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Pour le lancement de la seconde édition du Prix #BusinessWithAttitude, Charlotte Cadé, présidente de Selency et 20 figures emblématiques de l’entrepreneuriat au féminin en France ont accepté de prêter leur visage et leur voix à notre cause : défendre l’envie de se lancer, le courage d’oser et de créer de la valeur.
Vous aussi, candidatez au prix Business With Attitude ➡️ lien dans la bio #MyBusiness

#BusinessMantra of the day by #CharlotteCadé, @selency chairwoman : "Launching a company means you accept the fact you don't know everything but that you're doing everything to learn more every day".
#Mantra #BusinessMantra
🖋 Morgane Miel

Is what I tell myself everyday...regram from the folks at @chippywhitetable #businessmantra #hoardersanonymous #eastwesthuntress #rentalbusiness

Business Time 2017 here we go 😉 #businessmantra #businesstime #corporatestyle #mrmanager

Get up. Dress up. Show up. And Never Give up. Mantra is helping me represent my craft. Rolling out of bed and barely making it to work is not cutting it anymore. #thegrind #hustle #businessmantra #workhard #playhard

A common question people come and ask me is which is a good business to do. Answer is, every business is good to get into, but success depends on how you do it.
#ChakorGandhi #BusinessMantra #Success

Lights.. Camera.. Action : A pre publicity promo shoot for #BusinessMantra #Talk Show with Actor-Producer Sandeep Kulkarni Sir

This quote from @lauraccannon's excellent presentation rings deeply true. Thank you! Enjoying the learning curve here at @theweddingmba with @musicbybonnie. #ceremoniesbynanette #officiant #businessmantra #business #presence

The face of marketing is changing everyday. Do you want to gain new perspectives for your business by being on par with the new marketing strategies leading you to the milestones you want to achieve? We, at Business Mantra, aim to provide a platform to you wherein your business will get the “flight to success”. With the services like Social Media, Graphic Designing, Whatsap Promotion, Email Marketing etc, your business will get a boom you have always desired.
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Nelle ultime settimane sono diventato ossessionato da questa frase.
Per qualcuno può essere sinonimo di pressappochismo ma in realtà nasconde una grandissima verità.
Nel business come nella vita è inutile cercare la soluzione perfetta.
Perché? ⁉️🤔
Perché non esiste e anche se esistesse utilizzare la soluzione perfetta comporterebbe sprechi che non potrebbero essere tollerabili nel mondo di oggi.
Il mondo ha bisogno sempre più di velocità e di cose fatte.
Anche il business ne ha bisogno.
Come ho detto ieri ad un manager in azienda: “preferisco una soluzione tecnica meno perfetta ma che funziona e mi produce profitto anziché la soluzione ideale che però nessuno vuole comprare”. È il concetto di mvp se ci pensi bene. Meglio un prodotto che funziona anche se non è perfetto o completo in ogni sua parte che aspettare e aspettare e aspettare nella vana ricerca della perfezione.
Aspettare non renderà il tuo prodotto migliore. Lo renderà soltanto bisognoso di ulteriori upgrade per essere “perfetto”.

A bit of thankfulness on the brain: I want to make sure you, friends, know just how much gratitude my heart holds for each of you. Thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting my brand new endeavor. I couldn’t do this without you. Use the comments to tag and thank someone you couldn’t do life without...we’re in this together!
Notecard: @hollysaori

Dare to be different with every step you take. You have to be odd one to be number one! 😇
Image source: financial group.com
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moi: a true hustler in heels 💁🏼

Daily Reminder ✧ We create our own sunshine every day. Happy hearts and smiles that radiate from within. It’s science. It’s molecular biology. Our body responds to what we feel. And so do our clients! 😊️👌

Get it done!

My business mantra is: Do what you love. Help others. Call your mom for advice. Rinse and repeat. Is there anything I can help you with today?

I just love this. I read it over and over again because it speaks truth to me. To create and maintain trust in business relationships = sales. Oct | 2017 .
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Lights.. Camera.. Action : A pre publicity promo shoot for #BusinessMantra #Talk Show with Actor-Producer Sandeep Kulkarni Sir

Learn ✧ Even after being in business for 14 years we’re constantly learning. It’s how we roll. Mostly it’s through practical experience. Plan, do, check, act, observe and apply our wisdom. It’s a good day when we upgrade or simplify our way of working. Our old ways never open new doors. 😊️👌


Tall Claims By Modi Ji That He Will Root Out Corruption. Maybe It's Time For Him To "Tweet" Or Share His "Mann Ki Baat" On The #BusinessMantra Of Jay Shah, S/O Amit Shah, President BJP.

💖👌💖@Regranned from @madamefigarofr - Madame Figaro lance la campagne "Business is MY business" à l'occasion de la seconde édition du prix Business With Attitude.
20 femmes, grandes figures de l'entrepreneuriat en France s'engagent auprès de Madame Figaro pour soutenir la création d'entreprise au féminin. Nous commençons aujourd'hui avec @claudeterosier, CEO de @magicmakersat et lauréate de l'édition 2017 du Prix #BusinessWithAttitude. #MyBusiness
#BusinessMantra of the day by the first laureate of our "Business With Attitude" prize gives us the #businessMantra of the day : "I launched my company because I gave myself the right to make mistakes."
#Mantra #BusinessMantra #MakeMistakes
🖋 Morgane Miel - #regrann

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