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I just love love loove Copenhagen, but one thing that sucks is danish dog legislation. I can't bring my best friend there, because her breed is banned. 😭🐶❤ There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. #dontbullymybreed #guiltybecauseofhowilook #bullyingiswrong #bestfriend #Mulanthedog #amstaff

Rebel yuh name

"Beberapa di antara kalian mungkin pernah merasa berada di tempat sampah. Tapi sebenarnya kalian punya sesuatu yang spesial untuk diberikan,"
#StopBullying #bullyingiswrong #bullyingisforloosers #bullyingiscrime

Seen a lad today after a fight in school; some lad had been picking on him and he had ti be sent home after the fight.

Personally think this is disgusting behaviour. If you take pleasure in bullying someone you have something wrong with you. There is nothing worse than being bullied as I have experienced it myself and it makes my blood boil when I see it.

Have some common sense and if you see someone being picked on raise a voice because you never know if someone is on their last line or not.

If you're a bully, imagine if you found out your sibling or a loved one is vomiting outside of school because they have been that badly battered. You wouldn't like it. If you want to fight get in the ring and do it properly.

Not happy to see anybody bullied regardless of ethinicality gender sex etc it is plain and simple wrong.

#SayNoToBullying #AntiBullying #BullyingIsWrong #TollickFitnessPT

Classic episode. Fat Albert encounters a racist and gives him a little lesson of his own😊👌🏾 #weareallhuman #selflove #bullyingiswrong #bullyingishurtful

I'm excited to say I've officially added AUTHOR to my list of titles. We wrote a book!! 📚 📖 "My Name is Unique Just Like Me" is available on Amazon in paperback or kindle format! Our daughter has a unisex name, as do many kids. Some kids may not understand what unisex means and will make fun of these names. We wrote this book for all of the kids with gender neutral names. We hope they always feel they are unique, just like their name. #TheUnit #InDrewsShoes Link to Purchase in my bio • Tag anyone that has kids with unisex names.

Thoughts on this one ?

When it's not your morning or your year #bullyingiswrong #pictureperfect

You don't no there storie😔 #bullyingiswrong -D


Don't be scared to talk to people that you don't know. People are usually very welcoming and don't mind you talking to them. Join clubs or a sport at your school that you are interested in. Having a commonality with someone else is the best way to start a friendship. Volunteering at places or going to summer camps are also great ways of meeting new people outside of your school . Remember when your talking to someone to smile and keep eye contact. #bullying #bullyingsucks #bullyinghurts #bullyingiswrong #bullyingkills #bullyingisbad #bullyingendsnow #bullyingstopshere #bullyingawareness

My 3yr old son came home crying his eyes out today because of been bullied by some boys, what is society becoming if this happens at such a young age... more effort is needed to prevent this happening.

Bullying is everywhere. Let’s not assume it doesn’t happen to our kids because you are just kidding yourselves! It is everywhere. It’s up to us, the parents, to break that cycle.
New post up on the blog about the harsh lessons my 6 year old had to@learn last week and how the adults involved handled it.
#bullyingiswrong #breakthecycle #parentsresponsibility

I just love love loove Copenhagen, but one thing that sucks is danish dog legislation. I can't bring my best friend there, because her breed is banned. 😭🐶❤ There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. #dontbullymybreed #guiltybecauseofhowilook #bullyingiswrong #bestfriend #Mulanthedog #amstaff

@museffect is so incredibly proud of our AZ Musers and their #Muse4Kindness act this month supporting our favorite organization @boo2bullying ! In just one day they raised a little over $300 all in Change ... what difference could you make in one day ?! Such an inspiration Musers- Happy #MuseMonday!

What you sow is what you will reap #charmaisabitch #dontmesswithme #bullyingiswrong

Bullying never has to do with you. It's the bully who's insecure. Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment. It's important to stand up to all forms of bullying, and it's even more important for those who are around you to be just as courageous and stand with you!
So If they don't like you for being yourself, be yourself even more ❤️❤️
#stop #bully #bullying #stopbullying #stopbullyingnow #love #loveyourself #sign #bullyinstafeature #standup #bestrong #bullyingiswrong #bullyinstagram @stopbullyinggov @bullymagazine @stopbullyingoficial @theofficialstompoutbullying @stopbullyingnow #sharing #sharingiscaring

~sorry for the long, ranty post, I just think it has an important message, if anyone cares to read it~ “bullying doesn’t happen in this school”
“we encourage individuality here”
“we will fight again bullying to ensure it stops”
this is the type of shit I was subjected to on a daily basis during school. on Facebook, on msn, by email, in school and out with my friends. it was daily, relentless and was usually a group of 10 or 12 ganging up on me and tormenting me. if someone said these things to me now, I don’t think I’d be affected, but as you can see, this is from 7 years ago. meaning I was 15. but the bullying started when I was 11. I tried to act like it didn’t affect me but each night I would go home and cry and wonder what was wrong with me, why no one liked me and I truly started to believe I was ugly and a loser. these comments shaped my early teenage years and honestly, I’ve only just got over them in the last few years.
words can hurt, so much, especially when it’s a preteen/ teen person hearing it day in, day out from their peers. purely because I was different; I had different interests, music taste and fashion sense. I was afraid to be myself and afraid to express myself. I did end up self harming, something I struggled with for many years due to these events. I really felt ugly and alone. It wasn’t just name calling either, it was psychical abuse. I was locked in toilets, my stuff was drenched in water, I had stuff thrown at me, my work ruined etc. I reported this to my school SO many times, yet nothing was ever done. if they did get excluded, it would be for a couple of days and then they’d be back and even angrier. so on top of all this bullying, I felt ignored and rejected by the staff. This led to me skipping school because the bullying was too much, which led to my grades falling and me not reaching my top potential in school.

Bullying is serious.
It can seriously affect people in their adult lives.
More needs to be done to stop this.
Children need to be taught to love each other and welcome everyone’s differences and have respect for each other. We all need to learn to bring each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Society teaches us that we have to be good looking or have a lot of money to be confident. That is not true! Even if you were not born confident you can learn how to become confident. Confidence comes from constantly striving for self improvement and from doing things that you are scared of. Your confidence should never rely on external things. If you only feel confident when you were a certain shirt, go out without that shirt. If you only feel confident when your around a specific group of friends, go out by yourself. When you stop relying on outside sources for confidence than you will truly have unbreakable core confidence. #bullying #bullyingsucks #bullyinghurts #bullyingiswrong #bullyingkills #bullyingisbad #bullyingendsnow #bullyingstopshere #bullyingawareness

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