 (recipe by @col_ph)

Watched Beauty and The Beast with friends and we found the perfect treat at @nachobimby Yuum! 😋 Happy weekend guys! || 📸: @kerwinking

In our city we have twice a week matket and Saturday is one of the market day. Hans and I went today morning and bought these super fresh grey shrimps which is so famous here in North sea.
We came back home and Hans and I peeled 1/2 kg together. I am planning to use them tomorrow for lunch.
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