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I owe mad #stopdropandspin tags, but this one is for @sydworrom_ and I'm going to pass to @beezy_spins and @hoop_hoop_surrah πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #buttahevoke from my boo @buttahflow 😍😍

@buttahflow my new bby is home! Ft. @_geoffpv_ yelling at me for being crazy with a knife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ #buttahevoke #bitcheswithknives #illumisuncreations

Posting this because i haven't posted in a while. You try hooping in 110 degree heat 😭 anxiously waiting to see if I've won @buttahflow 's contest.... then even the heat can't stop me. And shout out to my coworker for catching this funny snap. #hoopersofinstagram #buttahevoke

Hey there ✨ I would adore an evoke in my life mainly because I've never owned a smart hoop (I have a solid LED) & it would bring endless happiness to my night flow πŸ’ž I have been hooping since 2014 and I have not let go of mah hoop since! It is a passion that is forever growing 🌱 Thank you so incredibly much for this opportunity @buttahflow & good luck to my flow family!!!! 🌟 @mischievous.mermaid @fawnmoonchild @hoopfulv @lleafmealone @soph_wallacee @welllitskelll @wavesnhoney @sammycoonz @bettyhoop_ @flowpixie @kristel_jean @juniperbl0ssom @charmed.fox & don't forget to find the ORIGINAL POST!!! Love you guys πŸ’—

Last minute, hopefully this qualifies?? #buttahevoke
I want this because Zac is my hoop bae and having a gift from him would make me swoooooon 😍😍 plussss I can't afford my own, so there's that lol #fuck
@mobuttons @alyssa_fey @_geoffpv_ @pnwhooper @habitualhooper

I've always wanted a smart hoop but never really wanted to get one because I wasn't that great. But this summer I started finding my flow and would love to play with one. I've been hooping for almost three years now, and this would be amazing! @nolney @lovpeacmsc @__.dalton @yelahduh @plur_fairy #buttahevoke @buttahflow

#Repost @buttahflow (@get_repost)
WOW HEY THERE! I recently just ordered a new smart hoop! As some or many of you know, nothing brings more joy to me than handing down my old/used hoops to a new home that will bring joy to somebody else. This time it's a big one! πŸ’“I'm doing a giveaway with my Atomic Evoke by Astral Hoops. The LED strip is still under warranty until the end of December. HOWEVER, I did re-tube the LED strip on my own. It's a little rigged but still works to its full potential! πŸ—£RULES OF THIS GIVEAWAYπŸ—£
1.) You HAVE TO be following me, if you aren't, make sure you do so you do not miss out on this.
2.) Repost the photo above. In the description let me know why you would like a smart hoop, how long you've been hooping for, & tag FIVE friends or more to let them also know about this giveaway. Make sure you point them in the direction of this original posts so they know the rules (They must be hoopers) Make sure you @ me in the post along with the HashTag #buttahevoke
3.) No whiners, Complainers, or Persuasions! I will exempt you.
4.) For you to be entered in this giveaway your profile has to be PUBLIC.
5.) When the winner is announced, you will have to pay shipping. This giveaway is WORLDWIDE because of it. I will provide proper shipping necessities for the hoop to make it safely to you.
6.) 1 entry per person.
β€’The winner will be announced on my Mothers Birthday July 25th (Obviously of this year.)
β€’The winner will be chosen at RANDOM.
β€’Yes the hoop is FREE.
β€’I will SHIP out the hoop on August 1st. β€’Once the hoop is in USPS' hands, I am NOT responsible for any damages, god forbid any.
β€’I don't care how many followers, or how many smart hoops you have already. ANYBODY is eligible to enter this giveaway.
β€’This hoop is a 28"OD/27.3"ID 3/4th" Poly Pro with DOUBLE LEDS
β€’In the box you will receive the original charger, obviously the hoop, & the mode(s) chart.
GOOOOOD LUCK πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ’“ And may the LEDS be with you.
#guysthathoop #guyswhohoop #hooping #hulahoop #hoop #hooplove #hoopflow #flowart #flowarts #flow #icc #infinatecircles #infinatecirclescommunity #flowarttv #sickwebflowarts #flowstagram #instagood #vsco #vscocam #shoot2kill #in

When u get given a smart hoop and then the gift is taken back before u get a charger or make videos w it ;w; im entering this meow #buttahevoke you cant try and win 2 by following @buttahflow THIS HOOP RLY THE PERFECT SIZE THO. πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

@buttahflow giveaway!!! #buttahevoke
@kylecarroll20 @hoopril_rene @bittersweet.dreamss @whirlwind_spin @run.like.forest @kdkelly24 -a little about me.. I am 24 years old, I live in the metro east STL/IL.
I started hula hooping in February 2016, and was instantly hooked. For me hooping is a way to ease my mind, and keep me active. I dabble in other flow props as well but hoops are my go to! I would love to win this smart hoop! An evoke is on my wish list!! (: Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!! πŸ’• #flowarts #hoopgiveaway #flowartsmovement

@buttahflow is giving away an amazing led hoop! 😍 It ends tonight though so everyone hurry! πŸ˜„πŸƒTagging @charlie.brown.hoops @wildflower.flow @twirlingrapunzel @keanarayn @planetaery because I think you guys would like this. πŸ˜„πŸ˜™πŸ’—πŸŒΌ
I started hooping in 2012 but got more serious with it in November 2016. I would love to win an Evoke hoop because I've been droolingniver them for the past few, well many, months. I have 1 led hoop but it's a big 38 inch one. It would be so amazing to have a smaller light up hoop. 😍 Thank you so much for the generous giveaway!! #buttahevoke #hoopgiveaway

Anyone interested in getting hooked up with a free LED? @buttahflow is a rad flow artist sharing his love for lights with the hoop community! I'd personally love the hoop because I've been aching to get into more double action and have a secondary Evoke to share with aspiring hoop students! Repost and tag #buttahevoke for your own chance to win!

