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🍔🍔Súper Burger🍔🍔
Making of 🐮🍔

Been creating a lot of memes as of late and managed to gain 240+ followers in 5 days, thank you all! With that being said, it's time for a food post. 🍔🍟 Got the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich from #BurgerKing with bacon and cheese. My experience was pretty damn good, no complaints at all! Would've added a beef patty to the sandwich but got those pies instead. 😜

Keep in mind, all these memes we've been posting are created ourselves so it takes time. This is where our food posts come in. We like to eat. Ya'll like to eat too, right?
After all, our bio states what we post. You know what you signed up for. Had to clarify because we get a few unfollows when we post memes and some when we post food. Quality over quantity. Even when it comes to our food posts. Would you rather see a haul of snacks, or a single bag of m&fuckin'ms? 😂 That's not our style, we do it big. ✊🏾 Thanks to those who get it. ❤️ #mnmtwinzEats

me at lunch.

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Next thing you know the employees are gonna be wearing bulletproof vests. 😳 #kushgang #munchies

Ready for short escape ✈️✈️ with the love one 💕💕@hannylayantara.pastor 💝
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📍The practice of giving antibiotics to farm animals, commercial farmers say, is 📌to help promote the animals' growth and 📌keep them free of diseases in increasingly crowded spaces. 🛑But it has also been linked--📌in conjunction with physicians who over-prescribe antibiotics to patients-- to the development of drug-resistant pathogens. 📌According to the report, those pathogens then sicken around two million Americans every year. 📌Approximately 20,000 people die each year as a result.
The “report card,” issued by a coalition that includes the Natural Resources Defense Council, Food Animal Concerns Trust and the Center for Food Safety, lists 25 restaurant chains among the largest purchasers of beef and poultry in the U.S.

Only two of those chains – Panera and Chipotle – were rated as “A” for their current antibiotics policies.
Subway and Chick-fil-A both received a B rating. The sandwich chain received an "F& #34; grade in 2015's report but was able to improve its score by announcing a policy to gradually phase out meats and poultry raised with antibiotics over the next few years. 🛑But most big chains, including Burger King, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sonic, Jack in the Box, Denny’s, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Dominos, Arby’s and IHOP, all failed. ‼️Although some of those with “F” grades earned points for being transparent about their lack of antibiotics policies, others didn’t register a single point. Those include Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Chili’s, Domino’s, IHOP and Little Caesars.

SOURCE: foxnews
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2 veggies duplos pfvr
🍔🍟❤️ #vsco #vscobr #vscocam #burgerking

This is one of the things that makes me happy in life, a good salad. Thank you for the salad Mimi!
#This is before it had dressing.

#Repost @the_vegan_goddess
RP @occupy_your_mind -
I am vegan because my life is no more valuable than ANYONE else's ....Veganism IS NOT elitism but rather, quite the opposite 👏🏽
RP @gary.francione -
A purported objection to veganism I’ve heard about 12 million times: “But veganism is elitist.” What complete nonsense.

Elitism involves promoting a perceived superiority of some sort. It involves the idea of according less moral value to the “inferior.” As 2 seconds of thinking make clear, veganism is *not* elitist in *any* way. On the contrary. Veganism is about rejecting the idea that it’s morally acceptable to exploit sentient non-humans because *they* are “inferior.” Nonvegans believe in the “inferiority” of animals. It is *they* who embrace elitism.

Should a #vegan believe that s/he is “better than” or “superior” to a non-vegan? No, Of course not. It’s not about judging people; it’s about evaluating the morality of conduct.

Is the vegan ethic of egalitarianism better than or superior to the position that it is morally acceptable to exploit the vulnerable? Yes, of course it is. A moral position is always better than an immoral one. A position that protects fundamental rights is always better than one that violates fundamental rights.

To say that veganism is “elitist” is like saying that thinking that all humans are equal morally is “elitist.” The next time someone tells you that veganism is “elitist,” take that opportunity to educate that person in a creative, nonviolent way that the *opposite* is true.

Gary L. Francione

Blog post: Is Veganism Elitist? No. But Nonveganism Is!

• Be fair • Be vegan • Educate others •
➡ WhatTheHealthFilm.com ➡ GoVeganWorld.com ➡ ComfortablyUnaware.com ➡ BeFairBeVegan.com ➡ BiteSizeVegan.com ➡ FreeFromHarm.org ---------------------------------------------------------🍃
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NOTICE!! 📣 from #notiFOODcation
"Man who invented the hamburger was smart; Man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius."
-Matthew McConaughey-

King Deals Cheeseburger (Rp 25.000) @burgerking.id
Istana BEC (Bandung Electronic Center)
📷 : Jumat, 24 Maret 2017
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