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The things we put up with πŸ˜‚β€οΈ (cr: @bigchunkymonkey)

The Gan's son πŸ’™ #loganthebulldog #houseofbulldogs

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Looking for a loving pet-only home for HARLEY. She is a rare lilac tri English Bulldog, daughter of Blue Legacy. She is 10 months old, very smart, full of personality and the sweetest most special girl in the world. HARLEY is full grown but very small; weighs approximately 20 pounds (the size of a 4-month old English Bulldog puppy and smaller than most adult Frenchies). She was born with an elongated soft palate and possible hypoplastic trachea. She sounds like she's trying to "clear her throat" and oftentimes sounds like she has laryngitis. Aside from her palate and trachea issue, she’s very active, never been sick, no aspiration issues and overall healthy. Harley does tend to get food aggressive (her only personality flaw) so we would prefer that she go to a single-pet home who understands her special needs and willing to accept her as is. She has the sweetest temperament and will cuddle with you for hours if you let her. Looking for a loving family who will love, spoil, and treat her like the princess she is. She is currently not spayed so you must agree to spay her in the next 6 months. She is crate trained, potty trained, and seriously the most well behaved baby. There is a rehoming fee to make sure she goes to a good home. No breeders or kennels! She is NOT FREE. Serious inquiries only. She must travel with our puppy nanny in-cabin (we will not fly her alone). SEND DM if you are interested in making her a part of your family. Contact in BIO: @BULLYRAZZIS

Big potato seeking kitten-sized potato for cuddles. Must be willing to leave your furs on this bed. Must be one of those kittens that doesn't turn into a cat. Must be purple or purpleish. 🐾

my lemon pie got a big brudda πŸ˜πŸ‹
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I get maddddd when mommy won't kiss me!!


Mocha update:

Mocha had a big week. He had his second round of heartworm treatment. The vet said he’s doing well and that he lost 8 lbs! Because of his vet appointment, Mocha got to go on a mini-road trip with his foster mom, and we learned that he’s pretty great in the car. I’ve even managed to teach him to stay in the backseat, this is truly an accomplishment. Mocha got to meet some new fury friends too. There was only one small skirmish when a corgi tried to heard him because i guess he thought that Mocha was a cow. All in all, it was a good week for Mocha and his foster family ❀️ #igbulldogs_rescue #igbulldogs_dallas #igbulldogs_rescues #igbulldogs_socal #igbulldogs #igbulldogs_texas #igbulldogs_worldwide #nobordersbulldogrescue #adoptdontshop #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldogstagram #bulldogsofig #bulldogsinstagram #theworldofbullies #frenchbulldog #frenchbulldogs #frenchies #frenchieofinstagram #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldogsofig #theworldofbullies #bulldogsinstagram #fightlikeafrenchie #frenchbulldogsofinstagram

When you want to nap and your to lazy to lay in your bed.. Guess your brother will work as a substitute! #tofattorun #SebastainBowie #VincentBugatti #bulldogsofinstagram #bullielove

🐾 My two Kiddios 🐾 #bullielife #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldog

What do you mean it's only Monday?

"MITT" Bumper Racer
Toy Con UK 2017 Exclusive 🚨
29-30 April at The Hang Gang's booth
#MITT #γƒŸγƒƒγƒˆ
#sofubi #ソフビ #softvinyl
#bulldog #englishbulldog
#toycon #toyconuk #toyconuk2017

It's bath time but BEAST hides and covers his face when you say the "B" word πŸ›πŸ»πŸšΏ DM to reserve this rare blue and tan boy! CLICK OUR BIO: @BULLYRAZZIS to see our available puppies! We deliver worldwide!

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