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I can just hear Curtis' response to this, "Yuuuuuuuus Mamaaa!!!"... hahaha!! Thanks @mydevacurl for having me at the #buildupbuster product launch event!! Had so much fun seeing and catching up with all the Curls. 😉 #curls #devacurl

Updated wash and go video using the new #devacurl #buildupbuster #devacut and diy okra gel

New video on my YouTube channel, link in bio. So yesterday I went to the @mydevacurl Devachan Salon and I got the #BUILDUPBUSTER service with @brian_devacurl • I loved it so much! You can see my whole experience on YouTube and we also give you some tips! #devacurl #mydevacurl #buildupbuster #curlyhair #youtube

These curls are REAL and they are SPECTACULAR! Can you believe our #getyourbounceback contest winner, @mycurlychronicles’s curls are real? We couldn’t either! See how she gets her AMAZING voluminous curls over on our snapchat (@mydevacurl) , today! #devacurl #forallcurlkind #BuildupBuster

✨Thank you @mydevacurl for bringing us all together! #mydevacurl #devacurl #buildupbuster

Instagram connected me to my long lost sister @bwatuwant and @mydevacurl #BuildUpBuster Event introduced us #AtLastttttttttt 👯

So here's my first impression of the @mydevacurl buildup buster ⬇️

With the build up buster you could use the pointed tip to directly target the scalp then work it in through the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair.
The build up buster is meant to rid your hair from product buildup and bring your curls back to life without stripping your hair from moisture. .

This product definitely got rid of any product build up I had along with leaving my hair very shiny. The smell is kind of sweet but not too strong. I deep conditioned with heaven in hair after, then styled with my fav deva curl products (Devacurl wash n go on my YouTube channel if you want to see what products I use from deva curl to style my hair). Final results when my hair dried, was really bouncy defined soft curls. Definitely had more volume at the roots even before I used my pik to fluff my roots, because my hair wasn't weighed down anymore from buildup. I'll be using this product once a month or maybe once every 2 weeks.
Definitely do recommend if you want to give this product a try. If you are experiencing build up and need something to bring your lifeless curls back to life, this is a good treatment for that. #mydevacurl #buildupbuster


5 months into my curly hair journey. Pic on the left is from today and the pic on the right is from April. The difference in my curls is amazing! #curlygirl #curlygirlmethod #embraceyourcurls #devacurl #meltintomoisture #deepsearepair #buildupbuster

D E V A 👑

We love the buildup buster and Melt into moisture! Build up buster helps to free your hair from silicones and any sort of build up so your hair can begin to accept hydration. The perfect pairing for the new Melt into Moisture- Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask! @devacurlpro babee!!

Beginning the journey to curls starts with detox of #buildupbuster deep conditioning with #innersenseorganicbeauty and styling with #jessicurl Confident Coils after a custom #devacut . #bayareacurlstylist #devacurl #curlywhirly #curlyhairartistry1

What are your opinions on this? I just bought it and I am going to use it today 😊 #devacurl #buildupbuster #curlyhair #curlyhairgang💁

Bouncy, soft, DEFINED curls on miss @so_so87 💖💖 I gave her lots of curl education during her curly cut so she could get her best curls at home! 🌀🌀🌀🌀 I have open appointments next week in Tuesday, Thursday -Saturday at @hairitagehairlounge! Call the salon at (908) 506-1111 or book online to book your curly cut with me 😁✌🏾

Treat those curls to a little pampering!! DevaCurls new Melt into moisture, Deep Sea Repair and Buildup Buster to make your curls the best they can be! #fringebenefits

i'm a winner!
omg, so excited!!
gotta try the new goods and learn all the ins and outs so i can educate my clients.
Deva has so many new products, can't wait to get my hands in them 💚
we have them in stock @starbabyalameda but I need to dive in first 🙌
#lucky #devacurl #education #meltintomoisture #deepsearepair #buildupbuster #treatmenttrifecta

Teaching stylist and clients the joy of a good cut. FYI teaching another class Sept 18th at Armstrong McCall North only 1 ticket left. 512-727-9148;301

Have you ever tried a Gel to reduce frizz in your wavy/curly hair?! Deva curl created these gels for weight, crunchless, shiny and bouncy hair! On your next visit to @salonskanda ask us... "How can I air dry without frizz?" Our #curlyhairspecialists will give you the 411.

🚨Check out my latest YouTube upload on my current Deva Curl @mydevacurl Wash N Go Routine! #justtreatsnotricks The link is in my bio🍍song- @kehlani in my feelings

Taught at an ulta event, for @devacurl. What a great group to teach. Asked a lot of questions and made it a fun training! To close it off we are #houstonstrong !

This trappese artist needed a new hair color before her show. Our #risingstar Kristal met the request with this vintage rhubarb color. Our guest was thrilled and ready to reach for new heights.

Deva Transformation and fresh highlights on her beautiful blonde hair! We love when our guests say "I don't have any waves..." and we do a Deva Transformation and we get this!! Let us surprise you, we are your Curly Hair Specialists!

Highlights and hydration for this curly head. She did a relaxer a year ago and thought that her curl would not come back. Hydration is KEY with curly hair! Used Buildup Buster to refresh her curls then used the Decadence Line. Barely rinsed her conditioner out because her hair needed the hydration. And whoo hooo curls sprang back to life! 💁🏽

Can you believe this is JUST a great wash and go with @mydevacurl. No cut just putting moisture and love back into her hair. I used build up builder to bring the bounce back to her curls♥️ #noopootransfomation #browsandstyles #devacurlpro #devacurl #moisturize #buildupbuster #setitfree #supercream #mirrorcurls #decadence #naturalhair #curlyhair #fresnohair

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