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Getting ready to go to #dad2summit - which started as a conference for Dad bloggers - seems like the perfect time to bring out a @blackwing Volumes 16.2 pencil, honoring Ada Lovelace, considered to be the first computer programmer. I love the smooth matte finish on these, the nod to the binary black & white, and the binary pattern of her initials, AAL, stamped on each one. 😍🙌🏻👸🏼💻✏️❤️ #pencils #blackwingpencil #thelifeboss

It has arrived!!! Yes! Yes! I can’t wait to dig in! #hobonichi #hobonichicousin

Yes, it is Christmas Day. I’m booming with ideas though, and so it is time to make some notes. Doing what I love - taking to paper & pen to plan. That inspired the name change too! While I do love a great #bulletjournal - I have accepted that I don’t love drawing spreads, and if I don’t do it? It doesn’t work for me! I’m a HUGE fan of my #discboundplanner and I’ll be sharing so much more! #twsbi #twsbivacmini #fountainpen #penaddict #plannerlife #arcplanner #tulplanner #marthastewartplanner #plannergoodies #planneraddict #bujobiz #bujoideas

I love my #bulletjournal but part of why I use a #discboundplanner is so that I can print my monthly calendars out. I have no desire to draw them over & over! This is my Challenge calendar, with all the #planwithmechallenge (PWMC) and #bohoberrychallenge (BBC) prompts listed on it. Such a huge timesaver to print pages and add them in! ❤️🙌🏻💃🏼👸🏼

I'm loving the switch back to a #discboundplanner for my #bulletjournal - it is always open to the current day spread, sitting right next to me. I want to incorporate color more, but for now? Perfect. 📔Discbound notebook: Office by Martha Stewart in the Junior size from @staples; stickers - Happy Planner from @michaelsstores. Tabs: Arc Junior - from Staples.
🖊 Pens: @parkerpens Rialto.

There is not a lot of color inside my planner or my notebook, I like the pages to be mostly black & white. You will find color though in the accents - the cover, the tabs, stickers, the disc rings. I prefer to keep it pretty simple. It is the perfect day to sit outside while I work - thankful that there are no contractors here today!
📔Discbound notebooks: small - Office by Martha Stewart in the Junior size from @staples; large - Happy Planner cover from @michaelsstores with gold discs from Staples. Tabs: Arc Junior - from Staples with Happy Planner stickers from Michaels.
🖊 Pens: @parkerpens Rialto. #discboundbujo #bujobiz #thelifeboss #planwithmechallenge 08.06 Colors

I'm trying out using a weekly spread for my social media post planning for my business. (My daily tasks are on a #bulletjournal style page, rapid-logging.) I added my two challenges I'm participating in, the #planwithmechallenge and the #bohoberrychallenge - I'm also doing the #wild30projo so I should add that too. I'll fill in blog posts here as I map them out. My style is normally quite minimal - I do not like a lot of color in my planners, it becomes visual clutter to me. I did try a color accent though. Baby steps here, baby steps! 07.06 📔Discbound notebook: Office by Martha Stewart; tabs: Arc Junior - both available at @staples 🖊 Pens: @parkerpens Rialto with Parker Gel ink in 0.7 size; @staetriplus Triplus Fineliner.

New pens! Since I want to practice my ink drawings and make tiny ones in my planner, I picked up the @staedtlernorthamerica Sketch Pens in 6 sizes (0.05 - 0.8). I chose them because they are waterproof, so I can add that to my work. I couldn't resist the @staetriplus Triplus Fineliners as well. Those colors! 😍 I am looking forward to adding some color pop to my #bulletjournal - #planwithmechallenge #bohoberrychallenge 06.06

One of the reasons I rarely use pencils is because they break easily. Then I discovered @dromgoolespens that @blackwing makes a cap for them! You can carry your perfectly sharpened pencil around without stressing over breaking that sweet extra long point. How cool is that?!? #blackwing #blackwing602 #blackwingpencil

I'm starting a brand new @leuchtturm1917 for June (I'll share more soon), and these are my favorite #fountainpens - my @staedtlermars and my @pilotpenusa #pilotmetropolitan - as long as I have this and a ruler? I'm set! #bulletjournaling #planwithmechallenge 02.6 My Planner Squad -- All purchased at @dromgoolespens in Houston!

I wrote this on the side of my notes, and as soon as I did, I thought, "I have to share that!" Then I realized my spelling error in the middle. I considered rewriting it for a pretty photo - until I realized I had to take my own advice! 😂 STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE IN FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS WILL SAY. You have to live with yourself. They won't even be thinking about you an hour from now. #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #communityovercompetition

I'm getting ready for the June #planwithmechallenge - I can't wait! Time for a new #bulletjournal too - it is going to be a good month! Are you in? Follow @planwithmechallenge for details on how to join!

A #bujo blast from the past! My very first Bullet Journal from 2015! Day 1 was rapidlogging the details on my pneumonia visit to the emergency clinic. 🙈 After that, it was all about the #bujobiz! #tbt #bulletjournal

Our home renovations are almost done, which means it is almost time for me to go back to work. Digging back in to reading The 5am Miracle and the Four Commitments for my #bulletjournal - "1. I will have an intentional and written plan for my day, every day. 2. I will consistently implement healthy habits for optimal energy and enthusiasm. 3. I will choose short-term objectives that help me achieve my life's grandest goals. 4. I will track my progress, make necessary adjustments, and hold myself accountable." #bulletjournaljunkies #bujo #bujobiz #thelifeboss #the5ammiracle

My @leuchtturm1917 #bulletjournal is holding everything together during our house renovations. It keeps me on task with business goals, while I track paint color possibilities and other plans. It coordinates with the new kitchen granite too! #bujobiz #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournallove #leuchtturm1917 #staedtler #staedtlerpens #fountainpen #fountainpen

That Ansel Adams really knew a thing or two about photography. I love this #quote because when I go to click the shutter I'm not in that moment thinking about all the people, places and things of my life to make the shot perfect, all those people, places and things have already created the perfect shot I'm about to take. #anseladams #bujobiz

"It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see" -Henry David Thoreau
Feeling really inspired on this snowy/slushy/rainy day. Writing it all down! #bujobiz
Illustration by: @lisacongdon

Aren't these @moleskineofficial notebooks BEAUTIFUL? I especially love the black one. Swoon! I might have to buy one soon. Spotted at @dromgoolespens - so many treasures! #bujobiz #bujojunkies #bujo #moleskine #moleskineplanner

Saturday at @dromgoolespens - I'm so thankful to have such a FANTASTIC store locally! I buy a lot of my #bujo supplies here, along with my fave fountain pens! #bujobiz #bujojunkies

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