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🔥How Will You Create?🔥⠀
There are an infinite amount of ways we can be creative in our own lives and businesses.⠀
And everyone of us sees things differently.⠀
So no on can create quite like you!⠀
So how will you be creative in your business and life?⠀
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Hanging on to the last day of summer with a death grip, haha. 😩
We recently stayed at the beautiful Loews Royal Pacific Resort and finally made it out to Volcano Bay....I must say I had an absolute blast! .
I was so proud of my 9-year old who bravely went on the 125-ft straight down slide you can see poking out in the volcano. 😱
I'm thinking about adding an Orlando travel section to the blog🤔...never a dull day here! .
Highly recommend checking it out next time you visit The City Beautiful. 💖
Have a beautiful last day of summer!!! 😭

Dear inappropriate DM slider,

Yes I'm single.
No I'm not interested.
A snack. 🍫 😂😩😭 📸:: @zandiaoliver and her poppin camera

How cute is @celinevanouytsel 's puppy 🙏 😍💕 #antwerpavenue #byJSSC

How I feel about entrepreneur life. Somedays I get my stride and then immediately lose it 😩 Anybody feel this way? I honestly feel that novice entrepreneurs feel like once you make money everything is gonna be perfect 👇🏽Tell me how you really feel?
- - - - - - - - - -

AAAAHMAAAAGAAAAD!!! SUPER PROUD to be able to say that I will be in the #AccordParfait commercial, which is my tv debut 😱🙏💕💛 @lorealmakeup #accordparfait #lorealmakeup

Looking back at the last year of my life like.. holy f**k. It's crazy to think this photo was taken six months ago at one of our first @solicitclothing shoots. It has been such a whirlwind and I have been so blown away by the love and support we have received from friends, family and strangers alike! We came into this with a lot less knowledge than we thought we had, and dove in way over our heads real quick! Sitting at work today looking at all the amazing brands and clothing we have coming in for fall, and planning upcoming events I just felt overwhelmingly grateful. This business truly is my dream come true. Thank you to all of you who babysat King, put up with my overwhelmed meltdowns and got your hands dirty with me when I didn't have time for anything but work. I honestly, truly have no idea where I'd be without you all... hopefully one day I'll be able to actually pay you! 😂❤️
#businesswoman #businessbabes #smallbusiness #love #support #girlgang #girlboss #inspiring #hustle #friends #family #lucky #loved #momtrepreneur #goalgetter

Marcas que amo: CUMBIA @cumbiaofficial #marcasqueamamos 🌱
La marca relatada hoy es mi propia marca de joyería, por lo cual este es un post súper especial para mi!
ACERCA DE: CUMBIA es una marca de joyería con piezas que tienen un mensaje especial tras ellas. Sea que tengas una pulsera (#CUMBIAcuff) y te identifiques con la frase que lleva o tengas un collar con el dije de tu país, buscamos crear una conexión sentimental entre el portador y la pieza
En el 2013 nace CUMBIA primero como una marca de vestidos de baño, pero unos meses despúes, decidí cambiar su enfoque a que fuese joyería. Sentía que me costaba encontrar piezas que aparte de ser bonitas tuvieran algún significado
Hoy en día, tenemos 4 colecciones principales: pulseras con frases, Collares de Países, Anillos y Chokers
🔸Mayor LECCIÓN: Persistir. Emprender no es tan fácil y hay momentos que te quieres dar por vencido.Pero si tu idea es buena, has lo necesario para continuar
🔸 MENSAJE para las almas emprendedoras: Esten dispuestos a dar más de lo normal, y busquen su factor diferenciador

Los invito a seguir mi marca!CUMBIA
Brands I love: CUMBIA #brandilove
Today's brand is my own brand of jewelry, so this is a special message for me!@cumbiaofficial
ABOUT: CUMBIA is a jewelry brand with pieces that have a special message or meaning behind them. Whether you have a bracelet with a mantra or you have a necklace with the word of your country, we seek to create a emotional connection between the wearer and the piece
In 2013 CUMBIA was born initially as a swimwear brand, however, I decided to change its focus to be jewelry. Well, I felt that it was hard for me to find those type of pieces, apart from being beautiful, they had a meaning
Today, we have 4 main collections: bracelets, necklaces of countries, rings and chokers
🔸MAJOR LESSON: Persist. Entrepreneurship is not as easy as many think and there are times when you may want to give up or you become discouraged.
🔸MESSAGE: Be willing to give more than normal, and look for its differentiating factor.

