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Congraduation our precious daughter. You ‘ve worked hard to get a graduation and you deserve all these success. #cumlaude #ukp #businessaccounting. Proud of you 🙏🙏

Just did a blogpost with the wonderful @krangele on some basics for your taxes if you are selling on @poshmark! Link in the BIO #taxseason #poshmark #businessaccounting

:allow yourself to be a beginner, no one start off being excellent: ---------------------------------------------------------------
hari ni dua-2 kne soal ngan madam😲💆#businessaccounting#usulfiqh#اللغة العربية

Accounting Birthday Celebration XXMVI
#ABC2016 #businessaccounting #batch2015

All the best for the first paper guys 🎉🎊 Dengar citer semua dah ready nak masuk exam 😏😏 woww! Hebat hebat. So, bittaufiq wannajah semua.

Rytas suraitytas 💼
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Meet another speaker of ours: Boitumelo Mogopa •
Here is her profile: •
Boitumelo has been married to Michael for the past 20 years and are proud parents to son Tlamelo and daughter Pulane. She hails from Madingwane in the Barolong farms and Mike is from Mahalapye

She is inspired by her family, has a very positive outlook on life and very passionate about leadership and working with and growing people. Her values are balancing corporate with family life, being happy and respect. •
Mrs. Mogopa holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Botswana and is a fellow member of ACCA (UK) and BICA. •
She currently serves as the Director of Retail Segment at First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB). She has had an outstanding career in Banking and Finance over the past 17 years, during which she has developed a firm understanding of strategy direction and implementation in financial services.

Ms. Mogopa joined First National Bank of Botswana in 2007 to set up FNBB Private Clients, a green field business at the time. •
Subsequent to successfully heading the very first Private Bank in Botswana, she was promoted to Director; Consumer Segment in 2010. This is the position she held until being appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2012, a position she held for three years.

Prior to FNBB Ms. Mogopa worked at Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays Bank in the Finance environment. •
Mrs Mogopa is the chairperson and independent board member of Letlole La Rona , a BSE property listed company

Her topics are:

Budgeting as a couple •
Education Planning for Children •
Savings options for couples •
How to handle joint accounts

We can’t wait host you and give you all the tools you need for your marriage.

Our recent client testimonial: "Three things come to mind.. Simple & easy to use, real time information about my business 24/7, excellent business support from a professional accountant – amazing!! Now i have a better view of my business performance and I am able to identify issues before they become major."

We are having talk show kind of set up in an engaging conversation manner. I will be moderating. Please don’t miss out. It’s going to be an amazing session. See you on Sunday. More profiles of our speakers coming up.

We do not compromise on integrity.

Meet another speaker of ours for the couples’ convo– Dr N. Setlhare-Oagile.

Dr O, (as we call her) Ph.D. is a Licenced Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the Deputy Director-Counselling Services; Careers and Counselling Center, University of Botswana (UB).

Her first degree was in Nursing, she was trained as a nurse in Botswana. She has clinical and educational experience in a wide variety of contexts, locally and internationally. Other than providing psycho-therapy to the University community, Dr Oagile teaches, trains, and is involved with research. •
She is also involved with various committees, consultancies within and outside UB. •
Dr Oagile is a member of Botswana Association of Psychologists, Botswana Health Professions Council and Society of Student Counselling in Southern Africa. •
Her main areas of interest are; workplace issues such as retirement & retrenchment counseling; team building; parenting, emotional intelligence; personal and professional goal setting, multicultural issues, Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS and Substance abuse especially amongst young people. •
Writing is also another of Dr Oagile’s many joys. •
Dr. O has two grown daughters and two grandchildren. She is liberal, enjoys reading and having engagements and conversations with other women about issues that affect them.

These are topics that she will covering:

How to work like a team- over coming challenges with doing this •
Submission and the role of a wife and neck and backbone

Head of house roles and how to do them, with ease

Importance seeking psychological help before and or after marriage •
We sourced a psychologist for this convo to give her perspective on how to deal with the dynamics of marriage looking at her experience on counseling married couples .

