Acceptance..... “You have the power to heal and bring balance to an area of your life that is causing you concern by accepting things as they are.
Don’t try to change that which is beyond your power to change. Focus instead on that over which you do have power. You have power over the way you react to the events in your life. Adopting an accepting attitude will help you regain your sense of inner peace. There’s no point worrying about something if worrying about it will make no difference. Believe that the force of life are with you and not against you. Make the most of what you have, instead of wishing you had more. However, acceptance does not mean that you need to give up on your dreams, hopes or aspirations, just know that there is a higher purpose to things and trust all will work out for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” Magdalene Oracle - Toni Carmine Salerno

Day 5️⃣ of the #dare2barechallenge hosted by @butiyoga today’s prompt is #proveyoursweat and seeing as how I’m PMSing really bad, a workout is NOT on my agenda, however, a nice long(ish)bike ride to my favorite park here in Moriya. The flowers are finally blooming! They filled the pond more since the last time I was here, and I think they may have taken the Carp out, but it was beautiful and breezy! #butiyoga #butitribe #butisattva #selfcare #restday #bikeride #littleadventure #dayatthepark #japan #japanliving #exploringjapan #livinginjapan #moriya #outdoors #nofilter #beautifulday

Day 5. #dare2barechallenge is to #proveyoursweat.
Its 11:35pm and I just finished today's Tone. I am beat! I tried to make a video but no such luck with the upload. No makeup or hair but I promise there's a puddle of sweat and an epic front wedge 😂
Yoga for me has really become about Truth and Discovery. Its no longer about getting it perfect, and looking good and more about learning how to meet myself where I am right now. Finding that love and acceptance within myself and my body, knowing that I really am whole and complete, that underneath my own doubts and fears is the person I am searching for.
Buti has been a magical piece of the puzzle, the one that has begun to connect all the pieces together.
Whole. Complete. Loved. Enough
And now I must sleep! Its Buti Cert weekend and I cannot wait to cheer on a new group of amazing and inspiring women 🙏🙌🔥❤️🙏 #iambuti #butisattva @butiyoga

Day 5 of the @butiyoga #dare2barechallenge
Today’s prompt is to do Tone 214 and take a sweaty selfie to #proveyoursweat
I actually did the tone, I usually watch tones while I’m eating to find new moves for classes. I teach ten classes a week so I finding the balance between practice and rest is a constant struggle. If I do too much movement chronic pain in my upper back likes to remind me to slow the eff down. My meditation practice is what keeps me grounded, and a makes me a nice human 😂😂.
So today I said eff the todo list and I let myself play. I did the tone, then did my own Buti flow (swipe left) right after the savasana and guess what I felt great all day. I killed it at work, today was actually one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time. Weird how movement actually is medicine hey 🤷‍♀️. Sometimes I need to take my own advice, get out of my own way and get on my damn mat.
#chronicpaincansuckit #butiheals #moveyobody #butisattva

Made it to Sylvan Lake for #butiyoga certification

A Break from Leggings Feels Good!👑💖
Getting a taste of some Night Life after a long week and Tone #214😆 Going out with Hubby to Dance a Little Bit..Eat a Little Bit..and Have a lot of FUN! Have a Great Weekend!👑🤗💘
#fitchick #beautiful #buti #butitribe #loveyourself #fitnessmotivation #namaslay #yogi #goddess #tribal #sexy #toned #iambuti #butisattva #yogi #goals #relax #enjoy #healthylifestyle #yogi #datenight #weekendvibes #positivevibes #awakening #chakras #meditation #spiritual #mindbodysoul #weightlossjourney #empowerment

Day 3 of #dare2barechallenge is to break up with whatever method of ‘scale’ that I use and holds me back in a mental/physical and in turn spiritual way. -
By not allowing myself the freedom to be as I am, I am clearly holding myself back... so for this prompt I really just took some time to consider: what is my scale that holds me back?
Having a sense of guilt around not being able to commit to exercise the way I want to be or the way I think I “should be” absolutely holds me back. -
Having an injury or facing chronic pain is already challenging to deal with and when it interrupts my routine and my life, it is especially Fing hard.
Who can relate to this?
I have spent a lot of conscious effort the last few years to shift from feeling guilty for not showing up as I once did and opening up to what I am capable of in THIS moment. I am in constant inquiry asking myself: What can I do with the ability that I currently have?
It has been this incredible journey of discovery although paired with despair, loss, frustration, anger, sadness... full range. I do my absolute best to stay optimistic and open minded, but feeling like I am incapable of what I want is really challenging to face...constantly surrendering. I still deal with aspects of this in my current life. -

