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Baby Dunce Caps😆🤗🙈👶🏻
📷: @_momochichak_

#JeWajua? : Kwa mujibu wa tafiti mbalimbali za kitaalamu, tunashauriwa kula takriban mayai 6 kama sehemu ya mlo kamili. // #DidYouKnow? : Different researches supports the inclusion of around 6 eggs a week as part of healthy diet. .
Cha kufanya , nenda 'supermarket' ya jirani yako ununue #MayaiYaAlaska .
#BuyLocal #BuyAlaskaTanzia #ProudlyTanzanian #MadeInTanzania . #Eggs

Cutting the Bamboo Mint Beer Soap!

Aster, Ziza, Speckled and Semi Pavé.

Wagyu talkin about!?!
Wagyu du Québec,
Les morceaux du centre seront vieillis, Les short ribs ainsi que le brisket serons cuits 72 hrs, les muscles des épaules et des cuisses seront transformés en charcuteries diverses, les chutes serviront à faire du garum, les parties à hachées seront transformées en sauce Bolognaise que nous donnerons à la Mission Old Brewery....
Québec wagyu....
Center cuts will be aged, brisket and short ribs will be cooked for 72h, shoulders will be transformed into charcuteries, trims are gonna be transformed into garum and all the ground meat that is gonna be left is gonna be used for a big batch of bolognaise sauce for the old brewery mission...
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I was going to save this ham and gruyere croissant from @chelseabakehouse for my lunch, but it was still warm so I had to sample it. Oh. My. Goodness. #yummy #croissant #supportlocal #buylocal

Susan Brown, artist

Teddy says HAPPY National Puppy Day!!! #midwestredesigned #buylocal #tippcity

There are so many reasons why buying local flowers is just as important as buying local food. Read one of them below 👇🏻 are your flowers safe to sniff?
You may not realize it, but flowers are a part of the buy-local movement—and with good reason.

Seventy percent of the cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from Latin America. Though the hot climate is just what the flowers need, those constant high temperatures are also conducive to bugs and disease. Consequently, growers in Columbia, Ecuador and many other countries rely on pesticides that have long been banned in the U.S. to produce flowers worth selling in international markets.

As with other crops, applying pesticides to flowers takes its toll on people, especially on mothers who work in the flower fields when they’re pregnant and unavoidably expose their fetuses to the toxic chemicals. Not only that, but researchers found that children whose mothers were exposed to pesticides during pregnancy tended to have higher blood pressure than unexposed children, increasing the chance of risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

Consumers may be exposed to those chemicals as well. Roses can contain as much as 50 times the amount of pesticides legally allowed on the food we eat, reports the Environmental News Network. When flowers are imported into the U.S., they’re checked for bugs, but not for pesticide contamination. You could bring a lot of unwanted toxic chemicals into your home when you buy a bouquet produced outside the U.S., particularly when you stick your nose right into them. -- (Snippet taken from http://www.care2.com/greenliving/why-buying-local-flowers-is-just-as-important-as-buying-local-food.html)

Struggling with breakouts here of late but happy I've found this local mask powder made with bentonite clay. Smells amazing and fresh. If any of you have any suggestions on products that help with hormonal acne please let me know :) I'm on the search #tiuteam #buylocal #naturalbeauty

3 days of working at home and I get to get out!!! Cheers to the small businesses for Leadership Bartlesville Day today for you are the backbone of our community! #LB26 #smallbusiness #buylocal #dreamersanddoers

It's Always Summer with this Salmon Inabel beach towel. More colors at @shopalwayssummer.ph

#repost ... @artesanomel A Feira SP.UP foi criada a partir da parceria entre a @saopaulosaudavel e a @livupoficial e já está na sua 2o edição. O objetivo é unir as pessoas em um ambiente descontraído e colaborativo e apoiar os pequenos produtores e seus produtos artesanais e autênticos.
Nós, da Artesano, estaremos lá e será nossa primeira feira!! Então, vai até lá participar também! Vamos adorar conhecer você!!!
Será no dia 02 de abril, domingo, das 9:00 às 18:00, no espaço Mixcelânia, na Mourato Coelho, 972.
Vem! Vem! Vem! 😍
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Come on guys - someone make me a cuppa 😀

Oh, look! NessAlla in the wild. Just glorious! This wondrous creature begins its journey in Madison, Wisconsin and will migrate great distances to a grocer near you. You can find out more on where to find NessAlla Kombucha by soaring over to our website (a link for that can be found - you guessed it - in our bio). #nessalla #kombucha #whosyourbooch #madison #madisonwis #craftbrewed #craftbrewedkombucha #localbrand #buylocal #boochslayer⠀

•• Ditching dairy is easy as A.B.C. #Almond #Brazil #Cacao 😄 #HappyThursday #Atlanta ⛅ If you're considering the #dairyditch we've got you covered! Made in our very own kitchen at the #Piedmont location, our #organic #nutmilk is prepared daily, by hand! For our #fitness folks out there, our nut milks are contain healthy fats, low sugar, the brazil nut milk in particular is high in #selenium and can supplement a meal. 100% #vegan #organic #madedaily #madewithlove Stop by and #treatyoself to a sample! #eatclean #drinkclean #dairyditchchallenge #buylocal ••

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