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Aye 🍑 friend asking for a lil pic an’ that ae #fuckingthursdays


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THE TRUTH ABOUT BLOGGING // Part 1: The struggle is real…a blog is WORK!
Since launching my Blogg on Instagram back in August 2017, I've not made one dollar off of my blog…and yes, I want to change that! And no, I should not feel ashamed about it.
In sharing from a place of vulnerability and getting a little personal, the reality is that I work a part-time job on the side of doing all of this, just so that I can pay my bills and put a roof over my head, which it barely does at times! So no, I do not live some luxurious life through my blog 🙄
As time has gone on, I have realised just HOW MUCH time and energy is needed to sustain a blog! Unfortunately, content does not magically materialise 😂
Taken seriously, a blog really does requires full-time dedication! In expanding the blog, I'm realising that I'm going to need to invest even MORE time into it, and so I am on a journey to get this blog to a point where it is able to sustain itself so that I may dedicate myself to it full-time 😬
Along with some other projects I have in the pipelines for 2018, I believe collaborating with others is another way forward. I am all for mutually beneficial partnerships where we help each other to grow and thrive 🤝👊🏼
Heading in this direction, I feel it is important to be open, honest and transparent about it with you all, as I have been and am so humbled by all of your support thus far and will continue to be so 🙏🏽
Please head to iswan3644@gmail.com for information about how to buy premium pictures 🙏🏽I will release part 2 of this article where I talk about rebuilding my relationship with money, moving forward and opening the doors for collaboration…so stay tuned! 😉
Thank you always, so deeply, for your support and kindness. For helping me to get this blog to where it is 🙏🏽
You all make this journey magical ✨ 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪#nature #night #tree #twilight #clouds #beauty #light #love #green #skylovers #nudeart #naked
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#DatWay 💯 Im a man and man don't draw off emotions that's why i peep shit carry on that's why you barely see me rockn with dez rap niggas and i still wished them the best even when they was salty at me when my intentions was to open doors for errbody I was showing love to niggas when i knew they was hating not no more though #RIP to that nice as nigga I'm on some #BUM 💩 😎

Thirsty Thursday 😛feeling🦄apologise for all the drunk calls😝btw guys you can join my Patreon for only $1 loads of selfies and lewds link in bio [patreon.com/douxfaerie]

TGIF!! Finally my dear told me his secret of having such a 😋 bum bum. Thank you @sensation_bubblebum for this wonderful mask for our butt!!! 🤫
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What’s on repeat in my playlist? This song makes me want to move! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

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