TGIF fur pals! Time to get a drink and enjoy the extended holiday weekend with friends and family! ☀️🍹🐶

Thanks @dempsey_the_doggy for inviting me to play the bio game!

1️⃣ Name: Riggs aka Mr. Riggs, Peanut, Love Bug... actually learned to respond to Peanut more than Riggs in the beginning... mom clearly needs to work on remembering to use my name
2️⃣ Age: 6 Months
3️⃣ Breed: English Bulldog
4️⃣ Birthplace: Miami, Florida
5️⃣ Superpower: I CAN FLY! When I jump from the top of the couch to the floor 💫
6️⃣ My quirk: Water bottles Furiends. They are a way of life. Forget expensive toys. Just a new water bottle that makes so many crinkling noises!
7️⃣ Love: I’m a Mommy’s boy through and through. EXCEPT when there’s anything bacon 🥓 flavored around 😇
8️⃣ Treats: BACON EVERYTHING 🥓 and good ole ice cubes 😍
9️⃣ What I think should never end: Snuggles with Mommy
🔟 My wishes: To put a smile on all my Furiends faces in hopes they will do the same for someone else 💙🤗 More Furiends are tagged to play!

Sorry mom I pawtyed too hard for... how was everyone else’s Thursday night?! #ThirstyThursday #mybad #itgotme #whoopsies

Playtime with Joey 🐶

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Follow us : @amandacorlin_jr
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A little for your Monday. Seems as if Stogie had the Monday blues... or he was contemplating on how he could make it off the couch! Either way 🤷‍♀️ here ya go 😉
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Follow us : @veronicacorlin_jr
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‼️Monty x Ellie pups coming mid June‼️ Monty comes from a great bloodline and Ellie is making a name for herself. I expect triple carriers and hopefully a lot of Blue trie’s 😍😍😍. Contact @chewiegirl_thebully or @california_sunshine_bulldogs to use Monty. #vtimebulldogs

Finally! 😁 It’s Friday!! 😃 #friyay

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