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Butters' mom here. Today marks two years since my son #VaughnDanger passed away. Sadness does not even begin to describe the devastation I feel in my heart. I will never forget the feeling of walking out of the hospital without my baby boy. Here are the words I wrote on his FB page the morning he went to Heaven. "We've been trying our best to make the most of these last few days. We spent Thursday with our families trying to let the news sink in. A therapy dog came and sat with us for a while. Then yesterday was spent just the three of us. We told Vaughn our favorite stories about him. We showered him with kisses and even sang him happy birthday. They brought us a family bed so we could all sleep together. We laid on either side of him and each held his hand through the night. And then this morning we watched our baby boy take his last breath and make his way to heaven." This picture was taken almost exactly one month before Vaughn passed away. I'm so thankful for these priceless memories between a boy and his dog. πŸ’™ #ButtersandtheBaby #fightwithvaughndanger #endchildhoodcancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #morethan4 #nannydog #pitbullsandkids #pitsandkids #pitbullsandbabies #kidswithdogs #itsapittiething


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