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Planning for our 》》business competition《《 next month during my plan time. •

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Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art. 👨🏼‍🏫
One of the worst feelings in the world is to be incredibly busy but feel that you’re not making any progress. You’re fighting the good fight, but your approach is wrecking your health or compromising your well-being. 😓🔛
Projects seem to take forever. Progress comes too slow. Happiness is always a distant horizon never reached. Productivity starts with goals. When you have clear and challenging goals, you tend to be more focused and engaged, which leads to a greater sense of flow and enjoyment in what you’re doing. 😀
Greater enjoyment gives you that intrinsic motivation that has been correlated with greater productivity in both quantity and quality of output. 📈🤗
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Dear Friends:
I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new company, @avegroup.
Avenue Group drives business growth through advising executives, operating ventures, and educating through live and digital channels.
The company is comprised of three divisions:
* Avenue Group Advisors provides advice to executives of Fortune 500s, private equity firms, and mid-market companies.
* Avenue Group Ventures operates and invests in high-potential companies with strong early track records.
* Avenue Group Educators shares tangible business knowledge, through public speaking events, videos, podcasts, and articles, with emerging and established business leaders.
We have an amazing Team of Avenue Group Collaborators, including the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a surgeon, an AI expert, an award-winning speechwriter, and many more talented and experienced people, including @whartonschool classmates.
I’m especially excited about Avenue Leaders Program — providing pro bono work for non-profits, businesses & individuals in need. I am also pumped to host a podcast that has been in production for several months and will be live soon.
Special thanks to my Emmy-Award winning producer twin brother @benggreenberg for producing all of our awesome videos.
Please take a moment to take a peek at our website at avegroup.com and send me your feedback.
- Jeremy
P.S. Regarding my other ventures, Greenberg Strategy Inc. has been subsumed by Avenue Group and I will continue to serve as CEO of Flyte Fitness.

In our blog post yesterday we talked about algorithm changes on Facebook / Instagram and what it means for you. 🤔 I compared the social media platforms to a giant beauty pageant and highlighted why Instagram wants us to get back to real content. We want to know - would you rather see stylized images or more raw / real photos? 📸

Power Start Your Day @ 8:00 AM EST! [Dial-in: 602-753-1848]. Are Ready to Take Intentional Action to Accomplish Your Business Vision? Join me this morning as I share my secrets to reaching six-figures and beyond in Network Marketing. It's Time to Write Your Vision and Make It Plain! #powerstartyourday #businesseducation #dailymotivation #beyourownboss #powermentor #successwithnicola

Հայ-Ռուսական համալսարանի Բիզնես դպրոցը հայտարարում է «Բիզնես Վարչարարության Մասնագետ» (Master of Business Administration - #MBA) հերթական` 10-րդ խմբի կրթական ծրագրի մասնակիցների ընդունելություն:

Ծրագրի սկիզբը` 2018 թ. Մարտ-Ապրիլ⏳: Ամբողջական տեղեկատվությունը՝ https://goo.gl/48p8lh

Գրանցումը՝ https://goo.gl/xf4WcF 📞 (+374 41) 789 709 | ✉️ info@bs.rau.am

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If you’re a Federal Government Employee or even survived the recession back in 2008-whenever it ended (lol), what you should have listened to or gleaned from those experiences was to protect yourself by having multiple streams of income. You should have learned that one job is not going to cut it. Maybe you think you’re too good to get a second job or that you don’t need to diversify your sources of income, but had the government shut down longer, a lot of people would have been in dire situations. There’s 3 weeks before the next crossroads, you have a chance to do something NOW about how bad the initial shock of another shut down will be on you and your family.

Save money.
Cancel that lavish vacation (yes I said it).
Eat at home.
Start a business.
Find a second job.

Do not wait until it’s too late. Most of you have businesses in you but have fallen complacent to your jobs. What happens when that job goes away? Are you prepared?
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1) ‘Digital Marketing in Retail’ session key points:
- Retail Digital Marketing: Evolution and practice
- Deriving benefits from data analytics in Digital Marketing
- Illustrative cases in retail Digital Marketing.

2) ‘Purchasing Marketing Integration’ session key points:
- Purchasing-Marketing Integration: Theory and practice
- Value Chain Analysis and b2b integration
- Illustrative cases in Purchasing-Marketing Integration in retailing

Confirm your interest now and get an advantage of early bird registration: https://goo.gl/Yt7uP4

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#teambubez you remember last night I talked about going back to the place of the last instruction #MidnightWalkWithGod the replay is up...this is my own place...this DM was in March 2017...funny how time flies...when I hold instagram live business sessions people came with notes...swipe for more. I had and still have an online course and different workbooks but I pushed it away...businesses were birth at this time some were restructured...if you ever used to be a part of those sessions can you comment? Thanks @sainttracys for this feedback then which remains valid till date. Click link in my bio for one of my workbooks to help you identify who you truly are. #clarityqueen #ClaityisBae #purpose #passion #businessbuilding #businesseducation #brandstrategist #businessdevelopment #businessStrategist #business

DOBRO JUTRO ☀️ Po takem vikendu v portorožu vsee kar lahko rečem...

Discover the diversity of learning experiences and environments that universities provide for Masters students.
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Business schools are expanding their range of courses and increasing their flexibility as a means of distinguishing one programme from another.

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Are some of your processes and procedures a little bit like stepping back in time?
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A new meaning to the Cone if Silence!
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Leave it up to @somethingolddayton and @jenkcalligraphy to make a simple pear look so beautiful!! Eating a pear actually sound so good right now because my taste buds are finally back in action! They’ve been out for the count the past few days and turns out I had the flu (minus vomiting PTL) but on the mend! Please pray for Drew because he’s starting to feel sick now 😷 don’t mind us over here...we’ll just be quarantined to our home the next few days haha. Hoping you and your loved ones are avoiding all the junk going around!

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