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Why YOU?

When creating a business plan for investors, or acquiring a new client, you've got to answer this question for them. So I ask...why you??

Make sure your contents are re-shareable -- One of the most time-consuming elements of content marketing is that it constantly requires unique and new content, even on topics that have been looked at and written about many times.
While it should always be novel, it is important to distribute the same content on different social media and online platforms, forums, blogs and pages. In this way, the customer reach is greatly enhanced and the resources are put to good use.
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"Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." @beamazingtalent

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- Скажите, пожалуйста. Куда мне отсюда идти?
- Это во многом зависит от того, куда ты хочешь прийти, - ответил кот.
- Да мне почти все равно, - начала Алиса.
- Тогда все равно, куда идти, - сказал кот.
Если хорошо подумать кем вы хотите стать, вы должны ответить себе чётко на вопрос, кем вы хотите быть.
Если вы не можете ответить на этот вопрос, вы станете тем, кем станет любой другой, кто не знает кем хочет стать - то есть, некем.🤦🏻‍♀️
Если вы хотите разбогатеть, должны знать, для чего.
Хотите заключить мир в свои объятия, ответьте - зачем?
P.s. Если вам интересно узнать, как определить свои лучшие компетенции и понять в чем вы сильны, пишите в комментариях, я обязательно напишу об этом пост! Продуктивной среды Вам!!📚
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Hey everyone can I trouble you to tune into this radio network with me? I’ll be a guest on this show this Thursday. It’s ministry based. Something I have not fully given myself over too in a very long time. I’m not sure how well I’ll do but I’m a bit excited to see what happens. It would be nice to know some of you will be there with me.


Hey hey hey! My business plan has been approved!! Woop! Now to go on to the launch panel at the end of the month! Eek! Here's a little throwback to The Prince's Trust summer fair a couple of months ago! @princestrust #princestrust #businessplan #smallbusiness #illustrator #isleofwightartist #greetingscards #calendars #happy

This was a fun animation job using my clients' boomerang at the beginning to grab people's attention and walk them through the simple process of their service.

I've mentioned before hot boomerang clips work really well for stopping people in their tracks and it's true. The minute people see the high speed glitching effect they stop to see what it is. Once we stop them, we reel them in with a list of benefits, pain points & solutions, etc.

Before making decisions, ➡️know what your outcome will be; know what you want in your personal life and business. #futureproofx 🕵️
👉Do not expect great outcomes if you don't make planned decisions and stay focused. 🤔
👉What plans have you made to insure the success you expect? 📚📈

Syaro dili ma flat 1 gibilaran #businessplan #majorsubject

Why We Are Different: 'Our passion is to help Enrich Dreams of Business Owners not just add another client to the list, so we take a hands-on personal approach.' @ENDREA_Consulting Visit our website and learn how we can help you grow your business, link in bio

Great things never came from living Inside your comfort zone ✖️

Today is a creative day for me. A #realestateoffice asked me to create a #socialmedia business plan for them. That means I have a pencil in hand, writing on a huge white paper pad, and I'm still in my #jammers with a blanket in my lap. *
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Download now, thank us later. #Trust at your fingertips. #BBBApp

Sometimes you've for to be your own paparazzi. 💫 Grab your camera girl, and snap your pictures!
Be sure to:
1. Find great lighting
2. Hold the camera at the best angle for your face
3. Share the experience of your life as it relates to your business
4. Be bold. Don't be embarrassed. Take 👏🏾 the 👏🏾 picture!

Online users are interested in what you do and how you live. Allow social media to be the tool to help you. #instagramtips

This month we closed our bricks and mortar retail stores. We consciously gave up. Do I feel bad? Not really. Well, maybe a little. *
🛒 *
We certainly had concern for our staff and made sure they were taken care of. The business decision however was the right decision for several reasons. *
🛑 *
How do I know?
To make the decision, we asked ourselves a few critical questions. Do we offer a product that people are willing to visit us specifically for? Do we have a group of in-store raving fans? Are we still as passionate about the business as we were when we started? Are we making incremental progress? Are we willing to fight on? Are we throwing good money after bad? What opportunities are we missing in our other business segments by focusing efforts here?
When we reviewed and discussed the answers to these questions it was clear that we needed to close the stores. *
While clear, it wasn't easy. We forged ahead knowing that sometimes giving up is the answer.
Have you given up on a business, product, ...? How did you know it was time to give up?

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