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"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." Benjamin Franklin
What are the things you want to do and achieve in 2018? Acquire new customers, offer a new service or create a new product, improve the fiscal health of your business, streamline your business processes to boost productivity, implement a new marketing strategy,...❓
You know how hard it is to accomplish anything without a plan. 📋You know the importance of taking action to achieve your goals. 💪
You are pumped 🚀, you have a massive action plan, and you are ready to do WHATEVER it takes. Whatever it takes. 🤔 Is one of your massive action steps "sleep"? 😳
No? Why not?
Sleep is your natural ability and regenerating superpower! 💥
Not only is sufficient sleep (7-8 hours each(!) night.) crucial for your health. Sleep-deprived you will NEVER perform at your peak! 😔
Take the time to get sufficient and good sleep. And be the best you can be. ✨🤗
#MasterTheFundamentals 💎

Today we presented Delta Holding's 2017 results. Total revenue +11,3% EBITDA +33,9% and many great projects behind us. Looking forward to the opening of our 2 shopping malls & many other exciting projects coming up this year! @deltaholding #DeltaHolding #businessresults #businessgirl #lovemyjob #pr #communications #pressconference #teamwork

For me, this week is all about planning. I set some New Year intentions for my life (which apply to my business too) but am yet to sit down and really nut out my plan of attack for this year. I have an idea in my head. In fact, I have many ideas in my head and super excited to plan them all out. ⠀

I've got some BIG paper. Some super fancy SPARKLY pens and a brain full of ideas. ⠀

Have you set out your 2018 plan of attack yet? I'd recommend getting it out before the end of Jan including your vision board and intentions.⠀

We've got this! ⠀

Back from an epic RELAXING break and ready to rock and roll. So ready in fact, that it has taken me all day to get to this. On a roll and excited about what is to come of 2018.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Super excited to be making this journey with you all. Watch this space and if you're keen to join the tribe of Practitioners with Purpose, follow the link the in bio. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

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#MasterTheFundamentals 💎

Guys, this is a big moment for me - I’ve finally been able to lock in @jen_s_coleman as my photographer and she’s currently snapping away amazing pics of my event! Like this one. 😎 More in my story! #TasteofTony #TheLitvakTeam #TonyRobbins

Back at it today after 2 weeks off. Feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2018.⠀

Are you back at it yet or a little later in Jan? ⠀

What's your vision for 2018 and beyond? ⠀

Have you got your vision board up and ready to go with your intentions and goals? If not, I recommend it be a task high on the list in the next week.⠀

Setting our goals, creating a vision and having something to strive for is all part of moving in that direction and manifesting it into reality.⠀

Make it happen. You've got this 💪🏼

I've spoken a lot about goal setting lately and it's truly because without a plan and an idea of where you're headed, it is difficult to stay on track and know where to put your energy. ⠀

Make a plan. It can and will evolve and that is perfect, it's meant to. It doesn't need to be rigid, just somewhere to head.⠀

“As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.” - Jay Abraham -

We wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous 2018. 💫❤️💎 Happy New Year! 🥂

Your team at Strength In Business

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” ~ Jim Rohn 🚀
The first thing I always tell my clients is to master the fundamentals. .
I don’t care what business you’re in; if you don’t master the fundamentals, you’re not going to make it. Yes, you might experience some short-term gains without having a solid foundation, but long-term you’re going to struggle. 🤔
#StrengthInBusiness 📈
#MasterTheFundamentals 💎

Your happiness is up to you. It’s up to you to increase your awareness and use your strengths to develop happiness and fulfillment in life. ✨
When you identify your unique strong points, you’ll be able to bounce back from adversity a lot quicker than others. 💪😀
Furthermore, it will give you a good starting point for developing strategies that will keep you “in the flow” so that you can effectively sidestep obstacles, maximize outcomes and savor life’s amazing treasures. 📈
Enjoy the ninth part of the Small Business Owners series ❤️StrengthInBusiness.com/blog -> "Why You Must Leverage Your Strengths In Business"
#MasterTheFundamentals 💎

Time to put the 2017 diary away, celebrate where you have been and bring in the new year with happiness and laughter. ⠀

2017 has been a big year for me and I am sure for you too. ⠀

Let's make 2018 even bigger and greater.⠀

Happy NY everyone. Have a stellar evening xx⠀

Er is niet één wereld, er zijn 7,4 miljard werelden. Niemand ziet de wereld zoals jij hem ziet en dat gaat ook altijd zo blijven. #stayingfocused #rightmindset #tolarance #feelingood #feelingoptimum #results #businessresults #coach #coaching #businesscoaching #impact #ottoduijscoachingforimpact

To be my best self, I need to take time out from my business. ⠀

I love working in my business, it makes me really happy. I also recognise that I can get stressed and so focused on it that I can forget to have fun.⠀

This time of the year, I love to take time out and spend it with family, friends and the beach. ⠀

2018 is going to be a rocking year so it's best for me to take some time out now so I don't burn out early in the year. ⠀

As 2017 comes to an end, I am so grateful for the year I have had.⠀

I kicked it off with the tail end of winter living in London, spent 2 months traveling through Asia and then it was head down, bum up through until now. There have been a few ups and downs since April but ultimately, I am so chuffed with where I have come this year and what lies ahead in the year to come. ⠀

Reflection is a big part of growth. How was your 2017?

This is coming can be your year. You have the choice and the power to make it happen. ⠀

Set intentions for your year to come. Release the old and bring in the new. ⠀

Say yes to things you love, say no to things you don't. Stand in your power to choose and design a life you love. ⠀

With every small step, you take a step closer toward your goals. ⠀

Keep on creeping up to the top. ⠀

You've got this!⠀

Although I am taking this week off, I am still thinking about the goals I want to achieve, the intentions I am setting and what I am calling in for 2018.⠀

What have you got planned? ⠀

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