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Don't settle for small changes..... Dream real big and risk everything to make your passion happen.....

Our feelings are often our biggest motivators to make a change. We cannot always trust our feelings. I am sure we all said these words at some point in our lives, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ or ‘That’s it. I am done with this.’ Emotions are real at that moment, but they don’t always reflect reality. My rule is: If you feel the same way about a situation for a few weeks and you have no valid doubts, then maybe it's time to start making some serious change. Be careful though … your feelings are real, but they are just that - feelings. Always think very hard before making permanent decisions. #SmillionMori

If you're constantly worrying about what others think of you you will never make it. Keep your head down and focus on your own shit. | #JeremyMGilvrey


What is a resume?
It's a fucking piece of paper that tells you that you suck. .
it's a piece of paper that shows you can't keep a job and shows that you don't have what it takes to stick to something.
The sad part is most people are told to make their resume look fancy, Use big fucking words that they know nothing about all because google said this is a fancier fucking synonym of the word.
The companies that last 10, 20 and even 30 years with the lowest turnover rate started hiring by looking at a persons resume based on how many failures they had. Hired them and changed their lives so that they never needed to present another fucking resume to another person ever again. The goal of the hiring process is to find someone who has been failing, jumping from job to job but has the potential to be molded into a success story.
Heart and passion are not listed on a resume. When you go to a job interview don't speak about your past success because your resume already shows you are a failure. So be real. talk about all of your past failures and why you keep moving forward, what keeps you going, what brought you into this room today and why this is the last fucking stop you are going to make. I can guarantee you 110% that the person of authority that is interviewing you can already relate to the same exact bullshit you went through which is the whole fucking reason why he gets to sit on his side of the desk and you don't..... yet. @amars_way


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Perspectives change as altitude increases. Stay in the present.

Train your mind to train your body.
Feed your brain everyday with right materials like books, positive audio and with right association.

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Ghana is yet to see anything...@mallet_photography is the place to be for your special shots and sessions. They cover weddings and every other corporate events. @Regrann from @mallet_photography - #idoghana #capturedgh #ghanaphotography #ghfashion #weddings
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Day 1 COMPLETE......and in the words of Ice Cube " #TodayWasAGoodDay "
We LEARN together.....We GROW together....We have FUN together....that's the POWER of NETWORK MARKETING!!! Cultivating long lasting relationships with LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS who share VERY SIMILAR GOALS! I can't really sum today up.....BUT it was all about THE ENERGY.....its amazing to be in business FOR yourself BUT not BY YOURSELF!
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📚Follow @twofisted.domination for marketing tips.👈👈 This isn't your usual marketing tip but still as important. So I'll explain the three elements you'll need to start an online business.

1. Mindset is the aspect in believing that you'll succeed online.
2. Systems in place- you'll need a particular in place to making sure that you'll succeed.
3. A mentor- this goes without showing and this comes in different fashions.

Having an actual mentor to show every step of the way. 📚Reading books, buying courses, signing up to webinars to making sure that you a mentor. 💰💰🎲 You could have many ppl that you learn from. But you'll always need a real mentor sooner or later.

Those are three and have an awesome Saturday night. ------------------------------------------------------
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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -
Nikola Tesla ⚡️
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