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Lekker kliederen in m'n bullet journal voor december! 💖🎄

🇫🇷 Hello les amours, voici un des challenges que j’ai commencé au tout début de mon bullet et que j’espère pouvoir accomplir 😇. Bonne soirée à tous ! Je vous aimes ♥️. 🇺🇸 Hello lovers, here is one of the challenges that I started at the very beginning of my bullet and that I hope to be able to accomplish 😇. Good evening to all ! I love you ♥️. #bullettime #mydailybullet #bulletjournal #bulletjournalfr #bulletjournaladdict #bulletjournalcommunity #bulletjournallove #bulletjournaljunkies #bujo #bujoinspiration #bujoideas #bujodaily #bujofrance #bujotracker #challenge #economies #fabercastell

Hi friends!! I’m excited to announce a new product. This is a 2018 Desk Calendar with a free clipboard stand (6x9”). The calendar pages measure 5x7” and has room for you to add trackers, monthly goals or leave blank for a minimal design. Add the pages to a frame or keep on the calendar!

Includes 12 month pages printed on beautiful acid free cardstock and 1 overview page. Choose Sunday or Monday start date.

#monthlyspread #jengsbujomonthlylog


It's a short work week so I've condensed everything down to a #weeklyspread with a dutch door. I put my home tasks on the side you can see and my work tasks on the other. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tomorrow’s schedule. It’s important to get a run in on turkey day. 🦃 Actually the itself turkey isn’t that exciting. It’s the stuffing and pies that I like. A dinner of stuffing with a side of pies would be awesome. 😋
#bulletjournal #bujo #bulletjournaladdict #bujoaddict
#bujocommunity #planner
#plannercommunity #planneraddict
#leuchtturm1917 #turkeyday

211117 [ swipe 👈 for full spread ] reuploading because I didn't like the filter on the last post :") anyways sorry for being mia for the last five days 😅 I swear Now that my exams are done I've been neglecting social media. This spread was based on a bujo challenge theme: a date with the 🌟. Which was sent to me by my penpal bonie! Thank you Bon 😋🙊 Also inspo: the lovely @bujowithmere & @cayliestudies

OK, FINE, I'M SORRY, I'M BACK, keep your knickers on.
What the heck have you all been up to then?! Catch me up on the gossip...
Its been... Ages. Sorry about that. Had a weird month which involved switching bullet journals to a spiral bound, immediately upon which I fell into a planner slump and everything else started to topple around me because THIS BOOK KEEPS ME ALIVE. So I switched back to a Leuchtturm and, (if we ignore the fact that I'm lusting after the a6 @petite_gloom uses...) am much happier. Stay tuned for set up page gluttony.
Here is the moon (obv heavily inspired by @journalspiration here, she's the bomb)
#bulletjournal #bujo#minimalistbujo #minimalistbulletjournal

‼️ Besoin de votre avis ! J’ai fait un réapprovisionnement hier sur les #Leuchtturm1917. En #pointillés mais aussi en petits carreaux ;) Question: seriez-vous intéressé(e) pour que je référence d’autres réglures : pages blanches et pages lignées ?


Second Half of November weekly! Still on a Gelatos mood.
I am obsessed with all those Clarity, Gravity songs.... dunno why , maybe it is the -ity obsession! 😂They are literally on repeat in my house and in my car 😂!
-9: Went to a manicure with my sister in law and did a "semi-permanent"one with which I am terribly fan of! (Yay totally showing off in the picture! 💅🏾) #imtoosexyformymani
-10: Yotally had a revelation for my husband's great grandmother's Christmas gift! I am sure that she will love it!
-11/12: My second brother came in Paris to work for a week but he still found time to spend two days with us! 💕💕 As he lives far away (22000 Km away from us in New Caledonia) I was glued to him!😂
🇫🇷Moitié de semaine de Novembre! Je suis toujours une fanatique des Gelatos! "Eat that frog" signifie en français : bouge-toi un peu les fesses et arrête de procrastiner💪🏽!
Je suis complètement obsédée par les titres de musique qui se terminent par le suffixe -ity : Clarity, Gravity (En plus Il y En a deux! 👀), elles tournent en boucle dans la maison Et dans la voiture 😂!
-9: Obsédée aussi par ma nouvelle manicure (1re fois que je tentais la semi-permanente avec ma belle-sœur !! Oui je les montre exprès sur la photo 💅🏾! #pètelatoienmani
-10: J'ai eu ZE révélation pour le cadeau de la grand-mère de mon mari! Elle va l'adorer je pense!
-1 : Mon second frère qui vit à 22 000 kms de nous, en Nouvelle-Calédonie, est venu à Paris pour une semaine pour une conférence, et à passé deux jours avec nous, j'étais littéralement collée à lui! 😂
🔸Bulletjournal: Black A5 Rhodia dotted notebook with 90g/m2 Clairefontaine's paper.
🔸Pens: Sakura Pigma Micron , 🔸Colors: Faber-Castell Gelatos, Watercolor .
#bujojunkies #plannergirl #bulletjournalfrançais #frenchbulletjournal #bulletjournal #bulletjournallove #rhodia #micronpens #lettering #bujobeauties #showmeyourplanner #mangadrawing #planningcommunity #plannercommunity #planneraddict #bulletjournaladdict #bujo #bujoinspire #journaling #bujocommunity #bujofr #bulletjournalfr #handlettering #BulletJournal #drawing #BulletJournalWeeklyLog

📑 november 23 📑
This is a temporary post. I will archive it soon due to some reasons. I am trying to post everyday, so hope you guys like this 🍃🍃

This week’s setup. Trying something different since I don’t need my long work related to-do list this week. 🙌🏼

Made a pen swatch page for my new #bujo, because I only use about a bajillion different pens when I’m bullet journaling. 😅 #bulletjournal #bujojunkies #bujocommunity #penswatch #pentest #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaladdict #leuchtturm1917

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[ 10:31 am ] dear @paper_mate, you’ve outdone yourself again (i love this pen)

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