✨ATTN FELLOW LIT NERDS: @dumdumzine‘s bicoastal sis zine @bushwickreview is open for submissions now ‘til August 1st! 🌟📓🌟 I strongly urge you to submit, it’s got some of the best stuff out there, care of the incomparable @kris10felicetti

✨ATTENTION DUMMIES: submissions for our bicoastal sister zine @bushwickreview are open from now until August 1st 🌟📓🌟 We strongly urge you to submit, it’s got some of the best stuff out there, care of @kris10felicetti

Thankyou thankyou to @bushwickreview for the love!!! Everyone should check them out- they are awesome and feature amazing art, essays, poetry, and photography! Yay indie mags! 🌞💃 #bushwick #bushwickreview #local #localmagazine #localmag #readlocal #brooklyn #nyc #indiemagazine #indiepress #womensmedia #art #poetry #poetrycommunity #photography #grimanesaamoros #awt #awtinthewild #shoutout

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#TheMagMob is such #girlgang goals 🙌🏼 Monday night’s panel reminded me of how much I miss my own crew back home (@bossbabesatx, I’m 👀 at you!) Every once in awhile I’m reminded that in high school I thought I couldn’t be friends with most girls because they were “too dramatic and mean” (internalized sexism is so real), and I’m glad I grew and discovered the power of sisterhood 🙏🏼| 📸 for @themagmob

Here we are with the other rad Mag Mob publishers! Each of these zines is amazing with their own unique voice! Check ‘em out 😎Image via @themagmob #awtmag #mathmagazine #tomtommag #gotgirlcrush #bushwickreview #slant’d #ravenouszine #independentmedia #independentartists #womensmedia #zine

Spent my last night in New York surrounded by insane badassery at @quimbysbookstorenyc, photographing a @themagmob panel 🙏🏼 I walked in excited to see the women who run two zines I have huge crushes on— @gotagirlcrush and @tomtommag—and walked out in love with so many new zines. 😍😍 Come visit me in #ATX, pls! | 📸 for @themagmob 💞

Sometimes it feels the presence of David Bowie reigns over all of January, being it is the month of his birth and death. Here's @taleenkali's concrete poem that looks like a lightning bolt inspired by David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. We published it back in The Bushwick Review IV and repost it now in celebration of someone who will forever be a source of wonder and inspiration to so many creative people. 👩🏾‍🎤👨🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤👨🏿‍🎤👨🏽‍🎤👩🏿‍🎤

⚡️👩🏽‍🎤⚡️Happy Birthday Bowie!⚡️👩🏽‍🎤⚡️ In c. 2013 I wrote a concrete poem that looks like a lightning bolt inspired by David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” and @bushwickreview published it. I love you Bowie. See you guys at my Bowie Birthday workshop tmrw, all the info is in @kalipunkyoga profile link! 🤘🏽

This really sums up our 2017. What a goddamn great year at The Bushwick Review. Can’t wait to up the ante in 2018.

Our beloved contributor @__lois_aj_ showing off some @timmypilgrims' designed TBR release party posters, including an *unreleased* design 🔒

We've got a new stockist and it's one we're super excited about. It's @thelowryestate, a premier vintage boutique in the Detroit area owned by Corliss Elizabeth Williams. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Corliss' piece "The Light of Day", about her father Phillip D. Williams Sr.'s photos, was the center jewel of The Bushwick Review VII. We're honored to have a little place in her store's beautiful new location.
It's clear from his photos that Phillip D. Williams Sr. has an eye for women and men with great style, with an intuitive ability to capture shots of specific fashions that would delight later generations. Well, like father like daughter. Corliss Elizabeth Williams has that skill for discovering exceptional vintage pieces, which you can shop at The Lowery Estate. It's extremely well-curated, and we admire how she has created a world where colorful, imaginative clothes and accessories from decades back can be seamlessly incorporated into a 2017 woman's style.
If you're in the Detroit area, swing by Orchard Lk Rd Bldg F, Farmington, Michigan 23023. If not, you can shop their selection at thelowryestate.com.

A taste of literary goodness has graced the @thelowryestate 📚 and Brooklyn has made its way to the shop! We are adding more gems to the boutique by collaborating with artists, writers, and other fashionistas to enhance our collection from near and far. @bushwickreview is on sale for $10 at the shop. #collaboration #zines #art #photography #literature #bushwickreview @kris10felicetti @timmypilgrims @bushwickreview #brooklyn

BIG NEWS: The Bushwick Review's website has been brilliantly redesigned by Drew Gardner. A huge thank you to @dreeeeewwwww. Finally, we have a stylish web presence whose aesthetic perfectly compliments @timmypilgrims's design of the magazine itself. We've got some new info about stockists and more up there too. Whether you're on mobile, desktop, tablet, or VR headset, please check out our sharp new look. Oh yes, I've never been more excited to say the words, "link in bio."

Thom Smith, our resident New Orleans contributor, has been in all seven issues of The Bushwick Review. But this photo series from issue 2 might just be my favorite.

"Unlike most American cities, much of New Orleans social culture relies on porches. Both public and private space at once, they transition between street life and act as a social leveler — any person, in any part of town, has some type of porch or stoop. New Orleanians bring their private lives out onto the porch by grilling out, having personal conversations, or even watching television; others invite public interaction to their homes with a friendly greeting.

Other People’s Porches is a photo essay documenting the spaces of strangers in New Orleans. The process is simple: I contact a person whose porch I admire (by knocking on the door), arrange a time to meet, bring a beverage or food to share, and then talk to the person or people for a while before photographing them. Without a past narrative, the stories and relationships from this social transaction are new and open-ended.

The following images are test shots; a few are of friends or neighbors but some are of strangers I met for the first time."
-Thom Smith

In the lead up to The Bushwick Review's website redesign, we thought we'd show you some greatest hits from the vault, lol. I'm talking issues 1-3, the pre @timmypilgrims designed era, when the design was less cool, but the content was still hot. Kicking it off is "The Pigeon Cycle: A Study" by Or Zubalsky @jeharlharnaoulsz, back in TBRII. It's his birthday today! I'm glad he was born so he could tell us how pigeons are made.

Proud to say The Bushwick Review has been carried by both the #1 and #2 shops on @timeoutnewyork's The best independent bookstores in NYC list. Hell yeah it's @bluestockingsnyc and @molassesbooks.

@oscardartois reading for #peachgothtour. I didn't take a pic of it but he also read his poems from this issue of The Bushwick Review VII in front of a live studio roof audience

Good morning! It is very nice to wake up early, get some coffee, and see myself on the shelf with my friends. Buy The Bushwick Review VII and other wonderful publications from @tinyheropress the excellent lil bookshop in @littleskips. Also buy the @littleskips avocado toast, it was some of the best avocado toast I've ever had and I would choose it over doing something as boringly domestic as buy a house any day.

Ugh, typical // photo: Ginger Hollander for Math Magazine (@drinkmorewater666 for @mathmagazine​)

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