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Still questioning strength for fat loss? Via: @bretcontreras1

Many people, especially women, worry that weight training is going to make them bigger. Your size is mostly dependent on how much you eat. Strength training will help you look better at any given body weight. Since muscle is 15% more dense than fat, it will cause you to get smaller and occupy less overall space. This is true whether you weigh 250lbs, 200lbs, 150lbs, or 100lbs. The smallest you will be at any given body weight is when you are the  strongest and fittest at that weight.

I learned about the density of tissues as a PhD researcher, but I’ve been aware of this phenomenon for a long time. Over my 21 years of experience as a personal trainer, I can’t tell you how many clients ate the same and stayed the same weight over the course of a year of hard training, yet still ended up needing new clothes because their waist sizes shrunk significantly. This is also true for the legs; despite gaining tremendous lower body strength, the legs actually become smaller overall because of the simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain.

This phenomenon is known in fitness circles as “recomping.” Every fitness professional who works with ample clients in person is well aware of it. Some sleazy con-artists purposely play on women’s fear of getting bulky and try to convince them to abstain from lifting weights and gaining strength. Of course they fail to educate their clients on the role of diet in this matter. This fear-mongering is unacceptable and these charlatans need to be called out.

I wrote a blog post 2 years ago titled, “Strength Training is Fat Loss Training.” Please Google it. In addition, please swipe left to watch a video and see examples of women who have improved their fitness through strength and conditioning.

No, they do not. They got smaller because they kept their caloric intake the same while gaining strength. Weight training is the best form of fat loss training over the long haul. Please don’t believe the lies.

I haven't posted to much in a while sorry everybody, I've been busy #eating like a cow and working at my job and in the gym keeping the #hustle real, #contestprep starts in 4 more weeks and then going into a strict #cuttingdiet Interested to see how my body has changed! Here's some #heavy #tricepextensions in the mean time. 💪🤙 #bulking #bulkdiet #tricepsworkout #tricepstrength #strengthgains #muscleandstrength #muscleandhealth #gains #dietiskey #leanmass #thicc #bodybuilding #bodyfat #burningfat #naturalbodybuilding #bulkingseason #goldsgym #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #swoleisthegoal #fitspo #mensphysique

Never Miss a Monday!!Dumbbell HIIT @6:30..... On the menu:
1. Orangecicle. 2. Peanutbutter Cookie. 3. Pink Panther Tea

This is an awesome deal! I would def get this while it’s hot! @blackstonelabs_official preworkout 30% off!! Best deal in the game. .
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Chocolate ice cream fat bombs...or so. I used a recipe I found online but it is not the best one. They look nice, though :) Next one I'm trying is @keto.connect chocolate gelato... seems promising!

Back day from the other days means GAINZ DAY!!!


I learned something new today the hard way, I was writing a really long description to this video and apparantly there is a limit to how much you can write lol and then your Instagram just crashes on you (there goes 30 minutes that I will never have back)

Anyways I was just trying to give a little more detailed description about what I was trying say in this video. It's still a little hard to make videos where I talk to you. Especially keeping things short and getting straight to the point.

Instead of rewriting the whole thing again I will make a better video in the future where I will actually wright a script so I will know exactly what to say. This video is still good and has a lot of valuable info, it's just not as detailed and polished as I would like it to be.

If you have any questions about it feel free to shoot it at me. ===================================== #beastmode365 #beastmode #beastworkout #beast #workout #workoutmotivation #workoutgoals #fitness #fitfam #fit #gettingfit #perfectbody #legs #legsday #legday #legworkout #gym #garagegym #gymjunkie #knowledge #sharing #weightloss #fatburning #burningfat #fatloss #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyliving

Personal training, Cardio, weights, groupfitness, coaching zone or just a chill out in the sauna or steam room while the kids are playing in the kids club? Too many options available to miss a day at the gym 😉
What are you doing today.
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I’ve never been a believer in a quick fix. Most of you who have been following me for the past few years have watched me work out 6 days a week, beat myself up if I skipped a sweat sesh or if I went extremely off my meal plan. Clearly my days have changed- I’m at a new stage in my life where there are more important things to worry about. I want to be present in both Liam & my husband’s life along with being able to give myself forgiveness when workouts don’t fit into our schedule or meals aren’t 100% veggies😋

That is what Ketones have given me. They have given me the balance this new mom needs to stay sane. Energy to make it through a whole day alert, Grace when spaghetti is what’s for dinner &, Stamina to take a 20min walk with the family.

I have 3 more 10-day experience packs left. Who’s ready to feel the same high that helps keep me pushin to be better?

Huge NON SCALE VICTORY 🎉🎊👏🏻 I just got these super soft “normal” size towels at Walmart for less then $4 and it wraps around my body! 🤩 And it even has a little wiggle room! Big body towels are $13 at Walmart and kinda ugly colors vs this cheap smaller towel is a beautiful hot pink 💖 Trying to use the bigger towels now is a hassle lol there is too much fabric for me 😂 what a great victory!! 😘 #happiness #myweightlossjourney #loseweight #ketogenicdiet #keto #runningonketones #burningfat #down145lbs #goals #crushingit #determination #motivation #striveforsuccess

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