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Everything is built off of the foundation you make. Spiritually, in order to build up your relationship with Jehovah, you MUST know his thoughts from the Bible. Great reminder!....#foundation #buildupyourfaith #dailybiblereading

God has to break you in order to build you .. 😘
Smile and be strong! ❀️😘😍 #BuildUpYourFaith #BuildUpYourHope #YouAreLoved #YouAreSpecial

"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why".

Are you wondering how you can build your faith?
Are you concerned about how faith works?

Join us today for faith clinic.
Time: 6:30pm.

Endeavour to invite someone. God bless you.
#faithclinic #rccgtfoj #faithworks #buildupyourfaith

It took me awhile to realize this because I always heard this as I was growing up in church....however when it is your life and seems like your whole world is crashing down it seems totally different than just telling someone that... but through it all God takes what you go through and uses it as a stepping stone to get you to where you need to be. If you're going through something keep your faith and know that he is God! Take your trials and let that build your FAITH! God tests our faith during trials! πŸ”₯πŸ™ Praise him as if it is already DONE! You're breakthrough is in your praise! #hewillbreakeverychain #buildupyourfaith #youcanbefree

I wonder how many feet have climbed these steps since the 1930's.

Proverbs 14:30

"I choose to live from eternity, not from my circumstances."

"Show me every part of you that you do not love, so I know where to begin." - God

God's love is the only thing stronger than fear."

"Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8

But ye beloved,building up yourselves in your most holy faith,praying in tongues
Jude 1:20

Tongues is a means of edifying yourself spiritually!! It activates your faith on the inside;generates peace and builds your confidence in God
Make out time to pray in tongues about that situation that's bothering you;

Build up your faith!! #buildupyourfaith

πŸ‘‘C H A R A C T E RπŸ‘‘

Your character determines how you treat others and generally how you do life.

One thing I love about walking out my FAITH on a daily basis is that it helps me to renew my mind and in doing that, my character begins to change.
Money is a good thing! But you can't buy character with it. No matter how much money you have if your character is bad, you still have to work at it just like everyone else.

This is not to say we should run around in life just trying to change ourselves NO! But our character most certainly matters and affects everything around us.

How are you building yourself up ?
Jude 20-21

Jacob actually said: I WILL NOT let you go UNTIL you bless me....This shows the determination of a man that desperately needed some things to change.

#HoldOn #ThisTooShallPass #Storms #StormsDontLast #HoldOn #BuildUpYourFaith #WhileYouWait
#BeDetermined #SeekChange #DontStop
#UntilYouGetIt #Blessed

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