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Do you drink Coffee? ☕️
You might be happy to be reading this 🤓 I have a new product for you to check out✅
I know a LOT of people drink Coffee on a regular basis and Back Coffee is one of the favourites amongst gym-goers 😜✨ so I put together this comparison to show the difference between @TNT_Supplements brand new coffee supplement and a regular café bought coffee 👍🏻
The benefits are listed within the image but I will brush up on them😇 It's a no brainer, with the TNT Coffee you get yourself 40 servings for a very good price compared the the expensive coffees from the high street 😫 but not only that but you get a range of Vitamins which you would not get in any standard coffee, TNT understand what you need and what benefits you so they give you some extra goodness 😂🙌🏻
Finally , let's touch up on the caffeine amounts, TNT blows them out of the water with almost double the caffeine content per serving 🙌🏻 you may ask ... why is caffeine important? Well that's because it gives you that much needed boost for the gym, keeps you focused and alert on tasks and for some , that wake up every morning 😎☕️
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☕ My Bulletproof Coffee Recipe ☕ *Ingredients - 1 Serving*
-2 Tablespoons Ground Coffee
-1 Tablespoon Grass-Fed Butter (Kerrygold) or Ghee
-1 Tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil
(optional badass add-ins)
-1 Tablespoon MCT Oil
-1 Tablespoon Collagen ☕ Step 1: Heat Water ☕ Step 2: Prepare ingredients ☕ Step 3: Brew Coffee ☕ Step 4: Blend ☕ Step 5: Enjoy (Ahhh)

Head over to my Facebook page or YouTube channel to watch how I make bulletproof coffee and why I love it!

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DO YOU KNOW THIS GIRL? well.... it's @tanyagandy our head brand rep and a huge part of Jolyn's success! 🙌So we have picked her as #jolynsmotivationalmondays - she also runs @jolynshows and does
SoCal and Midwest Sales. Random cool things about Tanya:
1. 4xNCAA champion 2xNCAA tournament MVP 2. World Champion 2009
Competed in Masters World Championships in Budapest, Hungary last month, Can Juggle, Compulsive Amazon Prime buyer , Continues to workout to support her love for food and feel good!
Can be found traveling, playing games, jogging at a slow pace, slinging suits :bikini:or on her computer at any cafe that serves #bulletproofcoffee or a killer cappuccino. #jolyn Everyone say hi to tanya! #motivationmonday #forwomenwhoinspireus

When it comes to my diet that works best for my body: I try to stay dairy free, higher fat and lower carbs.. but sometimes that Ice Cream craving is just the mossst 😫
One solution that satisfies while sticking with my diet criteria?
@Bulletproof Ice Cream 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Iced Bulletproof Coffee
Hemp Seeds
Collagen protein
Cacao powder
Cacao Nibs
Almond Butter
Grass-Fed Ghee
Booom 👊🏼💃🏻

Butter with that? Read me @thetimesmagazine tomorrow on why these days my morning coffee - and Silicon Valley's - comes with, er, fat #bulletproofcoffee #bulletproof ☕️🙃💪🏻

what better way to welcome myself back to posting than with an OG mirror pic 😎

been a little MIA the past few days! in the past I would totally feel that I need to apologize for that & thankfully I am now aware of the fact that being in the moment is important af & there's nothin to apologize for 🤓
the pressure of social media can be pretty real sometimes.
I feel like I need to post even when I really have nothing that I feel inspired to say.
im not saying i'm moping around having terrible days lol but to get into the flow of writing isn't always something that you can force yourself to do.. or else it's just clearly forced. nobody's got time for fake shit. at least not me 🙅🏽
given that my whole business is based off of social media (which btw thank you guys x a million for supporting this journey and being a part of it) it tends to give me this tug of war feeling when I'm not in the flow of posting.
if you've followed me for awhile you know how some weeks I don't stop talking on my story and some weeks you see my life way more than my face.
truth is that i'm a very moment to moment person. I hate phones. i'm on mine a lot due to answering comments, posting, emails, etc but if my business didn't depend on that stuff it would be hidden under my bed 99% of the time.
I love being deep in the moment.
escaping the illusion of social media.
just BEING
I like hiking without stopping everyone in their tracks so that I can have an insta selfie
or being out to dinner with ben and putting everything on a halt because my dinner needs the best angle with the right lighting
like wtf????
that's not living
but aesthetic feeds are also real as shit and it's important to be professional.
so there's my battle.
being in the moment while also staying extremely consistent on here and building a business.
i'm like a hippy business woman.
that's like trying to drop ice in boiling water and have it not melt lol doesn't mix that well.
but i'm on a mission to be the best damn hippy business woman this world has ever seen 🤓
i've dealt with it ever since I made my instagram
there's not a whole huge point to this other than me saying HEY IM BACK for 👇🏼

Coffee is like a hug in a mug 🤗 #happyfall 🍂

In tomorrow's issue of The Times Magazine - The Silicon Valley diet. Dotcom millionaires say a special kind of coffee makes them focused, successful – and thinner. Anna Murphy tries it. @annagmurphy Portrait by @dankennedyphoto Styling by @pruewhite #diet #dietplan #bulletproofcoffee @dave.asprey

| C O F F E E | roasted last week, single origin Cameroonian beans from @coleandmac #coffee #singleorigin #bulletproofcoffee #freshgrind


