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A friend sent this to me this morning 😂 she knows me so well #butitsthetruth #blackisthenewblack #ionlywearblack

A little bit of morning humor 😂😂😂
#butitsthetruth #taxseason #rp

Some sisterly love going on here tonight - shopping and chatter, food and beer, tears and laughter.
I'm definitely thankful for the conversation I had with two of the women whom I look up to the most. They have gone ahead of me and I thank God for the transformation that He has done in their lives and the doors of opportunities that He continually opens for these ladies.
Today's conversation has definitely dug up some of my deepest insecurities. Perhaps I'm resistant to change, perhaps I still think that I'm not good enough. But, heck it. My response to You, O God, is always the same; if You say go, I will go. I never questioned, I never doubted; I'm always at peace with You. Even if it's something that I didn't sign up for... *sigh* I still want to be faithful in the things You've placed in my hands. Everything is really in God's hands; perhaps this season is one for me to do some deep soul searching with the Lord.
deo confidimus.
#inGodwetrust #impromptumeetupsarethebest #filledwiththespirit #charsiewsiolbaksiolahk #beerbringsoutthedeepestinyou #whateverhappenedtomovies #whenwomentalk #specstohidethoseeyes #swollenfromcrying #asianflushbeforeevendrinking #featuringthematureversionofme #featuringtheprettierversionofme

2018 honesty. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻 #itsajoke #butitsthetruth

Somehow we crashed the site already 😂 the designer @gregfargo says I'm too popular and he has never experienced this before. #notastunt #happynewyear #artofamanager

He's been up for 36 hours straight and is hitting GoDaddy now to see what's up... I thought this was just an industry thing... But maybe it will be bigger than that... Whatever it is, I'm excited for it!

P.S. @rachelspringate is in the background upset with me for bragging about this to you #butitsthetruth

Well done🙆‍♂️ to everyone who invested in $DRGN 🐉✌️ICO was 6cents now at $2. If you are still learning and researching before you enter the market that's fantastic don't rush you're early.

You're more likely to do well if you really know what you're investing in. When the price changes it makes it easy to hodl as you know the value of the technology and thats when it becomes #profitable. When everyone else* starts seeing the value, but you saw it a little earlier than them✌️ Trade safe #freedomsthegoal and don't let other success limit your own there is enough success in this space for all of us❤️.
#Behappyforothers #intentiseverything #noguilt #noshame 🤙wishing everyone a profitable 2018 in all aspects of your life. #cryptocurrency #itsprofitable #sorryforthepreach #butitsthetruth

I may be taller, but at least we have the same shoe size 🎄❤️ #notachristmascaption #butitsthetruth

Don't get me wrong, I used to be a huge fan back in the day (God I sound so fucking old saying that) and I occasionally listen to them still, but their fanbase is just ridiculous. I don't how many times I've stood in line for VIP and all I hear around me are 13-17 year olds talking about how they want to fuck Andy or whatever. Idk. Plus they're so hateful when it comes to being in the crowd. I just feel like respect doesn't exist at their shows. *****
#blackveilbrides #Imgoingtogetsomuchhate #butitsthetruth

This is for those that don’t want or truly understand spiritual guidance. For those that insist they know what’s best even when God says he has a plan and a purpose. .. in this life (new life in Christ), we need absolute purity and holiness in relationships which is not practiced much in Christ and outside Christ . We need mentors and those that have been there and done that. Those that have taken wise counsel like the medicine that don’t taste good but IS good. You want a blessed relationship? Then believe the word when it says, in the multitude of counselors there is safety.. we don’t “follow our heart” my friend “we lead it” . So follow me as i follow Christ .. i say this because i see this happening all too much. Listen to those that guide you to the word, not their own idea or perspective .. or their own issues.. Jesus is our wise counselor and he won’t lead us in any other direction than his word. I’m one to speak the truth not my mind... so please take heed my friends.. we all need this reminder .. married or not #thisIsaRepost #butitsTheTruth.
I love you all.
Sista G

Five more minutes and my head would have blown right off! 😡😡💥#sorryaboutthelanguage #butitsthetruth #noonehasthechristmasspirit #itshardtosmileallthetime #peoplecanbeaholes

True 😂 I can hear my mama saying it this weekend and I’m just visiting ‼️‼️🤣#butitsthetruth #idontneedagift #feedmeandgreasemyscalpandimhappy #butaintnothinglikegiftfrmmamaandpop #grateful #lifeisagift #stillwantanother4wheelertho 😩😢

It’s not a Cat picture though. #butitsthetruth

One day, someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else 💖 #solucky #loveyou #happy #lekkerklef #bah #butitsthetruth

Looks can be deceiving because this honestly doesn’t kill anymore. Yeah it’s sensitive to touch but that’s just your typical bruise. The swelling has gone down tremendously in the last 24 hours. Completely thankful for that #bruisedup #butperfectlyokay #bruisesonlymakeyoustronger #horseaccident #ownerabuse #yeahmylittlehorsebitme #iknowpathetic #butitsthetruth #ifabighorsediditthenidhave a betterstory #butthatwouldbealie #thedevilminigotme #andthatsafact

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