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~600 in person and virtual attendees across Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, NJ and NY. Thank you so much @tiaa for an incredible experience and a fantastic young professional event. I am humbled, honored, still glowing and grateful!! A great way to kickoff birthday festivities. #bossbehavior #keynote #csuitecoach #businessstorytelling

Dün ATÖLYE ekibiyle "Business Storytelling 101" workshopu gerçekleştirdik.
Birlikte iş hayatında hikâye anlatmanın ve bilgiyi hikayeleştirerek aktarmanın gücünü keşfettik, hikayeleştirme tekniklerini iş hayatlarında nasıl kullanacaklarının uygulamasını yaptık. Keyifli ve güzel bir akşam oldu. Herkese katılımları için teşekkürler..
@atolyeist #storytelling #businessstorytelling #hikayeanlatıcılığı

‪Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal.‬
‪H. Gardner, Harvard University #storytelling #leadership#businessstorytelling

➕H O Y ➕ Cada mañana es un gran comienzo para escribir una increíble historia. Ama tu vida. Toma fotos de todo. Habla con extraños. Haz las cosas que tanto te asustan. Fuck it, muchos nos morimos y nadie recuerda una sola cosa que hicimos. Toma tu vida y haz la mejor historia del mundo. .
➕ T O D A Y ➕ Every morning is a great beggining to write a damn good story. Love your fucking life. Take pictures of everything. Talk to random strangers. Do things that you're scared to do. Fuck it, because so many of us die and no one remembers a thing we did. Take your life and make it the best story in the world.

If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.... and then you lose out to anyone who can do it cheaper. #businessstorytelling #brand

Narrative as a mean to understand life's equation 😊
#Storytelling #BusinessStorytelling #Narratives

Sometimes you think about the beginning. We wouldn't be here, but we decided to create a nursing cover. We called it, The Feeder Frock. #nursingcover #nursingcovers #businessstory #businessstorytelling


Neuer Tag, neue(s) Story Coaching für Unternehmerinnen:
Was ist Deine Positionierung? Dein Angebot? Dein USP? Welchen Nutzen stiftest Du? Warum tust Du, was Du tust? Wer bist Du? Wer ist Dein Zielpublikum? Was sind Deine Ziele und Strategie? ..... - Basisarbeit für Deine Story. www.business-storytelling. ch

It's Wednesday Video time. Here is a tip on role of emotions in managing any change. Here I am talking about how a video taken on Mother's Day in the prison encouraged the prisoners to change . Every Wednesday I post a video on this insta page

Here is a tip from what I am reading as a part of #tuesdaytips campaign . Every Tuesday I share practical tips on this insta page.

Happy Monday! I like to take about 20 seconds to focus with one goal in mind.
ASK YOURSELF: “What one thing can I do today to get closer to my goal?” 👉My goal this season is to e-publish my picture book with accompanying song by @northerndaughter. Today I finalize the manuscript.
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#Repost @tcob_radio_rppfm (@get_repost)
Introducing TCOB’s new Technical and Sound Producer Graeme Cornish, television and radio sound legend-very honoured #aheadofthegame #1000experts #bestinthebiz #businessstorytelling #eavesdropradio #sound

Introducing TCOB’s new Technical and Sound Producer Graeme Cornish, television and radio sound legend-very honoured #aheadofthegame #1000experts #bestinthebiz #businessstorytelling #eavesdropradio #sound

People think feedback forms and opinions expressed in them are indicators of success level. I don't think that is entirely true . One of the markers to success for me is , can I look in to my clients eye with confidence after the project is over knowing that I delivered what I was suppose to ? Today I sat down with some such clients who I worked with on a very challenging 8 month Long change storytelling project. We could laugh and recount all the stories of success, challenges , learnings but most importantly how we supported each other. #changemangementstorytelling

‪Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal.‬
‪H. Gardner, Harvard University #storytelling #leadership#businessstorytelling

I’ve been gathering a pile of books to read, and Brisbane’s rainy weather is an excellent excuse to indulge. It’s perfect timing, because last week I finished my Master of Communication and a relaxing weekend was pretty easy to justify 😉 ~ Jen

Every Monday We Share A Quote That Makes You Stop & Think About The Power Of Storytelling As A Part of Our #magicmondayquotes Campaign

Happy 😊 Sunday!

I believe marketing's role is to surface real and powerful stories wherever they come from.•

While #marketing can shape those stories and guide brand alignment, the best storytellers are not in marketing. So empower them and get out of their way•

Company storytelling is way bigger than just marketing!

#businessculture #customerserviceculture #businessstory #businessstorytelling #brandstorytelling #businessstorytelling #digitalmarketing #digitalbusiness #marketingsuccess #marketingdigital #keepingithuman•

See the full video on my LinkedIn page: bit.ly/2zqwWsp

Week 1 of 6: Social Media Marketing Course
Running my own business also means I need to be able to tell the story of running my business on social media, but I sometimes wonder what do I say, where do I say it, and what would you be interested in hearing about?
So I booked myself on to a 6 week social media marketing course with @nicolajsparkles from @digitalsparklestraining funded via NBSL

The result?... expect to hear a lot more from me on here in the future!😀 #sparkle #training #socialmediamarketing #instagrammarketing #facebookmarketing #linkedinmarketing #twittermarketing #businessstorytelling #strategy #sales

Wow-Stories workshop: excellent, unforgettable, striking. for marketing-/ leadership communication. proud of participants! great job! 👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻
#businessstorytelling #storytelling

Today I had the opportunity to collect stories of one of the most successful change in Singapore called Captains of Lives which involved transforming the Singapore Prison. I am currently building content for an organisational change where we will use these stories. So what did I learn? Many things but most importantly that no Change can be managed effectively without touching emotions. I will cover my learning in my blog next week on www.narrative.com.sg

It's Thursday weekly update .. WatsUp @narrativestorytelling . Check it Out

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