These little cuties have Boy Scout popcorn for sale? Who wants some?! 😍😍😍😍

Where can you order a @bulletproofcoffee without getting a blank stare? @townsquarecoffeehouse !! Goes to show you that even in small towns you can find keto-bliss. 🤘🏽#keto #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lowcarblifestyle #lowcarbs #coffee #bulletproofcoffee #orangecityiowa #townsquarecoffeehouse

I am a huge fan of block scheduling my days; without block scheduling I seriously would get NOTHING done. I also wouldn't be nearly as productive without @bulletproof coffee, which gives me lasting energy w/o the energy crash that happens from mainstream energy drinks (yuck). Love it--esp in afternoons when my energy begins to decline. To my fellow #entrepreneurs, what's your afternoon productivity strategy? #blockscheduling #calendar #girlboss #bossbabe #workworkwork #bulletproofcoffee #coffee #coffeebreak #energyboost #productivity #productivityhacks #entrepreneurlife #workathome #focus #motivation #motivational #potd #picoftheday

Venha buscar o seu ... Toda linha Essential nutrition com preços especiais e entregamos sem cobrar frete em Campinas e região ...
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MCTlift + ☕️!!! 💪#essentialnutrition #mctlift #tcm #mct #coconutoil #coffee #espressowhey #bulletproofcoffee .

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Turbine seu Espresso Whey com MCTlift - óleo de coco ultrapurificado e concentrado.
Espresso Whey Bullet: 200ml de água + 1 dose de Espresso whey Essential + 1 sachê MCTlift | Agite com mixer e está pronto! Drink and GO! 🏃 Já disponível na loja online. #espressowhey #mctlift #coconutoil #essentialnutrition #lowcarb #paleo

So, this was the best thing I've eaten in FOREVER! Thanks to @lilbits_n_pieces for having some ready for me this morning. I added some onions and a few spices 👌 and just microwaved until the onions were cooked 😂 garden tomatoes, artichoke hearts, some meatballs that I quartered and garlic 😋 obviously a good 2lb portion of cheese
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Been operating on very little sleep lately, so today I decided to take a #coffee #nap - meaning you drink your coffee prior to the nap, the #caffeine helps block adenosine receptors so you don't feel groggy after a 15-20 minute nap, to enhance & #biohack this nap I made a @bulletproof coffee and used my @brain.fm #app which plays specialized music to help change your brainwaves so you can reach certain brain states faster - hashtag better naps, #sleep #meditation #flow etc

🚨🚨Where are my keto kreme ☕️lovers😍?🚨🚨 It's now available and you can get it 30% off😱 for life!!! Comment or message for details!!!!! #coffeandketones #bulletproofcoffee #fatforfuel #prüvit #keto #ketomom #ketolife #fatcoffee #bulletproof #ketogenic #coffeeaddict #coffeelover

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Biohacked: I haven't posted much because my health has been sort of struggling. I finally have answers.... getting testing done and I found out my issues were never with mold but actually constant reoccurring Epstein-Barr Virus. This means I have so many less food allergies than I thought. However, I can't have any animal fat, gluten, fermented foods or sugars (no honey at all...) and funny enough I'm allergic to mint and peas. I feel so much better having this information, finally I can feel better treating the right thing.

Ran out of my little bottle of brain octane so I got the big bottle! I love this MCT oil! #bulletproofcoffee #mctoil #keto

Chegou mais uma novidade da @essential_nutrition! MCTlift é o óleo de coco ultrapurificado e 7 vezes mais concentrado em ácido caprílico e cáprico.
Sua utilização mais conhecida é como substituto do óleo de coco no preparo do Bulletproof Coffee, para complementar o fornecimento de boas gorduras em dietas com baixa ingestão de carboidratos! Acesse o site e saiba mais (link na bio).
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@bodycrafterssupplement selected @purevitalabs products are here waiting for you at the perfect price. The all new #gold series EGCG #pvlmctoil #pvlwatertight #pvlegcg Expiry march 2020 and July 2020. #bodybuilding #fatburning #watertight #bulletproofcoffee #allmaturalbeauty #sportsupplements #sportsnutrition with any purchase of the PVL cutting products get our @hollyfoodcanada bullet proof coffee 50% OFF 🙏💪🏼🤘👌🏅

Body Kindness Grace-Camp. Yes this post is a re-do. I'll be honest, I needed to rephrase my last post. One thing I've been learning lately is humility. Humility when God convicts me. Humility when those I seek counsel from advise me, etc. I'll explain why I redid this post at the end. .
You see, humility was what I lacked 6 years ago when I battled anxiety, depression, OCD, and binge eating disorder. If I had just admitted I was weak and asked for help sooner, my valley wouldn't have been as long + painful. I was consumed with self hatred, discontentment, body shaming, and lack of grace toward myself.
If you've struggled to treat yourself with kindness and gentleness while working to get healthy from the inside out...what I'm about to share may just be for you. I also completely respect if it isn't.
Body kindness grace camp will include:
💓Homebased workouts
💓Simple portion controlled meals you and your family will love
💓Daily accountability
💓One on one coaching
💓Devotions around the book Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield
💓A virtual community using a free private app away from the noise and negativity of social media. .
Together we will learn how to transform our health from the inside out as we invite God into all of it. Sister, I want to help you get results with an attitude of GRACE + LOVE toward yourself.

Thank you for your patience as I've been praying over this. I removed the other post that talked about weight loss because I honestly felt so icky about it. I never lead with the scale and I don't know why i did that. So I am humbly trying to get the heart of my message across, this time, as Caren and no one else.
Comment "💓" below or shoot me a private message for details.

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