I would really love to when this evoke! I've been hooping since September of 2015 and have never been able to afford an LED and would especially love to get the chance to have an evoke!! πŸ¦„βœ¨πŸŒˆπŸ’— @da_merrills @bearded_flogasm @glitterfae_fl0w @queenofthehighway43 @expensivehabitzz @buttahflow #buttahevoke Please oh please pick me!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Thank you for this amazinnnnnng giveaway!!! Would love this led because I haven't had the funds to buy a new one after my ex sold my helix on me which was the LIGHT of my life (literally) !!
I've been hooping for 6 years !!! Btw happpy birthday to a fellow Leo mama my birthdays a day before hers!!!!! #BUTTAHEVOKE

Get in on this awesome giveaway by this talented gent @buttahflow @ai_papi_chulo @funkjunkieee @herbalmoongoddess @irizquist @flowandgrow

So... I've been a hooper for over 5 years now and I've always wanted a smart hoop but never been able to afford one. @buttahflow is giving one away and we've been told to explain why we need or want one and my answer is as a person who struggles with anxiety and depression of all shapes and sizes when I flow people see my inner beauty shine, I'm not scared of people or being in public etc. it helps me be myself. Hooping is a huge part of my life and this legitimately could change my life. I could get a bazillion more hoop gigs to perform at shows for people I look up to. #buttahevoke @expensivehabitzz @namaste1990 @hoopysarah @_._.dopamine._._ @mandiicann

Well, why not? Fingers crossed? 🀞🏻 @buttahflow #buttahevoke #lastminuteentry #hooplah

Here goes it. I've been hooping for almost 2 years now. It has changed my life. I have suffered with anxiety and depression since I was about 13,after the death of my sister, and nothing has ever come close to making me feel whole and confident like hooping. This entire community has been such a vital life source, that it is kinda overwhelming how grateful I am for my plastic circles and everyone who I meet along the way. I've been wanting an led hoop for awhile. I feel like it'll open me up even to express my self in a way I've never know to exist inside myself.Thank you @buttahflow for your support and this wonderful opportunity!!! Gonna tag @yougotyoursllc @wildflower.flow @fairymonstar @lizzhoops and @chelhoops @hoop_rebel cause without them who knows where I'd be! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #buttahevoke

#buttahevoke @buttahflow The pure generosity of this giveaway is astonishing!! So kind of you to give away an expensive item to share the hoop love and flow πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šI've been hooping for over 2 years and just have not had he money to buy one. I would love to own a smart hoop to be able to perform at clubs and concerts in my tri state area ❀️performing is one of my many dreams πŸ’•@velvety_vixen @elyseswhimsy @grateful_fl0w @infamousjp91 @sarahanncoughlin check out this giveaway! Go to @buttahflow

Woooooo another hoop up for grabs, this time coming from @buttahflow for his #buttahevoke πŸ’–
I've been hooping for a little over 3 years now and this is such an awesome opportunity for all the hoopers out there without a smarthoop! To win this would definitely open up some new windows for me and hopefully start my performance journey. Gonna tag the lovely lil ladies @hoopthrudapoop @flowaconstrictor @sammiejo_19 @twirlscout @xx_sphynx_xx
All it takes to enter is to follow @buttahflow, post this picture and explain why you'd like to win, how long you've been hooping for and tag five other hoopers! Go check out his original post for extra info, goodluck everyone and thank you @buttahflow for being so giving n spreadin da loveee βœŒπŸ’«πŸ’–

I've been hooping for 2 maybe 3 years, and I would love the shit out of this evoke. Hot damn. Take it out for long walks, take it to Cheesecake Factory, go to weddings with it, take it to my sisters house and hoop it all around even when everyones yelling at me to turn off Kesha's new song for the 57th time. #buttahevoke @buttahflow #praying #evoke #pls
@ronaldlloyd @sparklemoondust @emiliestone @mothermagness @amy_inspiral

I cannot even believe this amazing giveaway 😩 I would DIE to have this hoop. 28"? YES PLEASE. I've been thinking about buying a new avoke with the same size and everything 😭 After eforest I definitely could deserve a break on my wallet. This would for sure help out πŸ™ˆ I've been hooping for almost two years now, this weekend at Bisco will be my two year πŸ˜‰ (yet another reason this hoop would be a perfect gift), and I haven't put one down since. I'm so grateful to even have an opportunity to be gifted this. What kind of amazing creature is able to do gladly give away their smart hoop 😳 must respect and love for you❀️ passing this on to @casssiidy @lucyinthesky808 @hooperoygbiv @bassssfairy and @__beyoutifulllll ! Good luck my beautiful hoopers πŸ’• #buttahevoke @buttahflow πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

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