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Day 6! Holy moly!
I couldn't keep up with the cast during the workout, but I made sure to do the moves. I also had to do a lot of modifying due to my leg hurting again.

There's definitely no shame in modifying until you gain strength or to take it easy on an injured body part. Modifying can also help you to learn the move better and what part(s) of your body you are working.
What types of exercises do you modify?

Two years ago, I began experiencing pain in my lower back. After an MRI, doctors told me that I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and 4 herniated discs in my lumbar spine. I’ve had epidural injections, 3 nerve ablations and trigger point injections. It got so painful, I had to leave work due to medical reasons almost 9 months ago. Back in August, my doctor suggested an HF-10 spinal cord stimulator implant trial from a company called #Nevro. He also suggested that I reach out to people my age who have had the surgery before. The first video I came across on YouTube was from a guy in my age group who had had the permanent spinal cord implant already. In his video he shared what to expect during the trial surgery, as well as the permanent implant surgery. I sent him a message and we began talking about the spinal cord stimulator. Messages turned into emails, then texts, and finally long phone calls. Long story short, we ended up falling in love with each other.. and now he’s my Fiancé. I’m amazed with how a message on YouTube grew into this. It’s so nice to have a partner that knows exactly what you’re going through.
Anyways, I’m currently on my third day of the Nevro HF-10 spinal cord stimulator trial. This consists of having an “external” unit attached to your body. The battery pack is attached to a belt around your waist, while the ‘leads’ or (frequency wiring) are placed approximately 12 inches up your spine (internally). This is able to be controlled by remote to decrease or increase levels due to the amount of pain you’re experiencing. Over the last few days, I have had an amazing 70-90% pain relief consistently. In four more days, I’ll have the leads removed from my spine and schedule my full on implant surgery. This has been a long, aggravating, and painful process, though I’m grateful for where it has led me in my life. I’m so thankful for my family for always being there for me during this. Taking me to doctors appointments, and procedures every week. For the amazing technologies that we have to treat such chronic disabilities, and turn them completely around positively. And, most of all for meeting the love of my life, Joe.

Closest thing to yoga I get these days #bulgingdisc #snow-ga😜

"Don't ask for a light load but rather ask for a strong back." ~Unknown
As the week is ending, I have to say it was a successful one. My trips to @strattonspine for #arttherapy and adjustments with @johnnybuonicontidc, PT exercises, using a TENS unit, @normatec_recovery boots and dry needling with @brock.stratton have helped me tremendously!
I have to remember this injury will not go away overnight but it will go away. I need to be smart, do my exercises outside of #strattonsportandspine and listen to my doctor, who said no cycling and running for 3 more weeks and swimming, optional.
This is my life. This is my back. There will ALWAYS be #triathlon.
📸 Credit: @modernmilestoneshawaii.
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When your legs are shaking because you exhausted your muscles, you just keep stretching gently until they calm down.

This is one of my favorite stretches that I make sure to do every night before bed. I get a feeling like my glutes are knotting up on the right side because of the compensation my muscles are doing. It also eases the pain I get down my calf.

It stretches your outer hip and is one stretch that my orthopedic doctor recommended. Stretching is a great tool to use when you workout as it helps to move lactic acid buildup out of your muscles and can assist in easing soreness.

Well, guys, I've got my surgery scheduled for March 6th. I'm happy, anxious, and terrified all at the same time. Each day I am realizing more of what I will be able to do and not be able to do. My kids have missed out on a lot because I haven't been able to do so many things because of my back and the pain associated with it. I'm so excited to be able to do more physically with them and also being able to do more things physically for myself. Cleaning specific things has become such a hassle, and I can only walk so far in a day. I'm so excited for this life changing upcoming surgery day. #Surgery #BackSurgery #Fusion #LumbarFusion #DecompressionSurgery #SpinalStenosis #Sciatica #BulgingDisc #DiscIssues #DegenerativeDiscDisease #DDD #NerveIssues #ImpingementOfNerves #NoPainNoGame #MentallyExhausted #PhysicallyExhausted #ChronicPain #ApprovedForSurgery #ThereIsHope #ThingsAreLookingUp #LateNightSelfie

The DDS Cervitrac is the most comprehensive Cervical Traction device for treating neck pain! It's the FIRST device that offers the option to receive pneumatic traction while laying down (supine) or upright for mobile treatment (ambulatory). Swipe for Video 📹.
Covered by Medicare and sold at our online store: DDSBelt.com (link in bio)!
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Scoliosis and bulging discs are no joke. After consulting with my trusted Physical therapist here in Miami, I was able to design a personalized workout program for @juliateli to do while she's away for college. A retired fencer, Julia is learning how to stay active despite her spine limitations and I am determined to help guide her in the safest and strongest ways possible. Good luck Julia and keep me posted! #scoliosis #bulgingdisc #spinehealth #training #rinaldiperformance #noexcuses

One of 3. Epidural injections for protruding disc in my back. The past 6-8 months have been legit the weirdest not being able to function at my best with the worst sciatic pain. Sleeping has been the craziest routine just to feel comfortable but 2018 I'm coming for ya! #likeforlike #bulgingdisc #injections #health2018 #tooyoungforthis

The correct answer is :Sciatica
With sciatica, a herniated or ruptured disc presses against the sciatic nerve that runs from the spinal column down the lower extremity. This causes burning or shock-like pain in the low back and buttocks that may extend down one leg to the foot. . . .

Double tap if you agree!❤️❤️

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I cant walk !! I have had hip and back issues and just reaching the end of treatment woth the chiropractor ! I don't know what i have done but I have a horrible pain in my joint which feels tight and I can't pit pressure on my foot 😣 why can't my body jusy be back yo normal ! Damn pregnancy ! Twisted hips, bad knee tendons and the occasional #bulgingdisc #backissues

This Picture explains Disc pathologies perfectly... #DiscDegeneration #Discherniation #DiscThinning #BulgingDisc #DiscogenicInjuries

It's day 4! Had to workout later today so I could get all my class work done. Cerebral workout and then physical workout. It's a well rounded day today 😊
I'm still liking that the program uses both stretchy loops and dumbbells. There's so many different ways to work your body's muscles! 💪

What does the vibration plate do? It helps activate and stabilize all of the small muscles so the larger muscles don’t have to do all the work. 💪🏻

Back rehab #coreworkout looks easy but it’s not , keep that core engage and spine neutral on all reps and legs 90deg do 3 sets of ten to strengthen that core and trust me it burns 🔥🔥🔥#cantstopwontstop #fitness #fitspiration #fitnesslifestyle #teamover40andfit focused on getting back on track #bulgingdisc ain’t no joke , try this on you’re next ab workout and let me know what you think 🤔 happy #tbt #fitfam #Pinoy still can’t workout 😪😪😪trying to stay patient. Reset if you’re back starts to hurt .

Multi-level cervical disc protrusions: This patient is near 100% symptom free (for 4 months now!). No arm pain, no neck pain, and the best part is she is independent. McKenzie Method of disc diagnosis and treatment has a 70-90% success rate in the right cases. Want to learn how to put your health in your own hands? Schedule online www.StayActiveAtARC.com #stayactiveatarc #1on1PhysicalTherapy #dryneedling #chiropractictherapy #discpain #bulgingdisc #neckpain #nonecksurgery

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