Picture that says it all......

That one's much better but I think the sticker should be lower ... #bumselfie

Well the sun's gone in so I'm practising my bum selfies while I wait - it's sposed to say 'contents ' #bumselfie

Tryna grow ze bumcheeks 2x per week 😈

Today we went to Australia Zoo and I had a really nice time taking photos of my bottom with all of the animals and putting my bottom on lots of surfaces INCOMING BOTTOM COLLAGE ALERT #bumselfie #bottomonbindi #australiazoo #basicallynopantspolly

Last week I received my first ever pair of @freddyausnz leggings, and this week I finally got my hands on a dream piece from @blackmilkclothing, so have an obligatory #bumselfie! ❤❤❤❤❤
These leggings are seriously UH-MAY-ZING!! I cannot believe I have waited so long to buy myself a pair! Granted they are a bit pricey for the average joe (these babies were $150) but they offer #afterpay and you can pay it off if need be. My butt has been looking better since I've been working out more, but these take it to the next level! Will definitely be buying more!! 😍😍
Aaaand I've totally been wanting this jacket for literally 5 years now and I finally managed to somehow find it on #ebay in #bnwt condition!! Honestly gobsmacked. Now to figure out just how to style it hahaha. This has honestly made hurting my foot over the weekend so much easier to deal with lol.

I can't sleep so I'll post another butt selfie. 😪 #nicebumwhereyafrom #bumselfie #bum #sundaybumday

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