I invite you to follow my brand!CUMBIA


Join Led To Lead this Saturday at 12 Noon EST for our Faith for My Future Panel streaming live on YouTube! Guest Speakers Confirmed So Far: Livi S Anderson, Janell McCovey, Annese Kiah, Clarice Kimp, and Takima Howze. Hosted by Genesis Dorsey! If you haven't registered already for the Led to Lead Community, register for FREE to get access to the streaming link by going to bit.ly/joinl2l!

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾When I tell you I am uber focused... That 🔥from that glow up is something else...
............. Double-tap if this is your mood too. Q4 is quickly approaching. We got moves to make, Sis... 📸credit @ladieswhohustle_

"Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it's perfectly okay and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back + do nothing." -Somebody on Pinterest 📍On that note:: I think tonight is a fall asleep trying to watch Netflix night.

Tonight at 8pm #RP @thebusinessbabes: #LiveWiththeBabes Today we're talking about how to put more 💰💸 in your pocket and more 👭👫 clients in your pipeline via a serving vs selling mentality. Tune in at 8pm as @businessbabes talks about how @thebusinessbabes struggled with sales years 1 and 2, and what processes they used to help sell their resources. #businessbabe #businessbabes

#LiveWiththeBabes Today we're talking about how to put more 💰💸 in your pocket and more 👭👫 clients in your pipeline via a serving vs selling mentality. Tune in at 8pm as @businessbabes talks about how @thebusinessbabes struggled with sales years 1 and 2, and what processes they used to help sell their resources. #businessbabe #businessbabes

Not one day goes by when I am not reminded of how much I need Jesus! I'm just so thankful that He thinks of me as worthy of His love. That He's never given up on me. Or grew tired of waiting for me to realize just how much I need Him! 💕

Awal Muharram is the celebration of the new Islamic year. It is considered to be the second holiest month of the year, following the fasting month of Ramadan.
At Socialistik we would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year.

Gratitude stems from acknowledging that where we have arrived didn’t happen solely on our own. Gratitude celebrates the good in the world and finds meaning in experiences. When leaders see their teams through the lens of gratitude, they will always see the untapped potential and inspire people to achieve the impossible.

🚨 Client Testimonial!⠀
@bausybooks shares how my Masterclasses and Membership have helped propel her meaningful work forward as an accountant for entrepreneurs!⠀
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Maybe you've already noticed a difference Maybe you haven't but Led to Lead is getting a MAJOR facelift in the midst of our conference. We're evolving with our community! We're about to announce tonight our first panel that's coming this Saturday at 12 Noon Eastern Time! We're excited! #ledtolead17

God is not judging you for who you are, but for who you refuse to become! #AcceptTheCalling

So geeked!! @napturalnicole will be joining me and the lovely ladies in the She Thrives group for a live Q & A on the power of storytelling and vulnerability in your business.⠀ .

Bring yo' "pen and papah" and get ready to learn how your narrative can build influence and impact.⠀
Going down Monday 9/25/17 at 4pm EST⠀

Click link in bio to join us in the group!

Not all superheros wear capes. Except for when they do. Today's the school fun run, raising money for their sports programs, and they're so excited!

Hey Fashionpreneurs & Beautypreneurs!

The ability to shop directly from your Instagram feed is coming soon and this will be MAJOR for your business!

Why? Because now you'll be able to tag a product in your post—meaning you can highlight specific products in your posts and drive people to your website, where they can purchase items.

If someone is interested in the products they see in your posts, they'll likely want to know more details. You can tag up to 5 products in a photo and you can also tag products in both new and existing posts.

When someone taps a tag on your post, they'll see
-An image of the product from your post
-A description of the product
-How much the product costs
-A link that takes them directly to your website, where they can purchase the product

Now you'll no longer have to constantly change the link in your bio over and over again when sending your customers to view a new product.

Pretty fierce, right?

Brands such as Rihanna's #FentyBeauty are already taking advantage of the new feature, but it's gradually rolling out to other users in the U.S. only.

Keep an eye out because this feature is going to make generating sales on Instagram much easier and smoother for your business.

I'm excited about shopping on Instagram and you should be too!
XOXO-Nikki 💋

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Write, record. Write, record. Repeat!⠀

This is what I'm up to this week. Big plans of all sorts of amazing content to come. Can't wait to share!!! Eeek!!!⠀

What are you up to?

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