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Up and over that 8 foot wall. It wasn’t easy. Maybe it’s easy for those who do OCR all the time but it was hard for me. Anyway, obstacles. I’m facing them. I’m fighting them. I’m pleading with my doctors because if I don’t, no one else will. I know that so many of you have been in this same boat. They are the decision makers; they decide what MRIs are ordered or not ordered. No joke that trying to recovery from this injury is my part-time job but I’m not getting paid. No, I’m paying so much for others to help me. I posted about this same struggle recently and once again, I’m offering my struggling, injured running friends a hug. Keep up the fight! #hugarunner .
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We had the SCARIEST drive home from my mum’s house. My mum lives in the country on some pretty dodgy hills, but I’ve been driving them for over 10 years so I don’t normally get phased. Tonight though I was genuinely scared. Of course this one couldn’t care less and just wanted to play in the snow. -
Snow is super pretty to look at but our country is really not equipped for it. The main roads are such a disgrace, especially considering the weather warning issued days ago. -
Nights like this really make you grateful for what you have, imagine those people with no homes to go to or no heating. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.
#GotMyPoliticsHeadOn #WishICouldChangeTheWorld #ButICant #SoIllJustBeGrateful #DoWhatICan #RaiseTheNextGenerationToBeBetter #FutureLeaders #ThingsThatMatter

Now I’m tired!!!
- - -
Hôm nay mình mệt lắm, nằm xuống mà tự dưng nước mắt cứ vậy chảy ra, chính lúc này mới nhận ra bản thân chẳng mạnh mẽ như mình vẫn nghĩ!!
#tired #wannagiveup #buticant

So stop disrespecting my entire nasal cavity and go brush... floss...rinse..and repeat! #IWishICouldSayThatSometimes #ButICant #DontWannaHurtNobodysFeelings #ButMyMyMy #thetruthshallsetYOUfreeAndME 🙊🙊💩💩💩😢😢😢🤣🤣🤣 GOOD MORNING YALL! 😗

Retire at any age you want. but make sure you consider the BASICS -
Life Expectancy (in Brunei, the average is 80.7 yrs), - we dont want to outlive our money 😉
Income Needs (how much do you need later during retirement? how much have you saved now? how much more do you need to save?), and,
Debt - look at your debts and clear them off.. esp. ones with high interest. (the aim is also to retire DEBT FREE)
Retire at any age you want. Retire well! .
video credit : CNBC Make It. .
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Reggie Watts starts 2 hrs late... #iwanttobemad #buticant

The wand to my harry. The one I want to strangle sometimes. The love I didn't see coming #iwanttostrangleyou#buticant #idmissyoutoomuch #unnecessaryhashtags #iloveyou #happy 😁😍

Sunday fun day just got a whole lot better thanks to @morganmarguerite and @sauceyapp 🙌🏼🍻#freebooze #NotAngryAboutIt #HowDoYouLikeThemApples #iShouldStopHashtagging #ButICant

For sooooooooo many reasons......to say things that were left unsaid, to do things that were left undone. To fix my mistakes. To have conversations that may not have been easy to have. To protect my heart a little more. To take care of things I now regret. To see her smile again, to hear her call my name again and tell me she loves me. #buticant #justmyfeelings

This little turkey rode the ski lift up and snow boarded down! #brave #evena7yearoldcandoit #buticant 😂😂

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