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So cute 😍😍

📸 Credit: @bean_n_bullie - The opposite of awake is asleep, and that's what I was for this 😴

Getting our weekend beauty on ❤️🤘😂 (📷@waffles _n_lola)
We all love our bullies here and would never do anything to harm them. Sharing this again as some people were jumping to the wrong conclusion and assuming this was cruel and simply for an owner's amusement.
Lola is being treated for severe skin issues, vaccinosis and prednisone poisoning with activated charcoal mask and other homeopathic remedies.
Please follow @waffles_n_lola page to see her progress and how bad she was (Swipe)
Lola was basically dying from Pemphigus and the huge amounts of drugs she was on to try and treat it. But now she is almost healed.
This took a lot of time and dedication from her mum, who was inspired to follow an alternative protocol by @bobiscray, a fun account that also promotes a holistic approach.
Instagram is an incredible community. Here we come together to enjoy Bulldogs.
But it is also important to learn from each other and share knowledge so that we can keep our bullies as healthy as they can be.

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Play time! #bulldogpuppy #corgi

Waffles is like "take a pic of this mom" 🙈 I'm trying to take some pix of Lola and he jumps up beside her and starts playin with himself. 😆 #dontlikeitdontwatch

Please do NOT buy puppies from Pet Stores! It is supporting Puppy Mills and cruelty.
Please read the diary on the @humanesociety website, and SHARE this info with ANYONE you can. If people stop buying at pet stores, the puppy mills will have no-one to sell to.
Be part of the solution. Protest any pet stores in your area! Activists did that in Los Angeles and got the law changed. Things change because you make them change! If you want a puppy, rescue or go to good breeder who cares about the health of their dogs and the homes they go to.

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How handsome is my boy @aslan_the_bulldog 😍 tag me in your pets IG accounts so I can follow them! Love seeing all of the cuteness ❤️

Panting panting... 💦

Feelin' majestic this weekend #dracarys #drogonbug

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