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Question: Do cookies have calories? 🍪 @britandco

Australian Water Environments
is a South Australian engineering and consultancy firm based in Eastwood. Their focus has been on solving salinity issues in the River Murray, as well as other major projects in SA including stormwater management for local councils. The company recently won the Allwater Alliancing Award at the 2017 Smart Water Awards.
General Manager, Michael Manou, (pictured here with Business SA Senior Policy Adviser Andrew McKenna) was lucky enough to be drawn as the quarterly Survey of Business Expectations prize winner, and was last week presented with a Microsoft Surface iPad.
To learn more about Michael and Australian Water Environments check out our short video on our Facebook page or website link in bio.
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Shout out to "BLUE" - @blue_mbombo 😎thank you for supporting us last night. #bigbigbiteconsulting #borntospeak #leadership2020 #businesssa #socialmedia

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The Ripl app ..a great way to change up your posts!

When your client writes back and says: “no changes, it’s perfect.” All we can say is... yes! @amyventures

#2016bestnine ❤️thank you for following our account. 💐👋💙🇫🇷 #FSACCI #BusinessSA #BeautifulSouthAfrica 🇿🇦

We will be announcing the winner of our "Win a Website" Instagram competition tonight at 7pm!!!! Don't miss out!!! #winawebsite #businesssa #website #webdesign #webdevelop

Tonight we put on this incredible spread for the graduation of the @sayes_bsa crew at the beautiful #SAHMRI building. This table, like all our other grazing tables, is filled with the most amazing local South Australian produce. Thank you so much for having us @business.sa ✌️❤️ #grazingtable #southaustralia #outinthepaddock #businesssa #SAYES #localproduce #adelaidecatering


Does your small business need some help with its social media strategy?⠀

We are currently giving away free 1 hour strategy sessions to any interested business owners.⠀

In the session we will audit what you are currently doing, put in place a plan going forward and teach you a few things.⠀

Email at timwalkom@catchspace.com.au to set up a session.

'Coast' 🌊 bringing them summer vibes! She has made me a bit M.I.A for a while but totally worth it! Available on Etsy now $200 #coast #forsale #supportlocal #businesssa #smallbusiness #macrame #modernmacrame #boho #bohohome #bohodecor #macramewallhanging #fibreart #natural #art #driftwood #custom #weaving #wovenart #meraki #merakimacrame

Engage with your followers comments! ⠀

Even if its just a like on their comment it will help build a relationship between you and your followers!⠀

What she said @ivyandstonecakedesign

Question: Do cookies have calories? 🍪 @britandco

When your client writes back and says: “no changes, it’s perfect.” All we can say is... yes! @amyventures

A future tech agent. We are so proud.

ALT + F + R + 1

Low power mode on. 😴😴🤫🤫 @britandco

S O C I A L  M E D I A  T I P: Here's an idea... Don't be dumb. You have to connect the dots for your customers and your website visitors. If you have a website and you have social accounts, make sure you have ALL your social accounts linked on your website. Why would you make your site visitors search for your social accounts? Just my two cents worth for free today...

Ready to dive in and make a big splash online? If you've been neglecting your digital marketing, jump on our bar (link in bio) and take your pick from our pool of more than 30 digital services. From web design, to SEO, social media management, copywriting and everything in between, we're ready to help you take the plunge. Did we mention, no ongoing agency fees? 🏊‍♂️ @aprettycoolgirl

Wondering if Instagram is a total waste of time? Ready to throw in the towel and blame the algorithm gods for ruining your life? Before you do, read this: Instagram has grown to 25 million users (up from 15 million in JULY). Everyday 200 million Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business and two thirds of profile visits to businesses come from people who ARE NOT following that business. 👀 Now, we might be digital marketing experts, not mathematicians but that is A WHOLE LOT of opportunities to connect with potential customers and make it rain cash money. Ok, so you’re convinced you need to invest in Instagram but just don’t have the time or know where to start? Enter Comms Hub 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️We LOVE Instagram. Can you tell? Let’s make 2018 the year you supercharge your Instagram. From total management to Instagram growth campaigns, to DIY tips and tricks, we’re ready when you are.

N A T I V E S ! Who's a fan?

One of my absolute faves from yesterday... 💕 those colours 💕 Can you believe no filter!?!

Want to open up more doors for your business online? Consider us your personal doormen. 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

Our cupcake minis tower created for a @business.sa event last week! 🙌🏻🌸💜

Was great meeting with Milena from the @englishmadesimple Podcast for a social media strategy session!
If English is your second language or you are trying to learn English you should definitely check it out!

