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my productivity plant inspired by @happilyeveafter__ ~~~ um produktiver zu arbeiten, tracke ich meine fortschritte mit hilfe dieser productivity plant von @happilyeveafter__. dabei konzentriere ich mich auf drei bereiche, die ich verbessern (putzen) bzw ausbauen (selbstständigkeit, lettern/ zeichnen) möchte. bisher klappt es ganz gut 😊
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I LOVE to draw in my journal but it can definitely take up major space. Using the Tombow glue pen, I can get the best of both worlds! I simply used a scrap piece of paper to create a secret flap so i could draw and make a list for my work trip today. .
You could use this super precision pen to glue in photos and cut outs. OR use it to glue in scrap paper over your mistakes! I also really wanted to show you how to use it to add glitter details (just write or draw with the glue pen and sprinkle it over) but my husband banned glitter in the house 😂😂😂
Tell me, how would you use this pen in your journal? Thanks @tombowusa for sending me this to try out! #tombowpro

Week 50 is here and I can't believe it's only a week away before Christmas. I have a lot of pages in this tiny bad boy left and I thought I'd try to sketch using a new fountain pen ink! It's Diamine Earl Grey and it's a beautiful deep grey ink! I never thought a TN this small would be so versatile for my creative musings. I hope to do more of this next year. Have a great week!

My December calendar:))) whats ur favorite holiday????

Here’s this month’s cleaning schedule. Now that my husband is back from touring I’m going to leave this page up so we both can get the stuff done 😄

Keeping it festive with some mistletoe 😙 Is anyone else getting their first snow of the season? ❄☃

Wrapping up the week! 🎄
This week’s doodle is courtesy of @bonjournal_ .
The fun habit tracker pattern is not something I came up with - I’ve seen it sprinkled around Instagram, so if this was your idea let me know! It’s important to give credit where it’s due ❤️
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Here is a sneak peek of something I've been working very hard on: bujo stickers!
My lightbulb theme was a hit with many of you and this is just one of a few sticker sets that will be available when my Etsy shop opens! Whether you're busy, lazy, or just not feeling creative, these will be perfect for your bullet journal🤗

I'm in the process of finishing up my Christmas cards! 🎄
Later today my friends and I are trying to get pics with santa...🎅🏼Fun fact: you could get them done for free at the Bass Pro Shops 😂🐟

Probably my favorite so far 🌿

i got my tombow beginners set in the mail! i love it so far! it’s my first time being able to make my calligraphy look the way i want it too! highly recommend if you are just getting into bullet journaling or calligraphy and you want something that won’t cost a ton!

This month in the books. Loved this theme and colors! So excited for Christmas this year! We’ve loved driving around looking at the lights whenever we’re out in the evening. It’s become a thing for us 😊 How about y’all? What are some of your traditions?
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Let’s show the #bulletjournalcommunity some LOVE!!! Tag your favorite pages and those who inspired you this week ❤️ mine are @creativeplanningwithdani @devipaperandco @myartsybujo @abulletandsomelines @bujo_blossoms @pageflutter @rainbowbulletjournal

Peace on Earth. Excited to bake with my fam this week 🍪🍰🍩 and for middle sissy to come on Saturday!

