I’ve been hoarding this @littlerainbowmoon kit for weeks, I might finally commit to the sticker and use it for next week 🙈

Have you seen my Rhodia notebook review? I’m mega impressed. Go check out my blog to know why 👀

Some new in beauties that I’m desperately trying to get set up before I go away with work on Monday but darn adulting keeps on getting in the way 🤷‍♀️

Does anyone else LOVE planning? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Sharing my #Bujo spread for the week ahead 💖🖊 Also spent some time planning for my brand new Stationery & Supplies store that I’m opening very soon! 📕📙📒📗📘Watch this space 😉 #nikkissupplystore

Pagina in zonnebloemen thema🌻❤️ ik ben er achter dat ik de rustigere pagina’s, zoals deze, het mooist vind❤️ #bulletjournal #bulletjournaljoy #journalspread #becreative #stationary #memoriesjournal

I’ve been in training all day and now I’m in work on a night shift wishing I was curled up in bed with a strong cuppa and good book. If you’ve not read #thefword yet then I highly recommend it

Second Disney spread ❄️Frozen theme due to seeing @dancingonice tonight ❄️

Mijn brain dump pagina voor April❤️ hier houd ik verschillende lijstjes bij!💗#braindump #bulletjournal #journalist #journaling #list #becreative #bulletjournaljunkie #bulletjournaljoy #bulletjournalspread

First of my #disneybulletjournal spreads for the month 👋
Inspired by #thelionking

Finally committed to using this kit on my April monthly spread 💕

Disney theme for April it is then! Currently full from a roast dinner and Easter chocolate planning in my pjs 🙌

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