🌿 N E W A R R I V A L S 🌿
String Garden Kokedama are back in stock... a beautiful gift ~ office desk plant or something for home 🌱
Ranging from $59 - $110 ~ Hand made in Adelaide ~ Supporting local SA businesses #ichoosesa @brandsouthaust

When possible add your logo to your posts, that way you will get more brand recognition when people see your posts!⠀

What’s the one thing you know you need to do (marketing wise) in 2018 that will move your business forward?
Us? ⠀
Automation. We’ve automated a lot but there’s still lots to do. ⠀

80% of time spent on a social media site comes from a Mobile 📲📲📲

Make sure all your content is optimised to be viewed from a mobile! This is where people will be seeing it from!⠀

We have enjoyed helping the Gawler Christmas Carols build awareness for there event through Facebook 🎄🎄🎄 ⠀

If you are in the area come check it out on December the 16th!⠀

Increase your discoverability on Instagram by putting hashtags related to your business in the comment on your posts! That way more people will see them!⠀

We're sipping pretty over here. 💁🏼‍♀️@love_counselor__

Thinking of starting a business? Our tip? Give it some thought but don't overthink it. Dive straight in, either it'll work or it won't, but either way, you'll learn a heck of a lot. @chipperthings

S O C I A L  M E D I A  T I P: Here's an idea... get amongst Facebook groups to reach your ideal audience where they are actually hanging out online. No matter your niche there is a Facebook group you can participate in by contributing to the discussion, answer questions, and develop a presence - and you can refer people to your business (but DON'T be spammy). Also, Facebook launched a dedicated mobile app to support groups so it’s easier now to manage groups. Check them out. Just my two cents worth for free today... Psst... Check out AdelaideMarketers

Monday Member Profile - @beaumont.tiles >>
From its humble beginnings in 1960, this family business has grown to now employ hundreds of staff across 115 outlets across Australia.
Founder RJ Beaumont, the father of current executive chairman Bob Beaumont, started the business while building his own home almost 60 years ago. He couldn’t find great tiles, so sourced his own.
The company has expanded interstate and become the nation’s largest tile supplier, sourcing the latest trends and products from all over the world.
Bob Beaumont has immense pride in his family’s business, and in our profile this week he shares the latest trends in bathroom and household tiles, furnishings and fittings.
Head to our youtube or Facebook pages to watch our short video interview with the charismatic Bob Beaumont.
#business #bsamember #manufacturing #tiles #familybusiness #southaustralia #businesssa #beaumonttiles

Your message. Your why. Your ideal clients. Your niche. Your target market. Your channels. Your digital strategy. Your conversion rates. Your... ok that’s enough! Stop, my head hurts. Sound familiar?
This whole business marketing thing can be pretty overwhelming, can’t it? Don’t fear, it doesn’t have to be that hard. We created our digital marketing bar because we wanted to make marketing a heck of a lot easier for small businesses (and more accessible). Let’s workshop it once and for all and put in place some strategies which mean you never have to think about it again. Book a free strategy call with one of our bartenders now. www.commshub.com.au/strategy 👊🏼👊🏼 @ohhcouture

Wanna know a tip? If you're writing an email, or a blog post, or a Facebook or Instagram post (or anything at all, really), pretend the only person who's going to read it is your best friend. Get personal, be honest, speak directly to the reader. Social media is so much more than marketing; the secret sauce comes in being authentic and building personal relationships with your audience. ✍🏼✍🏼@shopbando

Some of the best things in life are free, or 25 cents to be precise. @amyventures

When your niece requests a photo booth frame for her 13th birthday party 💕💕💕

Anyone else starting to wish time would just slooooooow down? Yesterday was the first of December, tomorrow will probably be 2019. 💨 Your inbox is literally exploding and you've probably got a million tabs open on your laptop...not to mention your brain! As business owners, we’re juggling SO MUCH all the time and it only gets worse in the lead up to Christmas.🎄 So, it got us thinking: with so much going on, if you could remove one thing from your to-do list today, what would it be?
For us, it would be emails. ⠀
Your turn! Go. @almostmakesperfect

Celebrate the Festive Season with GREAT linen packages from That’s Linen! Indulgence Bath Sheet Pack (630 GSM Nortex, available in White, Stone, Charcoal & Duck Egg) ONLY R350! Includes: Bath Sheet R220, Hand Towel R70 and Bath Matt R100. Bulk Shopping and Hospitality Discounts Apply. We ship ANYWHERE in Southern Africa! Contact us on: 076 260 9320 / info@thatslinen.co.za

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Above all else, weekend time! @ohhappydaypartyshop

Christina & I have had a ball getting our creative on this morning... Quite possibly my favorite Christmas project of all time!!!🎄🎄🎄
Taking your pre-orders now... call to enquire 1300 866 968
#succulentchristmastree #adelaideflorist #theblutulip

When the email says: “I’ve had more leads through to my website in the past three months than I’ve had in the past 3 years. Keep doing what you’re doing.”⠀
All we can say is: YES. ⠀
Happy bar clients, happy life. 🤣⠀

Floored by how to grow your business online?
Feel like you’re spending an eternity on social media? Think you’ve got a case of the crickets rather than actual customers? We’ve got your back... book a free strategy call with us and we can walk you through what strategies and channels you should be using to grow your business. Book now at www.commshub.com.au/strategy @acolorstory

The recent blackout in the Hindmarsh area took out this kitchen evap cooler’s fan motor at The Lady Daly Hotel. We were super happy to get them back up and running again!

