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This message is so important!! In order for Black businesses to thrive we have to believe in the vision of our brothers and sisters, but most of all we have to support the power moves they are making for our community! #WeBuyBlack

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Doing it for the culture ✊🏾 You can find more dope Black-owned lapel pins in the #OBWS directory. Click the link in the bio! (📸: @radical_dreams_pins)

@toniolaoye1 stunning in the maxi infinity orange bulb for #afwt2017 ✨she looks amazing✨ coming to the website next week ✨

I choose to see the greatness of my people. I choose to see us as Kings and Queens as gods and goddesses I choose to be apart of #ChangingTheNarrative We must learn to #SupportOurPeople #BlackPride . Love our brother and sister. Every day lets celebrate the small, and big changes happening for our people. Whether you are learning what you didn't know about the past. Or watching how so many are changing the future. We must educate our children on how great we are as a people. We must teach them what they will not be taught in schools. WE NEED TO #ReeducateOurChildren on who they are. That is the only way to control who they will become. DONT LEAVE YOUR CHILD OR ANY CHILD TO BELIEVE THE LIES. #SaveAChildSaveOurPeople , TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF HELPING THE YOUTH. Find a child, any child and be the example they need #LeadBYExample . Teach them to be Kings and Queens. Remember say what you want but #STOPPLAYINGCHECKERSANDSTARTPLAYINGCHESS #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords
#NeverForget #blacklivesmatter #NotOneDime #nojusticenopeace #bringbacktheblackwallstreet #blackwallstreet
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#supportBlackPeople #supportblackbusiness #blackdollarsmatter #buildingblackwealth #therealremyredd #BlackHistoryIsEveryday #BlackHistory #blackhistoryiseveryday #Blackmedia #blackunity #supportyourown
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What would you do with an extra $325.74 a week. These are my real numbers. DM me if you want to learn more 🙌🏼
Shoutout to @king_garuu and @abdul_jafarawi who introduced me this
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Jay Z said it best! Now is the time to start growing and supporting our own businesses... Black-owned businesses. We have $1.2 Trillion in buying power. Let's use it wisely and start building our community. #EconomicIndepedence
"We are the culture! Nothing moves without us. We just continue to give it away." - Jay Z


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Hailing from THEE Tennessee State University 💙🐯 @stylingwithk_!

Tag them below!! We want to thank all those who have not only shined a light on the issues of the community but have also given us solutions and hope for a better world. We salute you! #BlackWealthEmpire

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