A safe business is the one that is free from external and internal hazards such as fire outbreak, credit card fraud, hackers, etc. It is wise to identify these hazards as they apply to your business and setup defenses against them. However, there are 2 major stand-alone bodies that naturally do not pose any danger to your business unless you trigger them to be hazardous.

They are the government and your customers. The trick is to ensure that you put them into high consideration whenever you make a business decision. Be it product design, policy or operations strategy.

Find out how to keep your business safe in my latest post - HOW TO RUN A SAFE BUSINESS via link in bio @excellaid
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We place respect at the heart of our relationships.

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Meet one of our speakers – Mrs. Mpho Moremong – Gobe •
Her topics are: •
Entrepreneurship and marriage –how to handle that well

Balancing family time when handling the entrepreneurial journey •
Possibilities of earning more than your spouse as a wife, how to handle that with grace, and still be submissive. •
Here is her profile: •
Mrs Moremong- Gobe was born in Molepolole married to Ketlhaotswe Gobe from Tutume. Have been married since 12th April 2008. They are blessed with two children (a boy and a girl 24 years and 8 years). Her personal vision is to be an agent of transformation in her generation. She has personal values that she lives by, & they are integrity, honesty, humility and hard work

A Real Estate Practitioner, Mrs Gobe is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK; Real Estate Institute of Botswana and Real Estate Advisory Council. She is the Managing Director for MG Properties, where she is responsible for property valuations, management, commercial lettings as well as sales. •
A seasoned Business woman with a thorough knowledge in Estate Management. •
Previously she was Managing Director for Pam Golding International Botswana. She has worked with Knight Frank Botswana (KFB) as an Associate Partner. Mrs. Moremong-Gobe has valuable experience in different Boards including; Chairperson of Gaborone City Council Adjudication Board, Africa Representative in the RICS Governing Council in the UK 2004- July 2009, Chairperson of Board of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Botswana Group -2004-2009 and many more. •
She also a member of the Tertiary Education Council (HRDC) and founding Member of Botswana International University of Science and Technology Council, Botswana Innovation Hub, & many more. •
She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Hons. in Estate Management from Oxford Brookes University, UK & MBA), University of North West, RSA, jointly with the University of Liverpool, UK. She became a chartered surveyor in 1999 & was the firs t Motswana woman to become a chartered surveyor.

I can’t wait for this day to learn and share wisdom. Come and get all the tips. Chance of a life time for you and your spouse.

We strive to be the number one trusted business advisor to our clients.

We ’ll remove the obstacles of old technology and charge-by-the-hour fees that stand in the way of your growth. This means we’ll be proactive in helping you reduce your tax, eliminate costs and create more revenue. This means we’ll be available to talk – when you need us – so you can make better financial decisions.

We are in business to help your business grow.

When I woke up this morning, I needed a cup of green tea/ coffee to wake me up, feel good and enjoy my Sat morning. But then I thought to myself no I don’t need a cup of coffee or green tea to be awake, happy or alive.

When something becomes a need, a requirement, it locks us in. We must have it, which means we start structuring our lives around it. - Leo Babauta •
I read a lot about living a minimalistic life and I thought I should share with you how we don’t see the little things that occupy our lives unnecessarily. •
For lots of us, it’s more than just coffee: we need a glass of wine (or beer) in the evening, we need some quiet time alone, we need things to be neat, we need to watch some TV to unwind in the evening, we need the Internet for entertainment and
news. •
There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but soon the requirements for a happy life start piling up.

What are your requirements, things you can’t do without? For some people, it changes depending on the circumstances: you need a travel pillow on an airplane, a soft bed and nice pillow to sleep, music to run or do a workout, some alcohol to socialize.

What happens if you can’t have these things — does it make you unhappy or stressed out? Is the trip or social occasion or run less enjoyable?
What happens when we let go of these needs, and just keep them as a “nice-to-have” option?

The fewer requirements we have, the less of a burden these requirements become. The more often we have the same thing every day, the more likely they are to become a requirement.

This isn’t a prescription for how to live your life, but just something to consider. Have a lovely Sat.
P.s shared this on my minimalistic page, thought I should share with you as well.

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