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In house coconut yogurt, candied beets, buckwheat granola with sliced bananas. Not pictured, the giant glass of in house kombucha. Seriously one of the best breakfasts I've had in such a long time. #solejourneyyoga #vegan #glutenfree #butwhatdoyoueat

Epic River Picnic Spread🏞 for our little mini 4 hr vacation get away 🙂 Fresh Sourdough🍞, Tofurky Slices, @monksmeats Shalami, Tofu Egg Salad, @justins 🍫Dark Chocolate Cups, @miyokos_kitchen Herbs De Provence and Sundried Tomato 🧀Cheeses, Fresh Organic Cotton Candy 🍇Grapes, 🍅Tomatoes, 🍏Apples, 🍈Avocados, and Persian Cucumbers, 🍪Multi Grain Crackers, @kettlebrand 🍁Maple 🚫🐷Bacon Chips and 🍭dessert of @angiesboomchickapop Kettle Corn and @lennyandlarrys Cookies. #butwhatdoyoueat #vegan

It was a rough weekend, barely survived! 🤣

#butwhatdoyoueat #everythingexceptthefuckingturkey #vegan #idontlackprotein

Only slightly ridiculous. #butwhatdoyoueat?

I know I just posted this on Seed to Sprouts insta. But gosh darn this chilaquiles is amazing.
#vegan #vegansofig #veganbreakfast #butwhatdoyoueat!!!! #wheredoyougetyourprotein

Quick jackfruit tacos!! OMG so yummy! If I had more ingredients in the fridge... they would have tomatoes, avocado, and maybe some salsa. But oh my, they are great just like this!! 😋
#vegan #tacos #dinner #jackfruit #butwhatdoyoueat

This is what happens when you're vegan and you end up in a big Tesco that stocks all the vegan food you've dreamed off but not been able to find.. #veganmafia #vegangoesshopping #veganfoodhaul #butwhatdoyoueat


Breakfast Bowl with nice cream, cacao chia pudding, homemade maple granola, mangos & bananas ☀️

Maple Granola with chopped walnuts, dates, green apple, maple syrup, coconut oil, and rolled oats 🌿

Cacao chia seed pudding 🌿 I blended water and oats to make a creamy milk, added bananas, dates, flax seeds, cacao powder, cacao nibs, and blended. Then I poured the pudding into a jar and added chia seeds. Finally I shook the jar & put it in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow ☀️️

Sandwich with walnut sundried tomato nut butter + pesto

Bruschetta with homemade pesto, made by my sister ❤️

Lunch for me & Mr K was meant to be another Buddha bowl but turned into a massive 'Buddha plate' of delicious raw foods - I literally inhaled this, it did not touch the sides 😂
I love raw courgette so did strips tossed in lemon juice, the red cabbage & carrot was drizzled with cider vinegar & my plate was finished off by a slather of sriracha sauce, a sprinkle of sesame seeds & a flounce of fresh basil - this was sublime & took 10 mins to make. I feel a bit smug now after eating all this goodness 😏

#vegan #veganmumontherun #vegansofinstagram #plantbaseddiet #glutenfree #wholefoods #rawfoods #goodness #healthyeating #butwhatdoyoueat

Quick tofu sandwich with sundried tomato spread on one side and olive tapenade on the other #vegantelaviv

Homemade hummus 🌞

Walnut, chocolate chip, tahina cookies 🙏🏻 #vegantelaviv

Homemade granola and cacao cookie dough on a spirulina smoothie bowl

Cacao oatmeal cookies 🍪

Fresh bread, vegan cheese, tahina, and olive oil with spices

Burritos with rice, cumin mushrooms, homemade salsa roja, cilantro, onion, and lettuce 🌯🌯🌯

Pomegranates, star fruit, and mangos ✨

When you meet your cross country Insta vegan pals and say vegan grace by photographing your meal...
Yo! @oohsarracuda is awesome and I'm so stoked that I got to meet up with her and her fella last night for dinner.
We are gonna get a milkshake yet, don't worry!
#butwhatdoyoueat #vegantourism #veganstakingpicturesofveganstakingpicturesoffood

BBQ tofu sandwich dressed like an American burger with the classic lettuce, tomato, onion, vegan mayo & cheese, ketchup, and yellow mustard

"But what do you eat?" Is the most frequent question I've been asked since becoming vegan 9 months ago. I usually start explaining my breakfast/lunch/dinner choices and the response is usually "oooh...ok" while looking at me like I have 3 heads 🙄😏Breakfast is usually porridge for me as it keeps me full till lunch. Today was a quick 5 min version 👆🏻 I've run out of cinnamon so used ginger instead with grated apple & a touch of maple syrup - it was LUSH & I'll be using ginger more often 👍🏻
What are your quick vegan gf breakfasts?

#vegan #veganmumontherun #vegansofinstagram #easyveganfood #veganbreakfast #plantbased #glutenfree #glutenfreeporridge #butwhatdoyoueat

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