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#Bullying is nothing new .. I think what is New is things like #socialmedia and #cellphones not to mention huge #socioeconomic divides .. Not to mention major lack of #respect. Thing is often time especially in #children I do believe #killingwithkindness while setting healthy #bounderies work well but some days it tests my #patience and all I can do is call and #vent to @honeysworld84 ... if you’re a #parent who cares and has children impacted place don’t forget to talk them about it and help them process the #pain before they take it as a reflection of their #selfworth ... talking and educating ourselves and our kids and even peers truly can help make our world a kinder place .. #stopbullying #bekind #quotestoliveby #bullyingquotes #yourenotalone #justkeepswimming #kindness #prayers #love #knowurworth

I'm giving the middle finger to online bullying. I was going to let what happened this weekend go, but I'm really not ok with it (if you saw my story you know what I’m talking about and if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter — this is way bigger than what someone said about me).
As women, we say we want to empower each other and yet, I've received more vile comments from women in the self-proclaimed "feminist" community than any other group. Two years ago I had a local feminist group start an entire facebook rally around tearing down my work. They even showed up to an event I was hosting as part of an organization I co-founded called @womenpreneursutah (the irony here is not lost on me).
This weekend I had another local feminist do the same.
I don't expect everyone to agree with me or my work. I am not for everyone and I know that.
Just because you don't agree with someone's work doesn't mean it is ok to tear a person down. EVER. You never know what someone else is going through. You can't possibly imagine how one comment could impact someone.
As women, if we want to start a revolution, we need to stand up and own our individual pain because HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. And we're talking generations of pain, hundreds of years of being told we're wrong and not good enough and evil and the lesser gender. So, own your wounds. Clean them up. Work through whatever pain has happened to you because people who are not hurt don't say things to tear others down. The only way to create more kindness in the world is by being kinder.
If you don't agree with my work, unfollow me. If you don't like my events, don't come. If you disagree with something I say and it's important to you that I hear your POV, let's have a conversation. And as @jannerobinson so brilliantly put it, " instead of yelling at me, and everyone else - go drive. Carry on, be passionate for that which you believe, please. But let go of conforming us - we are doing our own work, and it's just as important as yours.” #risesisterrise .
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Despite today being international women's day and seeing so many fellow women being supportive of each other... I spent today not feeling empowered or positive, I spent it leaving work early in tears because I have been getting bullied at work by a female coworker and I couldn't take it anymore. Its been an ongoing issue that hasn't stopped even though I've tried to get help. When will people realize that bullying is not ok? #bullying #notokay #internationalwomensday #women #supporteachother #bullyingawareness #bullyingquotes #struggle #emotionallydrained

So many people think they are alone and no one cares about them or cares to at least understand them. What those people need to know is, people do...you just haven’t come across them yet.
But you now have. I’m that person. And once Moki is launched, there will be endless amounts of people who care in one spot.

So for now, dm me- you don’t need to wait until Moki is there, I’m still here!

Tag 3 friends who need to know that you’re there for them, that they aren’t alone! 💕 Remind them, support the #imhereforyou movement! .
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Why are we so excited? Well, there’s two reasons:
1. Because on Wednesdays, we wear pink (to take a stand against bullying 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏾‍♂️)
2. Because we’re announcing a $50,000 investment from the Government of B.C. so that we can work with the Coaching Association of Canada and the @cdnchildprotect to ensure athletes are free from bullying and #safeinsport 🙌
#pinkshirtday #pinkitforward

This year #PinkShirtDay is focusing on #cyberbullying. Here's a strategy for staying safe online. Learn more: pinkshirtday.ca/resources/

Happy Pink Shirt day!

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