We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us. #bukowski #nomakeup #natural

«Todos sentimos cada vez más está maldita pérdida de espíritu y de dirección. E intentamos avanzar más y más hacia algún mesías antes de la catástrofe, pero ningún Gandhi, ningún primer Castro se ha adelantado. […]
No sé que será de nosotros. Necesitamos muchísima suerte. Y últimamente la mía ha sido muy mala. Y el sol está acercándose. Y, la vida, tan fea como parece, quizá merezca vivirse tres o cuatro días más. ¿Crees que lo conseguiremos?» #bukowski #quotes #vscocam

Il y a des issues
Il y a une lumière quelque part
Ce n'est peut-être pas beaucoup de lumière mais elle brise les ténèbres. 📸 @fredsurinsta
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Individuality in all of it. @follyofone

“There’s a blue bird in my heart.” #bukowski #bluehair #blue #bluebird #colors

I have something to tell, I never told here on instagram. Everyone who’s following me, but don’t know me in person, don’t know, that my regular job is working in a hospital as a psychiatric male nurse. Since over 7 years I’m doing this already. But I always wanted to work in a job, where I can get creative, doing something artistic. After my graduation 2010, I just slipped into this field.
My graduation wasn’t good enough to study art or illustration on a university. And my art skills weren’t good enough to get work as freelancer. So I decided to do something for the community.
But it never fullfilled me entirely. There was always the need for creative work. So in winter 2017, I decided to give me the chance to change my career way to the “right” direction. I applied for a apprenticeship as a media designer at a adverticing agency. I didn’t thought, I would even get a reply. But I got one. They loved my work and gave me direct an internship for two weeks. It was awesome. The two most fullfilling working weeks in my entire life. And I didn’t even know anything what I was doing. But they gave me some illustration jobs and I think, they liked it because in the end they gave me the apprenticeship. And now I quit my safe hospital job.
I have to start completly new. With much less money and a lot to learn. But I was never so happy and hopefull like now.
What I want to say is:
If you’re not happy where you are right now, with your job, your art skills or anything else in life, give yourself the chance to change. Just be brave... wow that all sounds so corny.

Kevin 🥃
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She's mad but she's magic,
there's no lie in her fire

Sometimes I want to post something different! Enjoy! 😀
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For the record, I didn't take the picture and no one famous pissed in the ladies room. I feel cheated. #bukowski #coles #dtla #favorite #whiskey

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