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#planwithmechallenge: Day 15 „Favourite Recipes“ 🍴
I have a Moleskine notebook dedicated to recipes that I really like ☺️ One of them is this Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe 🍪
Eins meiner Lieblingsrezepte für Cookies 🍪 Sie gelingen immer und sind super schnell gebacken. Noch besser ist es, wenn man 2 Kekse mit Nutella zusammenpappt 😍
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Add the link below to your browser to sign up:
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December 14 & 15 ✨
Been having a wonderful time so far in Aukland, New Zealand! In the last two full days here, we:
▪️Ate authentic Chinese dumplings, which are absolutely awesome in Aukland. 👅
▪️Wandered around Conor's hometown and got money exchanged, and a local SIM card. 📱
▪️Climbed up Mount Eden, and saw a beautiful view of Aukland and had brunch. 🍳
▪️Purchased my shoes for our big hike on the South Island (Asics trail runners).
▪️Got a tiny tree and decorated it! 🎄
▪️Ate a lot of lovely dinners (Conor's mom is a great cook).
▪️Saw lots of beautiful giant fluffy clouds! They look so different from clouds anywhere else I've been before. ⛅️
Now, for #BlurtMerryCalmness (@TheBlurtFoundation) I have two themes. One of the themes, 'rest' applies quite well to my current conundrum. I really enjoy keeping this journal and being active here but I don't want to spend too much time distracted and on my phone! 😐
So, I've been trying to be more intentional about it and only post every few days. I'm aiming to rest my online activity a bit, and be more present in the real world. I'm already feeling less dazed out all the time, you should try it! 😊
The second theme is 'book'. I'm currently reading a great book called 'All Creatures Great and Small' by James Herriot and haven't finished it yet even though I started it a long time ago. So my aim is to spend more time reading, and less time internet-ing!
What are you reading right now? 📚

Ich habe gerade den Shop mit 10(!) neuen Stickersets (und zwei OOPSIE Sets *Edit: Ausverkauft!) aufgefüllt! -> http://shop.eoneyfae.com
Neben 8 Basic Bullet Journal Stickersets auch dieses Happy New Year Set, an dem ich die letzten Tage gearbeitet habe! 🎉
Ich hoffe dass es euch gefällt. 😍💕


AND HERE IS MY DECEMBER OPENING PAGE!! I’m so happy with how it turned out, as happy as I am to be on break!! I wish the best of luck to my lovlies still in school and taking exams, you guys have got this!! 💕

It’s going to be a year still George Michael died and we lost a legend, I loved him and still love him and hope this happy spread gives him so justice of his beautiful life

Bullet journal cover art! Coming to the shop soon!

I love #planning. Before I had numerous pieces of paper in all corners but now I finally decided to start my own "serious #bullet journal" 😊😊😊 I can not draw and my handwriting is quite awful, but first of all it is planning! 💪 I started on the 11th #December, but made a layout for the whole month. I am going to write in #English, #Norwegian and #Russian 😊 Here is my December title page 😊 I hope the new planning system will be more successful for me!
В общем, давно я хотела структурировать все свои списки, списки списков и списки списков списков в одном месте. Я вообще люблю писать, а идей вокруг вечный миллион. Поэтому теперь я, на волне увлечения "буллет джорналами", тоже желаю внести свой вклад! 💪 Может быть эта волшебная система окажется наиболее успешной в моем случае, когда я не увлекаюсь ничем дольше трех дней 😂 Здесь я миксую планирование, дневник, заметки и все то, что разложено на бумажных огрызках по дому на трех языках (англ., норв., русск.). Когда-то один преподаватель университета сказал мне, что в моей голове кладовка: открываешь дверь - и все вываливается... В каком-то смысле он был прав. Теперь кладовка не только в голове 😂
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Trying to journal with this beast like, ‘oh hai!’
Moving into 2018 I’m looking for more connection, and part of that includes coming back to journaling. I love writing by hand, with a fountain pen, and delicious ink colours!
Today I’m using a Jinhao X750 fountain pen with Noodler’s Habanero ink in a gorgeous Rhodia lined notebook.

It felt really good to get back to myself through my writing.
Do you journal?

Being the procrastinator that I am, naturally, I have put off Christmas shopping for the last possible moment. 🎅🏼🎄🎁🤷🏼‍♀️ Who else can relate?

Two finals down, two more to go. I can’t wait to sleep for a week straight once finals are over!

New video “10 Ways to Use Washi Tape in Your Bullet Journal” will be up on my channel this weekend!

