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Bem prospera!!

aquela maozinha na cabeça parecendo q ta com torcicolo... 🤙🏼

Novo eu

Tão fofínea, nem parece que fala palavrão🙊🙈
#tbt desse dia que tirei uma surra de fotos, uma semana antes de colocar as tranças! Blusinha que recebi da @digbestofficial e "tênizinho" da @beirarioconfortooficial que apareceu aqui no look das fotos anteriores. Porque aqui é assim, a gente repete roupa nas fotos sim❤ #fashionlook #todaysoutfit #lookdodia #onthefloor #outfit #me #fashionblogger #instafashion #instastyle #fashionblogforgirl#posted #newpost #blogged #dujour

Well, today has been pretty dreamy...
💜 First stop was @diablo_doughnuts to deliver some Booch and of course, pick up doughnuts. They were SOLD OUT (again) but luckily they are amazing and saved me some! I feel spoiled and I'm high on doughnuts, all is right in the world right now through my eyes and belly.
💜 Next, I delivered for the FIRST TIME EVER to @birdinhandcharlesvillage which is part of a *words don't do it justice* small group of local establishments that are everything ( and I mean everything) that food, business, and community should be. Even if you aren't in the area, read up on what is going on there. And if you're close, uhm, you HAVE TO GO THERE!
💜 And then, I delivered to @artifactcoffee ( @birdinhandcharlesvillage's sister) and was further reminded of just how epic this company is. It's ALL LOCAL, to the point that they have an entire facility just for canning and preserving. To the point that instead of shipping in Sriracha, they have local farmers grow what they need to make their own Snake Oil--which is so good that it's silly. Like...you just look at it like-WHAT?!😍
💜 I've eaten more doughnuts than I should have ( no regrets there!), even stopped for Ice Cream on @bmorelicks opening day, have had two lattes and a variety of small plates which held just-picked-yesterday fruit and eggs, fresh and local and delicious.
💜💜💜 I'm full to the brim with gratitude , good eats, and love for this expanding #boochfam and the light it continues to pour into my life one doughnut, salted peach and latte at a time.

Sunflowers for my sunshine 🌻

Kicked off 28 in the south of France and Spain. Only seemed appropriate to end 28 in BALI 🌴✌🏼 #butfirst #DUBAI #cya


... but first let me finish off this sheet of Brownies #whenworldscollide #sugaraddict #mustgotosugarrehab #butfirst

meus irmãos 💕

Um céu que vai ficar assim de novo só daqui 80 anos.

What do you think of my new professional pictures, taken by the wonderful @hpvv?! Since I have become a blond I seem to be unrecognizable. This series has been made for publications and trendpresentations in September so stay tuned. #thingsarehappening #thingsarechanging #trendlectures #retailtrends #showup #trendinterview #designtrends #interiortrends #tasteofcolour #trendwatching #special #telegraaf #vtwonenendesignbeurs #readytoinspire #ootd #cantwaittogetthispartystarted #butfirst #holiday

Boa noite com essa make diva por @julianafalcaomakeup 💥 amei demais esse job 😱❤

We're late for our dinner reservation #butfirst #boomerang #Georgetownnights #waterfront

Passando bem fofínea junto com o Stuart💛pra desejar boa sexta feira procês! E por falar em Minion, o Stuart me pediu pra avisar que amanhã vocês podem vê-lo aprontando todas no @megapixtv a partir das 20h15m , durante o filme Meu malvado favorito!📺Eu já garanti minha pipoca e já separei o edredom, porque né😂😁❤
#EmbaixadoresMegapix #meumalvadofavorito #minions


Perk up! We're only just getting started!

Put this in your calendar:
8/5 & 8/6 - we're throwing you an awesome party. Details to be announced soon. Tag that friend who keeps saying "I've gotta check that place out!'

aquela maozinha na cabeça parecendo q ta com torcicolo... 🤙🏼

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