Not easy to look at that truth but it is something I have been facing and turning over for years. There are nuggets of wisdom in there somewhere and I have been determined to locate as much as possible. The more I look for the possibilities to grow, the less the idea of defeat can enter my mindset💪🏽🔥 I just refuse to give up
So this is my kind nudge to myself AGAIN that I am not a failure just because I cant do what I used to with my body. I am in a constant evolution and I have to consider: what is everything turns out better than I can imagine? What if it all really is for the highest and greatest good in my life? What if it is all leading me to my most incredible path? ✨ I choose to believe it is
@butiyoga #scalerevolution #butiyoga #butisattva

Day 5 #dare2barechallenge ... #proveyoursweat ... I am doing it. I am living. And I am completely honest when I say it is yoga that is allowing me to do it, and especially @butiyoga Keep swiping left. I have spent most of my life waiting to live. Waiting for someone to have time for me. Waiting to be chosen. Hoping for good things. And while I have been blessed so much in those years, the only time I felt alive was when I was making the choice to not wait anymore and just do with or without a person, an opportunity, or even sometimes a way.
Even just a few short years ago if you told me that I'd be driving to Nashville alone to audit Buti certification weekend, actually having conversations with many people in the room, and asking our Master Trainer for a photo op, I'd have told you you were mistaken. Because I CAN'T do that for this or that reason. But, look it!!!! I AM! I only felt awkward a few times. Only had one awkward conversation (my fault). Only pulled out in front of one very angry Dodge Ram. Only got confused by GPS once. Only forgot to pack any regular pants... but I'm doing it!!! I AM!!!
I'm not saying I can't anymore. I just make up my mind and do. And on some level, I did that anytime my heart told me to, but never to this degree. I'm not spending my life waiting anymore. Life waits for no one. Life is now. I am living now, and my journey will have me cross many paths. I don't have to wait. I don't have to be afraid or feel guilty. And yes... that freaking sweat is real!
#yogaeverydamnday #butisattva #iambuti #thisisbuti #butibliss #yogisofinstagram #yoga #yogasavedmylife #sweatring #livingmylife
with @in_my_lane

Day 5, #proveyoursweat

Body still feeling broken and in need of TLC with the @feetup that Jes lovingly got me for my birthday. After my neck injury, I have such a mental block with inversions. But this thing is definitely helping me get out of my head

#butiyoga #butisattva
#butitribe #butiyoga #sweatwithintention #soulmateworkout #loveyourworkout #Dare2BareChallenge #proveyoursweat #iambuti #listentoyourbody

#Day5 #dare2barechallenge Leave it all on your mat.
I didn’t do the tone today. Instead, I went to Hot Buti taught by one of my faves @jessicarabbit27 and Buti’d it out with her and @rebeccasana ❤️ I definitely left it ALL on the mat. #proveyoursweat #exceptmytitsapparently 🤷🏽‍♀️🤗#ReginaGeorge #HotButi #thefamilythatButistogether #yoga #butisattva #frontwedgie #IamButi #GoddessAwakening #bodypositive #squadgoals #TribeGoals

Day 4, Social Media Influencer •
Day late on this one. I adore @rootedinflowing ❤️ Homegirl loves tf out of her body and it shows. Everything she posts really is art. Like she could actually get me to like snow, and I hate it. She’s unapologetic, powerful and and as stunning as her background. Do your thing girl 🤘🏽

#butiyoga #butisattva
#butitribe #butiyoga #sweatwithintention #soulmateworkout #loveyourworkout #Dare2BareChallenge #proveyoursweat #iambuti #queens #womensupportingwomen #wcallday #strength #power

Day 5 of @butiyoga #dare2barechallenge
Post Buti + hike with my pup❤️ It was a good day. She got a frozen treat and I drank my body weight in water 💧😬☀️ #stayhydrated #hotaf #butiloveit #ilovesummer
#butiyoga #butisattva #naturelovers #newfiesofinstagram #newfiepuppy #freshairandfreedom

