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One of the hardest things to do in life is to step outside of your comfort zone, and take a chance. *
It’s definitely easier to be set in your ways, and do only what makes you comfortable. *
But life experiences are what shape you as you continue to learn and grow as a person. *
New experiences can inspire you to take paths that you never imagined, opening you up to a whole new world of possibilities. *
If you never take a chance, you can never get to somewhere new.
We aren't necessarily talking about life-threatening risks that require you to sign some kind of liability waiver before-hand, but the small everyday risks that you avoid taking. *
Like introducing yourself to someone new, trying a new food, or interviewing for a job that you convinced yourself you couldn't get. *
Doing anything that scares you is taking a risk.
Big risks are also important for making real progress and being fulfilled. *
Following a seemingly impossible dream takes a lot of courage, and starting over to do it takes even more. *
But whether you get there or not, you will be glad that you put everything that you had into trying. *
That in itself is worth it.
Of course you can get by in life just fine without ever taking a chance, but that’s how you get the best stories😉

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A successful man doesn't speak his success out loud. He rather smiles and enjoys it silently

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Make sure you choose wisely on what your energy goes into!

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Sara Blakely, founder and queen of @spanx 👙 an American intimate apparel company with pants and leggings, founded in Atlanta, Georgia. •

From launching a start-up with $5000 in her savings to becoming the youngest self-made female billionaire in history 💁🏼.. Her business has expanded almost as quickly as our waistlines, now offering 200 products in 40 countries 🌍

@sarablakely is fresh, exuberant, funny and completely passionate about helping women feel and look their best 🌟.. A empowered women empowering women 👩🏼‍🎤

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Stand up and make a difference for others.

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Tebow vs. MJ

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אז השקעתם בבניית אתר אינטרנט, מיתוג ואפילו הכנתם כרטיסי ביקור מגניבים. אבל עכשיו מגיע השלב הזה של השיווק ופתאום אתם מגלים שאין לכם תמונות איכותיות של בית העסק עבור האתר, צילומי אוירה מעניינים לפוסטים ברשתות החברתיות או פורטרטים מקצועיים של העובדים... אל דאגה, כאן אני נכנסת לתמונה!
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אז איך השירות עובד? יוצרים איתי קשר ואני דואגת לכל השאר – ייעוץ ובניית קונספט קריאייטיבי, ניהול והפקת יום צילום, איפור, שיער, סטיילינג ועוד. פשוט, לא?! 😉
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When my business coach asked me "Anke, describe on paper where YOU want to go with your business in the future" this is what I made: a perfect day at the office...

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