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When we started, I could barely sew. So! Always try, and never give up. You'll find you can do things you just didn't know. The Femme Couture Switchback Ruffle Feeder Frock pictured. #nursingcover #nursingcovers #businessstorytelling #businessstory

Our partners in Monterrey, Mexico. The wonderful folk at Astrolab. #monterrey #mexico #partners #businessstorytelling #friends

~600 in person and virtual attendees across Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, NJ and NY. Thank you so much @tiaa for an incredible experience and a fantastic young professional event. I am humbled, honored, still glowing and grateful!! A great way to kickoff birthday festivities. #bossbehavior #keynote #csuitecoach #businessstorytelling

Photography has taken me to some glamorous places. Today's portrait shoot was at a sewerage treatment plant. Got creative and some gorgeous results. Luckily my poo joke game is strong, I'm mum to two boys. 💩💩
#businessportraits #businessstorytelling #womeninbusiness #createwithjade #pooisalwaysfunny

Don't you love clients that let you try crazy things? This is the lovely Emma-Jane from @sisterhoodofstylenz
We had the best time doing her head shots recently! And if you're looking for an amazing stylist you need to check her out!

The art of #storytelling for your #business - the focus of today's EPIC #womeninbusiness breakfast event. ⠀

I love how much I learn from these events and the community of women they bring together.⠀

Special thanks to guest speaker Jo Johnson - @thecontentcoach and event host @suzchadwick from the @connectionexchange.⠀

A fab morning - now it's time to shake off my #businesswriting brain and get #businessstorytelling.⠀

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Just one more week to go... thank you to @mcsm_ for the public service announcement xox . Image RG via @offspringonten . #whatevergetsyouthrough #offspring2017 #offspringreturns

When you use visual aids, remember they're an "aid". The visual is there to add to your presentation, not BE your presentation. YOU are the most important part of your speech! #publicspeaking #publicspeakingtraining

But that's okay. •
Every time I have migraines coming up with the right words for a speech. •
Every time I struggle with the right stories for a Keynote. •
Every time I want to throw the pen down and walk away...
I have to breathe...smile...and realize if it were easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn't have the value it does. •
Whatever you do...if it's hard; if it frustrates you at times; if it's downright maddening...smile...because it means your climbing that mountain others won't climb, and therefore you'll see sights that others won't see. •
Had to repost this one... SPEAK. SHARE. SERVE.

Know your crowd before you speak. It will help you connect with them much more than they will with other speakers who just share their content.
5 Tips
1️⃣ Talk to the Audience before you speak.
2⃣ Research the Mission Statement and Values of the company.
3️⃣ Learn some of the Lingo or Jargon employees say.
4️⃣ Shadow someone in the company or same industry for a day.
5️⃣ Make your content industry specific. i.e.: Storytelling for Salespeople. •
Tag and Share this with your speaker and presenter contacts!!

Have you dreamed big dreams?! Don't be limited by where you see your business now... but allow yourself a larger goal for down the track. Shape your plan from now on to help you keep heading in that direction. As this article says via @thebusinessbakery - the biggest risk is to dream too small. #strategicbusinessstorytelling #strategicplanning #businessplan

BODY LANGUAGE TIP - Dress the Part
How you look affects how you feel and how you act. Whether it's for work or just going to the mall, dress as if you are going to run into the most important person you know at ANY time. When you look like a million bucks, you feel it and will attract like minded thoughts. And you better believe that will affect your stage performance!!

Get the course in the bio, but here are a few tips. •
- Keep eye contact when speaking - Speak & Pronounce your words
- Give a firm handshake

- Cross your arms
- Use filler words
- Fidget when talking! (Record yourself when you speak, you'll find some bad habits!)

Get the full secrets list in the bio above!

Este es el resultado de mi último año. Emprender en soledad ha sido duro. Pero seguro que habrá merecido la pena. Señoras y señores bienvenidos a mi nueva vida. Bienvenidos a Vendetuidea.es
#emprendedores #vendetuidea #businessstorytelling #entrepreneur #ideadenegocio #pitching #elevatorpitch

This is the most important question you will ever ask. Think about these questions before you speak:
- Why am I speaking?
- Why is this topic important to me?
- Why should the audience care that I am sharing?
- Why is it important to talk about now? (What's going on in their world that requires this message)

What's your "Message Why"?

Recently, I became my own best client by getting really clear about what services I wanted to offer and why. Since that time, my business has grown, with the result of increased revenue. It's not often we business owners give ourselves time to devote to our communications, but the results are always so rewarding. Learn more about it on the blog - link in profile.

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