Ummmm lemme tell you bout the BABES that step into my class! 👯‍♀️ these are just half of the butisattvas that greeted their mat with me at @getzenhotyoga for 6pm @butiyoga talk about #Butibliss ✨✨✨ Also, this class included a special new addition, a butisattva aaaallllll the way from North Carolina! She just moved here (lives with me!) and fits right into our tribe! Welcome @leahkdonatelli ❤️😘✨ @seattlebuti is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #iambuti #butisattva #butiyoga #getzen #yogaeverydamnday #friyay #tgif #love

Come work it with me Sunday Am @ 930! Register through the website 🙌🏼 (please register by 10pm tomorrow evening!)
#butiyoga #butisattva #fortsaskyoga

Come work it with me Sunday Am @ 930! Register through the website 🙌🏼 (please register by 10pm tomorrow evening!)
#butiyoga #butisattva #fortsaskyoga

"As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time."- Denis Waitley

Class tomorrow at 10:30am ❤
378 Lafayette Road
#ButiYoga #Butisattva #BfitByou #BloomingFromWithin

Day 3 of @butiyoga #Dare2BareChallenge :

Today's challenge is to BREAK UP with your scale and/ or any fitness tracking technology that keeps you stuck.

I broke up with the scale/ measuring/ tracking/ obsessing several years ago now. It’s been a long, winding road of ed recovery, with lots of detours, pit- stops and breakdowns along the way. I can whole heartedly + gratefully say I am f i n a l l y living free. Free from the insanity and obsession that is anorexia. This disease lays dormant inside of me, it’s not like I am “cured”, BUT I have gone through some pretty great healing these past two years. There are definitely still battles, but that all encompassing, life sucking war has finally ceased. The three most SOLID and concrete tools that have helped me diminish my ed beast are:
1. Buti Yoga- it’s your soulmate workout + will transform you in ways you cannot even fathom. Truly.
2. Grain free/ dairy free lifestyle- this one has taken me a year to actually commit 100% to. It’s freeing not only physically, but mentally.
3. BREAK METHOD- THIS🙌🏼 this right here is the absolute mental muscle behind living a life FREE from emotional addiction bondage. I have been in ALL sorts of treatment/ therapy, outpatient/inpatient hospitalizations at two of the nations top ED facilities, and NOTHING compares to the knowledge + practical tools I have acquired through #breakmethod

Since combining Buti Yoga workouts + GF/DF eating, I have not once looked back to weighing/measuring/obsessively counting in any way shape or form. And just for today, I am thankful for this🙏🏽 #scalerevolution #butiyoga #breakmethod #gfdf #butisattva #healthylifestyle #edrecovery #therealstuff #day3 #dare2barechallenge

I have so many words I want to say. So many feelings rolling through me. It can all pretty much be summed up by: surrender, keep going. ❤️🔥 Thank you, @butiyoga - singlehandedly getting me through this hard time. When I said I was going to do #dare2barechallenge I didn’t know if I could fully commit because of everything going on, but choosing to fully commit has held me accountable and made it imperative I remember to take care of myself first to best take care of those I love. Thank you @bizziegold ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #proveyoursweat ❤️ •

#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #kripalu #fitness #balance #health #connecticut #selflove #movement #empoweringwomen #divinefeminine #yogainspiration #yogisofinstagram #gratitude #wellness #liveauthentic #wildwoman #buti #butiyoga #butitribe #butisattva #iambuti #plantbased #bodypositive #selfcare #proveyoursweat

One workout. One hour. 3 different kids. (Number 4 was reading on the couch.)
Normally, the two little boys are napping when I do #butiyoga but for the past several days, we’ve had major thunderstorms during naptime, and they’ve woken up early. Sigh.
Anyway, Day 5 of the @butiyoga #dare2barechallenge told ya to leave it all on the mat, and then #proveyoursweat so here it is.
Life doesn’t always work out as planned, but I sure do try to keep my commitments to myself. Plus... enjoying the journey- that’s what it’s all about, right?

#loveyourselfnow #butitribe #butisattva #newbieyogi #momlife #momminainteasy #momof4 #3under4 #fitmoms #naptimeworkout

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