Anyone else just having 'one of those days'? What do you do to stay motivated & on task? Share your tips in the comments!
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Hey Besties! If you ever wanted to start your own hair company, I have something for you. The Hair Biz By Tabitha Echols is a book I've been working on for the past year. I cover everything you need to know to have a booming Hair Business and succeed in this industry. This will be available on our site very soon!

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Bye bye South Carolina. You were enchanting...back in the saddle tomorrow, #Nashville 🤘🏻
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Don't be afraid to spend money when it comes to your business. Invest in yourself and your business it's worth it. Research what you're investing in because some of it you may be able to write-off. You don't want to write-off too much because it doesn't look good for your business.
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🤔This is going to get real deep fast... ready? So I’m going on my daily walk and I read this sign for the first time.
It sounded a lot like life??🤷‍♂️
Push button to cross. Give yourself permission, but first ask yourself permission.
Don’t cross. Listen to life’s warnings, sometimes it tells you not to go.
Finish crossing if started. Plan on finishing your journey, otherwise you might get hit..
Start crossing. Life sometimes is pushing you to start what you’ve always wanted to do. Just go and do!
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Organisations need to do more to reduce bias and favouritism to career growth within their organisation. Merit and clearly defined performance and achievement should be more encouraged. What's your take. ?

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Instead of asking how much something cost and giving excuses of why you can’t have or do it,You should be asking how your going to make something beautiful out of it.Never be scared of taking risks
everyone!I would love to disclose this successful way to earn as low as $5500 with an investment capital of $500 for 7 trading days no scam inbox for more details.Be your own boss and earn gratefully after many times of lost just trust your self be ambitious..

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The key with social media is creating an authentic vibe, trying new things and engaging with the community.

When you stay authentic and work to create a consistent look and feel to your social media, you’ll attract a tribe of people who connect with your brand, want to buy your products and align with your vision.

Stay you, boo 😘

My weekend in Kwara was amazing!!
It was not just because i had to go back to my Alma mater for a summit or because i was representing my organisation (training business owners) but majorly because going back to my school helped me reconnect with old but meaningful people and it also brought back lots of memories for me which has helped me to see how far God has brought me!!! And a slap on the face of those who said i couldn't.
If you are reading this, your dream is still valid, you are next for that big achievement! Grace will find you, People will see you and marvel.
I am filled with thanksgiving!!! I am really thankful!!! To God almighty and to all those who always believe in me. Also, many thanks to Pathfinders Alumni Association, you guys are super amazing❤💛💚💜🎉💯 .
My Name is STELLA ESENE and God's grace has found me🙅😇💥✅
Ps: tag anyone you know😝

Tomorrow (Wednesday 18th July) at 12pm Sydney time, I’m going LIVE on Facebook to reveal the REAL reason your new patients have stopped coming back.⠀

I know 99% of you guys out there are working real hard to get new patients through the door.⠀
Perhaps harder than ever!⠀

So, business should be booming, right?⠀

Well we all know they don’t always stick…⠀

It can leave you scratching your head as to why they didn’t stick around.⠀

So why do patients REALLY drop out?⠀

Well there are actually 5 Big Mistakes that cause Patients to Drop Out (even after they've committed to treatment).⠀

But what if you knew exactly what these mistakes are? and best of all – knew what to do instead, so your patients stick? Would that be helpful?⠀

I’m betting the answer would be a HELL YES! 🙌🏼

That’s why I’m going to do a mini training TOMORROW to get you on the right track.⠀

Meet me on my Practice Acceleration - Tristan Bond Facebook page tomorrow at 12pm Sydney time!

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