Today is a Ningxia kinda day. I've been up too late socializing with my family -- we've been reunited for a family wedding.
I stayed up way too late and the kids woke up way too early. But it was worth it. Because who else other than your siblings can you say the most outrageous things and you feel no judgment in return?
Ningxia and peppermint in my water will pep me up. 🌱✌

The road to financial freedom is neither complicated nor difficult, as most people have been led to believe. The main reason why so many people struggle financially is simply that they’ve never been taught the principles for wealth.

Oh hey, a new blog post for your Tuesday! I’ve been blogging like a fiend lately. Perhaps I’m making up for the 4 months I went without, but this particular content was a special request from a client.
Most of you have probably heard of mission statements before. Maybe you’ve even written one for your business. Is it memorable and clear? Does it speak to what you’re doing in the present without drolling on. I find that many of the entrepreneurs I meet dash right through this part without realizing how essential this is to their brand. Think of it as the first part of your elevator pitch. In order for anyone to be interested in your product, they first need to know what you do and why they should care. In this blog post, I break down how to write a clear, compelling mission statement and provide examples from the companies we know and love. See the link in our profile! #missionstatement #girlboss #businesswoman #businesssavvy #femtrepreneur #smallbusiness
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Entreprenører. Start-ups. Forretningsfolk. Der tænker på udbud og efterspørgsel. Kundemålgrupper og prissætning. Velkommen til Cilles massage- og tattoo-shop - nu med duften af beroligende lavendel 🙊 Link i min bio/profil i dag - det handler om IB-skolegang og tankegang💡📊📚📓 #skolegang #skolegangidubai #dubailiv #udedanskere #danesworldwide #børnslæring #livslæring #arbejdsom #businesssavvy #moriudlandet #ibskole #ibschool #ibcurriculum #nytblogindlæg

I Must Walk The Path Even If It Seems To Be Dangerous. #Takerisk

My brain yesterday after spending some time with my business mentor, who’s helping me turn a concept into a workable product; he’s working hard with my under developed, business savvy left brain and getting me to think outside of my right brain ideas space. Loving expanding my mind into the world of business modelling. #businessmodelling #businessmodelcanvas #solutions #mentor #product #leftbrainrightbrain #thinking #businesssavvy

You cannot always control the situation... but you can always control your reaction! 🎮 #LIFEIS

What if you could get paid every month for trying out a business where all you had to do was be a product of the product and share it with people...would you give it a try?

What if you got paid every month for helping people with their weight loss, hair growth, or skincare journey...would you then give the business a try?

What if you were given a chance to get a $5,000 bonus for doing all of the above... would you give the business a try 🙆? I have openings for anyone tired of there being more month than money or would just like some extra cash to pay off debt or take a vacation.

I’m looking for two FABULOUS (yes, that means you, too 😊) someones who are:
💕loves to party
💕great with team building
💕wants financial freedom
💕hard working
💕comfortable with working from your phone
💕can use an extra $500 or more, plus bonuses a month

If this sounds like you then comment “ME” below or DM me! 😘😘 .

Know someone who might be interested, tag them below, too!

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