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I haven't featured anything lately from @thebulletjournaladdict because I could literally EVERYTHING Heidi posts. I love her whimsical style and pops of color. You should seriously consider following @thebulletjournaladdict if you'd like to add some sunshine to your feed. ☀️☀️☀️#Repost @thebulletjournaladdict
I feel completely MIA this week BUT!! My absence has been because I've been working on a few exciting things! (TL;DR: this week's almost finished spread, new #bujo for April, super exciting things to be announced soon!) First of all, since I never posted my spread for this week, here are the (almost) finished pages. Hopefully, how I use all of my sections are pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to ask if not! First of all, I've also spent part of this week setting up my new, pretty lime green #leuchtturm1917 for April! 😍 I've been picking and choosing how I want this one set up and which elements and collections to migrate over. Always fun for a planner geek like me! And, finally, I'm working on something really exciting that I can't wait to share, so watch for an announcement in a couple of weeks!! 🙌🏼🎉 Happy Friday everyone! .
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[26/04/17] 💜💜💜💜💜 love purple stationery recently ✨ Today I only had a couple of lessons so it wasn't too bad and now I'm taking an easy afternoon without really doing much work to give myself some time off🙌🏼 might try and write an essay later if I'm feeling like it but probably won't since I have two free lessons tomorrow morning in which I can do them 💫 Also don't forget to use my code "BOYSTUDY10" for 10% off orders from @kawaiipenshop [ kawaiipenshop.com ] ❤️

Se me ha ido de las manos el tema flores en la edición de mayo del Bullet Journal, pero siendo el mes que es, no he podido evitarlo!!😅 Si quieres comprobarlo ya está publicado en el canal el vídeo de esta semana, link en mi perfil ☝🏻😄
Agradeceros a todos los que me estáis escribiendo votando por la review del arsenal que he recibido de @stabilospain, intentaré que esté subido en el canal en estos días 📽🖌
Buena tarde a tod@s!!🌸

”if there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, i'll stay there forever” — winnie the pooh 🍯✨🥐 what's your favourite quote?

Here's this week spread, trying to insert time ladders and a little truth or dare game in my days
Was going to write a long caption explaining you the hows and whys of time ladders if you wanted them for you but I felt asleep in the middle of the afternoon and just woke up. Time management's always been a bit odd for me as maybe i write to dos and have a bullet journal, but when it comes to hours in one day, it's not as neat
The division of time I'm trying for now is quite simple and can be really efficient when you want to make changes. 5 colours for : when outside, when being productive, when wasting my time, when my time is spent for my family/house, when I take a break (including meals) and I was thinking to add another colour for when I sleep/nap.

thanks to everyone who watched my 200K livestream last night! the whole stream is on my channel if you missed it! 💙
in the mean time, have you guys watched the newest bujo plan with me video i posted? (Link in my bio!)

₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛ april favorites - inspired by @jhonstudies

- ̗̀ april 25th 2017 ̖́-
my typical schedule!
qotd: what time do you usually sleep?
aotd: 8pm LMAOOO


It's been a while since I posted 😳sorry I need to do another photo shoot! This is my first quarter review (before it was filled in) I love this spread to reflect on what's been and set expectations for what's coming...
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The teal was March, the floral April. What washi color should I use for May? Vote 1(Yellow) to 5 (Pink) and you can win eternal glory 😉

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Y'all I DID IT! my first cover page & monthly 😍 binge watching @studywithinspo helped 😂 #bulletjournal #bujo #bujojunkies #bujomonthly #bulletjournalspread #may

Getting ready for May! It's the middle of Finals so I took time to BuJo and destress. This is also my first time using the Zebra midliners and I LOVE them.
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Some of my history notes 🤗. The weather recently has been so gross, and it has really been bringing down my mood 😪. I can't wait for the summer, so I can actually focus on a few more of my hobbies ✨. On a side note, I hope everyone else had a good productive day 😄

the week is almost over 💪💪feat. pastel green spread
i can't believe i'm almost at 1k 😮. i cannot bilib this i am #shookt.
also i'm highkey nervous for tomorrow. i'm performing in the evening and it's my first time to sing "professionally" (like at an actual gig). i'm part of the worship team in church, but i've never really performed as myself at a cafe//gig place. i'm 2% excited, 98% nervous 🙊🙊
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I'm working on a custom journal right now and I can't get over this amazing gold printed fabric by #cottonandsteel #riflepapercofabric 😍
Do you have a favourite fabric? Designer?

I own a wonderful book called 'Growing Wings' by Kristen Jongen. This was one of the many beautiful poems found in it. *

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My week has been crazy! I've had fun things every night! So fun that I spaced posting this week's spread. Oh well, here it is! #bujo #bujolove #bujoinbed #bujoweekly #bujojunkies #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #scribblesthatmatter #showmeyourplanner

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