#ladydalyhotel #contractor #sa #sagreat #adelaidesmallbusiness #businesssa #adelaide #cooling #kitchen #evapourative #pub #pubaircon #pubsofsa #hindmarsh #ntsairandrefrigeration

If we asked you, how’s your website performing, what would you answer?
Forget how it looks, forget the speed, forget whether you have the latest bells and whistles, and riddle us this: is it making you sales? You’ve spent a lot of time, tears and money on your website, only to have it sit there and gather dust... Let’s be real for a minute: if your website hasn’t sold much for you lately, it’s not going to magically start selling for you like some kind of Christmas miracle over the next couple of months. You need a plan. A plan to bring traffic to your website and a plan to convert that traffic into customers. Sound like a lot of hard work? It doesn’t have to be. Stop by our digital marketing bar and order some time to speak with our digital bar tenders. You won’t regret it. @abeautifulmess


Need a I.T. doctor.

ALT + N + H

Want to get your business ranking higher in Google? Don’t we all. That’s why we launched our 30 day SEO package specifically to help small businesses become more visible online and climb the search engine ranks. What’s involved? We give your website an SEO health check, then we get stuck into fixing your on-page SEO and improving your off-page SEO. Sound like a lot of hard work? Not at all. Jump on our digital marketing bar, order the support in 2 minutes and and take your website up, up and away! 🎈🎈@ohhappydaypartyshop

Hanging around waiting for the phone to ring? Hoping a customer will call? Yeah, that’s not a good strategy. Book a free digital strategy call on our website in a few quick clicks and together we'll come up with a plan to reach your ideal customers, drive sales and make sure your business is seen online. It's our favourite thing to do... other than, err, sit on chairs like this with a good book on holidays. Ok, it’s our second favourite thing to do. @amy_stone

Throw back from May with the lovely Kelly & Daniel at @ayershouse what a lovely flower ring display and cake ❤❤
- Photo credit to the amazing @cristarellacakes

Staring at your Instagram wishing you had more engagement? Pining for more followers? Straight up confused about what to post and write? We get it. Before you give up completely and chalk it up to the pesky algorithm ruining your life, let’s talk. We can help you up your Insta-game and give you the tools and confidence to grow your audience and reach more customers. Our digital marketing bar (link in bio) has a range of Instagram support services starting from our week long Insta growth campaign from just $199 to our monthly Instagram management package. Growing Instagram accounts is one of our favourite things to do. Come on, let us at it! 🍍

Have you ever written something only to re-read it and realise you have no idea what you were on about?!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Writing can be hard, but a killer email or fun social media content can mean the difference between someone choosing your business over hundreds of others. Head on over to our blog today (link in bio) to get the best tips from our copy queen @alyssajtucker to whip your yawn-worthy copy into winning shape in no time. ✌🏼@ohjoyco

Paper said what?! 😜 Your Friday funny from Newstyle Print has arrived. You can't fold before you score and you don't score until you SCORE!

Need a printer? Click the link in our bio to get in touch 🔝

S O C I A L M E D I A T I P: Here's an idea... Stop floundering around with your business social media. Take it seriously - just like you would erecting a bloody great big sign, printing a 12-page product brochure, placing an advertisement in a magazine, scripting a radio ad or investing in a TV commercial. Social media is not for just fishing around - it's serious business. Social media should be a serious marketing channel, so take it seriously. Stop fiddling around the edges. Need help? Ask around or self-educate but please stop floundering. Just my two cents work for free today...

Most days running a startup is a whole lot of hard work and hustle. But some days are diamonds... like hearing from one of our super-star clients that a project we put so much time and heart into has helped make their life easier and grow their business. Enter this little message from the amazing Amy from @bellayorke:⠀
"Hayden has spent the last 5 months working with me to help me bring my website vision for life. He has spent countless hours on the phone with me answering my never ending list of questions, put up my perfectionist ways while talking me through every step of the process. And if that's not enough, with the mammoth task of a full stocktake ahead of me, what did @commshub do? They got in the car at the crack of dawn and drove all the way to Yorkes to help us barcode every.single.item. I mean, who does that? They get what small business is about, they're total superstars at what they do and most importantly they're really great people. Thank you, Hayden, Amy and AJ. Next time we're together, it should be over wine!" We’ll drink to that! 🍷

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