Dad: Hey Piglet.
Piglet: Ayoo dad.
Dad: What are you doing?
Piglet: Whitling as booked.
Dad: Whitling?
Piglet: Yeah!
Dad: Do you mean writing?
Piglet: Dats wot Iz says.
Dad: OK, what kind of book are you writing?
Piglet: It’s kiddiwinks poet booked.
Dad: That’s nice, what’s it called?
Piglet: 100 blocks.
Dad: Blocks?
Piglet: Yean blocks jus likeded u!
Dad: Oh you mean blokes.
Dad: All right I’m......wait! What! What did you say it was called?
Piglet: 100 blocks.
Dad: Err that don’t sound good! Let me see.
Piglet: OHkay, ear goin!
Dad: What! No! You can’t do that!
Piglet: Y nos?
Dad: You can’t be calling people scary?
Piglet: Y nos?
Dad: Because it’s just not nice, children will get the wrong idea and will be scared if me.
Piglet: Sos?
Dad: Well it’s not nice, I might look a bit scary at times but I’m a nice bloke.
Piglet: Bu mes a ver nicely pupper.
Dad: Well of course you are, you’ve always been a very nice pupper.
Piglet: Bu dey whitling a booked says mes scaredy-pupper.
Dad: Ah! I know, I’m sorry about that and it was wrong, no one should ever have a preconceived idea about someone else or a pupper when they know nothing about them. We don’t do it to people because we know it’s wrong but don’t seem to realise we should leave or prejudices out of life in general.
Piglet: Sos it’s wong tos bees sayin u scaredy block?
Dad: Yeah a little bit.
Piglet: Ans it’s wong tos bees sayin mes a scaredy pupper?
Dad: wry much so.
Piglet: OHkays mes nos whitling de booked.
Dad: That’s good.
Piglet: Mes de biggests pupper.
Dad: That you are Piglet, that you are 😊❤️ #bulldogsofinstagram #bullterrier #bullterrierlovers #bullterrierofinstagram #pigletandme. @puffinbooksuk

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