The only photo where it doesn’t look like I am freaking out over a butterfly #butterflies #freakingout #musuemofnature #butterfliesscareme

This little guy (or gal) was trying to follow me into my meeting this afternoon. #ButterfliesScareMe #StillAppreciateTheirBeauty #JustFromAfar

I was tagged by @kt.grant to share 10 things about myself so if you want to know some random facts about me, here you go. Enjoy! If not, carry on scrolling 🙂 ***************************************************** 1. I somehow managed to break my tailbone, break a rib and pop a lung twice all in the same year and all on different occasions.
2. I started working for my company as a billing and customer support call center rep in my hometown with zero tech knowledge. After teaching myself the basics, I picked up a Linux for dummies book, asked Google to show me how to install a virtual machine on an old laptop and taught myself bash, how to navigate a Linux box...etc.  Fast foward to 9 years later, same company and now I'm a software QA engineer lead at their corporate headquarters in silicon valley.  I was just a psychology major trying to make a living... never guessed I'd end up here but I'm glad I did.
3. I've spent the majority of my life with an irrational fear of butterflies.  Seriously, of all things... why BUTTERFLIES? 😒
4. When I was in my ealry 20's I had 23 piercings on my body
5. I'm 31 and I still have 5 of them
6. My bf and I have lived together, worked together and shared a car for 10 years ❤
7. I'm a proud tree-huggin, cannabis lovin, vegetarian, athiest yogi with a passion for critical thinking (question everything!)
8. I'm an only child
9. I play video games a lot.  Probably more than I should but mehhh.  A few summers ago it got so hot that my PS4 shut off mid game.  I wanted to play so bad that I wrapped up my console in a towel and stuck it in the freezer. Then after taking it out I kept it cool by strategically stacking ice packs and bags of frozen peas on/around the console. Desperate times, desperate measures. But I got my game time in that day.  Lanore:1 // Nature:0
10. I had surface piercings on my eyebrows in my early 20's.  They were ripped out when someone jumped off the stage at a hardcore show and landed on my hat.  The scars stopped the second half of my eyebrows from ever growing in again (think vulcan eyebrows).
11. (that's right, 11. I'm a rebel; I do what I want) Burning man sucks. Don't go.

#aboutme #burningmansucks #gamer

I'm personally a bigger fan of the unposed picture 👩🏽‍🌾🙋🏽‍♂️ (swipe left) #offguardpic #itchyeyes #couplegram #hubbynwife #whoshungry #ineedtotakemorephotos #msnewbooty #irrelevanthashtags #butterfliesscareme #realrecognizereal

If you look closely you can see the devil inside this horrible creature. #butterfliesscareme

There are 144 different kinds of schmetterlings in San Francisco #schmetterling #butterfliesscareme #sanfrancisco #sf #tree

I'm working on my transformation, and while I'm afraid of butterflies (don't judge 😂) I loved this little reminder #transformationtuesday #butterfliesscareme

Snapchat forever blessing me 🙃👑 #butterfliesscareme #yesimcrazy

Fun fact: I hate butterflies. But this filter gives me life #slayedit #nofilterneeded #facebeat #motd #tarteletteinbloom #butterfliesscareme

I woke up like this! #yeahright #filters #butterfliesscareme

My little butterfly turned out pretty good! #gel #icing #butterfliesscareme #cakedecorating

Flying through the Hudson Line #Starbucks #ArtsyAF #ButterfliesScareMe

Embracing the fear and have them put on my body. #butterfliesscareme #butterflies #befuddledexperience

Childhood recurring nightmare proven true. #ButterfliesAreMetal #SomeoneSaveMe #ButterfliesScareMe

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