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It takes a strong man to date a girl with a chronic illness, and I'd be lying if I said that this man isn't the best person that I know. Two years ago we met and became friends. A year after that, we became best friends. Three weeks after we became best friends, I was diagnosed with EDS. Since then, he's saved me after I fell down a flight of stairs and spent 6 hours in the emergency room, he was there when I woke up from shoulder surgery, he brings me soup whenever I'm sick, he's held my hand on multiple occasions as I've screamed and cried in pain, and through everything, he always has a smile and a stupid joke to make the hell seem a little less horrible. And then, despite all of this chaos that I brought into his life, three months ago (while he was away at bootcamp) he asked me to be his girlfriend. And even today, after spending 7 hours in the emergency room with me because of a bulging disc in my spine that took away my ability to walk, he still smiles and tells me how much he loves me. Not many things in my life have gone right, but I'm happy to say that one thing has, and that is Jeffrey Tankersley. I don't know what I did to deserve you. I love you puppy ❤️ #EDS #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ZebraStrong #bulgingdisc

14th floor. 2m elevator. 3m bench. 1 man. 1 boy. Zero problems. #hernia #bulgingdisc #doyouevenlift 💪

NFL Network reporters are on point today! @barstoolsports #bulgingdisc #bulgingwhat? #NFL #nflnetwork

12:21AM: when you're in so much pain you can't sleep 😓 #badback #bulgingdisc #cannotmove

Turns out I have a bulging disc. Can't do heavy lifting till the end of October🤷‍♂️ but look on the bright side there's a picture that looks hella dope. #bulgingdisc #imfucked

I guess this is what happens when you get the good stuff in the ER. You turn your cane into a rifle 😂😂 I don't even remember doing this. #bulgingdisc #igmilitia

Adanadayım,mis kokulu anne bahçesinde,31 C havada uyuya kalmadan video ekleyeyim.Her yıl @nisandaadanada portakal çiçeği karnavalına geliyoruz.Memleket demek huzur demek.
Benim favori sırt çalışmam bu. Orta sertlikte therabandla 15X2 #pilates #back #sirt #bulgingdisc

awesome workout today with my fitness buddy @malor119 thanks for another hiit workout 💪💪💪💪 #fitnessforlife #wontstop #sciatica #bulgingdisc #thankfulforlife


It was kind of a trick question...sorry! So many people assume things about you when they see you - but they don't know why someone does what they do....
In the pic on the left...it was the first coach meeting I was attending and I was super excited that fitness trainer @autumncalabrese was going to be there. A couple days before the event a disc in my back slipped...it wasn't the first time...my chiropractor forbid me from bending forward or the disc would pop out 😕. I wanted to go so I stood to the side taking pictures.
Fast forward a year and a half later and Autumn came back - I work hard to keep my core strong so my disc stays put and my arthritis doesn't hurt as much. If I go even a few days without exercising, I start to ache. This is a big part of my WHY, my motivation to keep going. Sure, there are MANY days when I say "I don't wanna"...but I usually do anyway ☺. Being on social media for accountability also helps 😆. So to all those who judge someone by what they see outside....it might not be as clear as you think.

Disc bulge/herniation: between the vertebrae of your spine are 23 discs which act as a spacer and shock absorber. These discs have soft, gel-like centers surrounded by layers of fibrous tissues. Sometimes, due to an injury or aging, the material in the middle of a disc pushes to one side or even ruptures. This is called a bulging or herniated disc.
Chiropractic care works on correcting misaligned or out-of-place vertebrae and can remove the blood pressure placed on the nerve endings that line the surface of the joint and course through the space between the joints, reducing pain and improving flexibility and function.
Along with chiropractic adjustments the following strategies may help you reduce your chance of having a herniated disc: good posture - sitting straight and keeping your back straight when lifting, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, asking your chiropractor about exercises to strengthen your back and stomach, don't wear high heels, and if you sit, get out of your chair every 20-25 minutes and walk.
#herniateddisc #bulgingdisc #chiropractic #prevention #situpstraight #goodposture #exercise #walk #HSofBuffalo