Super happy with how my tiny trackers have worked out this week, sometimes it’s nice to see things on a weekly view 👀

This is the milestone I mentioned in my previous post. It’s a weird one, I know. But read on and I’ll explain. First of all, this is something that is hard for me to talk about as I have been ashamed of this since forever. The reason I am writing about it is partly because I’m proud of myself (high five me!) but also because I wanted to highlight how bullet journaling can be something else than just a planning tool. I have my journal to thank for being able to squeeze a lemon today without it stinging like hell. Before I start, I think a small trigger warning is in place. Here we go (deep breath). I have an OCD called dermatillomania, also known as compulsory skin picking disorder. It can manifest in many different ways but for me it’s all about picking skin of my fingers. I’ve spent endless days trying to hide my fingers, or covering them in plasters as that looks better than flaunting raw soars. I’ve cancelled meetings and interviews when things has been way to bad. I’ve often been in pain to the point that I haven’t been able to do up a button, dropping things because I can’t hold on to them properly, taking pain killers to numb the throbbing and being able to sleep, and asking my husband or mother for help to squeeze a lemon (for my tea) because it just stings too bad if I was to do it myself. Today I did it though, for the first time in a long while. And all thanks to bullet journaling. Why? Because it keeps my hands busy. This is the reason why my spreads are often filled with lines, patterns, dots... As soon as I sit down to do something where I usually wouldn’t need my hands and when I’m extra prone to picking, like watching tv, I have my journal in front of me. So yes, bullet journaling for me is more than just planning and tracking, is a way of healing, and overcoming something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. My hands are at the moment healed, and if it continues like this, I will be forever grateful to my journal (and @rydercarroll for coming up with the concept of course). That’s it. Hopefully I haven’t grossed you out too much. DM me if you have questions! Lots of love to you all 💛

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!
Happiness is the emotion of the day.
Home with that really cute guy that cooks for me.
He has bought me books on Malala, Harry Potter and the Queens of the 11th century. Three of my favourite topics.
I think I may snuggle today and read books. What is that you say? It is hot, sticky and awful summery weather. Dammit!

Anyone willing to open up there house in a wintery climate for me? I will provide books and chocolate.

Ich will euch nicht stressen, aber in 10 Tagen in Weihnachten - ich hätte da noch eine Idee für alle die, die noch ein Geschenk brauchen und immer mit dem Kopf in den Wolken schweben. Das @pilot_pen_deutschland Bullet Journal Set hilft euch oder der beschenken Person alle wichtigen Dinge zu behalten und kreativ austoben könnt ihr euch außerdem...
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Esse é o caderno que pretendo usar em 2018 para ser meu bujo. Ele tem folhas brancas e sem pautas, pontos ou nada. Liso. Eu gosto? Gosto. Mas também gosto dos pontos e dos quadradinhos. Estou animada. Se quiserem ver ele por dentro, me avisa que faço um vídeo, porque sim, ele já está quase todo montado.
Como você vai se organizar em 2018?

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when u realize everything you own is black and white

#Blue watercolor, is it a good idea?

Officially done with semester one!

Here’s two pages in my writer’s notebook for some characterization and good old MBTI studying. Happy Friday!

The boyfriend and I are celebrating Christmas together tomorrow and I cannot wait! This cute little page was just some brainstorming I did to think of things for us to do. I love the holiday season! It fills me with all sorts of warm and fuzzies!! 🎄🎁 •

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Libreta disponible en Etsy 🎈 🎉 las letras son en rosa y con purpurina 💕 aunque tooooda la información está en la tienda (link en mi perfil) pero os diré que sólo hay una... 🙊

🌿 Miolo pontado 🌿

(sorry for the lightening but) YEEEEEY for Day 15 of this #24DaysOfChristmasBujo 🎄 in 10 days will be Christmas Eve can you believe? what's your favorite Christmas album? share with me as I'm always looking for new Christmas songs to listen on repeat mode, over and over 🙈💚 here you have some of my favorites in a freshly made new page from my Bullet Journal -Madalena

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Washi tape to the rescue. I totally messed up the dates on two weeks of my bullet journal. Thank goodness for washi tape that’s cute and covers up my mess. #Yikes
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaljunkies #washitapeaddict #washitapetotherescue #bujomistakes #wrongdates

The layout for my bucketlist / goals for 2018. It's now filled with 12 things I want to do in the new year. 🤗 can't wait!

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