That time I had the coatamundi on my back. #heedthecall #builtforthewild #belizeflyfishing

Three years ago, on our honeymoon, we purchased our first Yeti product, the Hopper 30. During this time, we have used it a lot & many people have asked us “is it worth the money?” Now I’ll tell you...
The day before our anniversary, we were doing our normal grocery run, when the zipper to our Yeti came off of the track! Our first reaction was to freak out, just a little! (We didn’t have our receipt...did we even register this thing?) I instantly called the company, sent an email with pictures explaining what happened & with no hesitation they tell us that our cooler will be replaced with the updated Hopper Two 30, at no cost!
Yesterday, we received our new cooler! I can only say good things about this company, from holding ice for days to their amazing customer service.
Thanks Yeti! 😁

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Not going to Canada at the end of the week with one of my favorite humans (@aaeberle) is a tough pill to swallow. This year has been a challenging one. Lots of change. Lots of growing. Lots of opportunity. Promise I’ll be up to eat Amish bakery pretzels and bitch about the increase of local goose hunters in your area very soon, buddy.

Someone who works behind the scenes at @theflyprogram is facing some health challenges at the moment. And hearing this, our family at @yeti sent a beautifully handwritten letter and put together this amazing care package to get them back on their feet and out in wild places as soon as possible. We are blessed beyond words to have such amazing partners who are genuinely invested in our community and the power of the outdoors. Thank you @yeti 💙
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With #Denver and #SLC in the books, the #tundratour rolls on to #California this week. Redwood City 9/19. Santa Ana 9/20. Good times, great films and a boat load of 💰 raised for conservation of wild places. Hopefully we’ll see you along the way! Schedule @ yeti.com/tundratour.
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Sometimes, it’s really important to keep the focal point on what you can deliver to achieve success. I use Geco Express ammunition, because they never fail me at the range and up the mountain!

Annealed, smooth, tight groups, quality and just a sexy round ... cheers @melbournegunworks

Pursuing elk around the mountains is quickly becoming a full on addiction. I hunted with my dad as a kid but haven’t had the desire to get back into it until last year. Every day inching a little closer to the objective of getting an old cow and supplying my family with a solid amount of delicious and natural meat. Plus it’s motivating to hike for food in a place like this. #colorado #elk #hunt #builtforthewild

We got the food, just waiting on the birds👌

Nothing like that first opening day volley....#sitkagear #sickforit #builtforthewild #ontario #fujifilm_xseries

Same But Different. #basicAF

Last week we won a free cooler from @yeti . We finally got to try it out on the trail (post-trail beers, anyone?) and it definitely holds up during all the bumping and banging! It fits right into the Jeep and it's mighty handy. We love it already.

Definitely not paid to advertise or anything, just wanted to share some love for a great brand!

Thanks for the sweet cooler, Yeti! .
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What comes with you on your aloha missions? For us, Hawaiian chili pepper watah🌶💦 is a must. Everybody got their own “secret” recipe + we love sampling all of them. This specific brew is from the “King of the Hawaiian Islands” aka @unkokau

The hardest part of the hunt is always goodbye no matter what the outcome is. Goodbye to people that you can still laugh with even in hard times, sore and exhausted, being together day after day, goodbye to the incredible wilderness that accepts you as one of its own and the creatures we pursue that consume our minds, bodies and souls leaving sometimes empty handed, but wishing for one more day. This is why we do it though, am I right? Missing these two incredible human beings that I’m lucky enough to call my friends, two people I’d hike anywhere with after just about anything. As for any great hunting trip, the very last words we exchanged shouting though the departures parking lot of PDX wouldn’t have been anything less than, “We need to plan when the hell we’re going back ASAP!” @dannerboots | @opalbutteoutfitters | #elk

We love the time of year when we can mix up our days and do some shooting. Here's a nice layout of a few quail!
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📷: @riverwizard

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