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Use Candy Melts to make cute sprinkled Bunny Ears Cupcakes for spring or Easter!๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ’ Get the how-to and supplies at @michaelsstores - link in bio.๐Ÿ‘† #wiltoncakes #candymelts #cupcakes #eastercupcakes #easterbunny #bunnyears #instacupcakes #cupcakedecorating #sprinkles #makeitwithmichaels

Omggg now four in two days, I'm in #bunnyyawn paradise!!!

The movie that will strike fear in the hearts of squirrels and cats everywhere! Revenge of the Schnabbit!#notarabbit #notevenclose #schnabbit #bunnyears #tongueouttuesday #thoseeyes #thoseears #thatlook #doctheschnauzer #ktrsbandanas

Car ride with mama ๐Ÿš™๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ–ค


Gotz Hannah is starting to get eggcited about her first Easter Egg hunt! #Gotz #gotzdoll #gotzhannah #easter #firsteaster #easteregghunt #bunnyears

Coelhinha Maitรช linda em sua toquinha! Tiarinha de pelรบcia florida! ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿฐ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿฐ #pascoa #easter #easterbunny #easterflowers #easterheadband #bunny #bunnyears #orelhinhas

Sorry this is so late - we wanted to take a minute and thank all of our followers for showing us so much love! Much love and we can't wait to share more of our hoppy adventures with you! ๐Ÿฐโค๏ธ

So apparently because I didn't mention trading in my last post like this, that makes purchasing my products/custom order spots with the intention of trading okay? ๐Ÿ˜‘ Let me tell you what happens when someone does this to a shop.
1. It's extremely disrespectful to the shop owner. We devote so much of our time and effort into making your order and to have that buyer turn around and say "hey I got this from "___& #34; shop, but I want something "better& #34; someone trade me" Uhm, Excuse me?? IF YOU DIDN'T WANT AN ORDER FROM ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, THEN DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ME! Go place an order with the shop you ACTUALLY want to purchase from.
2. People who would actually appreciate a custom order from me lose out on a chance for a custom order. It especially doesn't make it better if you buy a spot and go around asking others if they have something to trade for it immediately after you swooped in and stole the spot right out from under people. These spots I list are not for someone to use as leverage. They are not currency therefore they should not be treated as such.

3. You will be banned. Plain and simple. You'll be notified and your order will be refunded if I haven't shipped it out yet. I will not tolerate this sort of sneaky behavior. "Bye Felicia~" Now I understand if someone buys and changes their mind/decides it just isn't a good fit after trying them on and asking for trade/sell. Okay yeah I get that. But if your intention to sell/trade is premeditated, then please, do not buy. There's just no point. I don't want to have to ban people, but I will because I do not appreciate being disrespected. ยป Please, if you see this sort of scalping or otherwise suspicious activity please report it to the shop owner (in private). We really do appreciate those of you looking out for us! ยซ
Thank you! -Felicia

Hello fellow bunnies! My name is Fiona and I'm a 4 year old female Rex rabbit. I love to be outside in my playpen, laying in the sunshine! My mom and dad spoil me rotten but it's because I'm such a well behaved girl!! I look forward to meeting, and making new friends ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฐ #rabbitsofinstagram #rexrabbitsofinstagram #furry #rexrabbit #rabbit #rabbitsofig #bunnylove #bunnyears #rabbitspam #bunnylove

Two of the world's cutest bunnies dropping in to say hello ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฐ What you may not notice is that someone is giggling at the sight of bunny noses and ears on their little face ๐Ÿ’œ

#family #myowlbling

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