Everyone deserve to be subluxation free!
You'll understand that awesome feeling when you get adjusted with us. It's never too late or too early for an adjustment.
Luke Chiropractic & Sports Injury (808) 591-2400 www.sportchiropractorhonolulu.com

And then I sneezed...
I slept well last night. I got a lot more sleep than I usually do. I was #feelinggreat . So I got up. Put on my #workoutgear ( #motivationaltanks give me an extra push and #getmefiredup ). And planned on #pushingplay on something #lowimpact like a Pilates/yoga blend or a fun dance-cardio program, but then it happened.
I SNEEZED and that pain was still there 😕. Something as simple as a sneeze reminded me that my body is #stillnotready . And I was so annoyed because I was so pumped to finally get in a workout.
So here I am doing one of the many #yogapractices offered in my #endlessfitnesslibrary and stretching out my body. My #patientportal mentioned a #bulgingdisc 😩, but I'm hoping to chat with my Dr. today to go into detail about it all. I really hope I can get back to some kind of working out because I already feel my body and #mindshifting in the #wrongdirection 😕

Had to be out the door early this morning, but I managed to squeeze in a short workout. Whitey was on the treadmill and I hit the weights! I had to keep my commitment to my challenge group ladies and myself (and burn off some anniversary cake 😁). I know if I don't get it done first thing, I may not do it. #truth #healthybalance
#itsabouthealthy #takecareofthetemple

Pilates practice for the day ✔️ Looking after my joints, mobilising my spine, lengthening and strengthening through the muscles and working that core hard! It's not all about torturous sweaty workouts!
#lookafteryourbody #spinalinjury #degenerativediscdisease #bulgingdisc #sciatica #recovery #selfcare #pilates #pilateslover #stretching #coreworkout #exercise #workout #gym#gymlife #fitness #fitfam #fitlife #personaltrainer#pt #Formby #yoga #yogalover #namaste

My workout this AM. What. The. Actual. Fuck. I may have blacked out/my mind checked out at like 20 minutes. But as @chrisdowningfitness says my spirit was on fire and kept me going for the full 45 minutes. It was no where near pretty but it got done. Fuck me.

I keep displaying signs of weakness with my #shoulders as well as #nervedamage. While my brain runs a million miles an hour fearing the worst, I keep trying to keep my head up and hold on to #hope. I love #training, I don't want to face surgery again, so I keep fighting, hoping PT will help reverse my symptoms. #holdingontohope #fear #degenerativediscdisease #bulgingdisc #warrior #mastersfigure #bodybuilding #muscles #figure #fitfam #gym #workout #NPC #Nationals #motivationmonday

Sad to lose my client of 3+ years @mlvanaken to grad school in NYC but also SO excited for her!!! When Megan came to me she had a #bulgingdisc in her L-5/S-1 joint and was in a lot of pain and very close to getting a cortisone shot into her #spine. Through #pilates private and equipment classes, Megan managed to avoid any shots and discovered in the process that she did in fact have #glutes and her #mobility and #posture improved dramatically! Good luck Megan! It's been such a pleasure working with you. 💜 #abodyofworksf #balancedbody #pilatesrehabilitation #pilatesinstructor #pilatesaddict #spinerehabilitation

⬆️ Be like Bill ⬆️
❓Did you know❓
Physical Therapists are Direct Access providers, which means you don't need a referral from a Physician or a prescription to use Physical Therapy services. (most states & with most insurances)
💥No physician referral, no problem!💥
Going to your Physical Therapist when you begin having pain can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.
💰The numbers don't lie!💰
#getPT1st #physicaltherapist #clinicalathlete

Squat day yesterday at physical therapy. Here's what's pretty cool: I worked up to 215 and attempted a triple. The first went relatively well. The second rep was a slooooow grinder. Third rep didn't happen. But that's ten pounds under last years one rep max for a double. I'll take it.
#injuryrecovery #physicaltherapy #backinjury #bulgingdisc #backpain #strongdad #notbroken

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