Perfect for dessert lovers, Strawberry Pastry eLiquid by #ivgliquids Desserts range is a real happiness 🔥😋🔥

Fo shizzle my nizzle we got the Bizzle.
Get funky fresh with The Bizzle Line from @elysianlabs.
we got it here at Ruze Vapor in Seattle off MLK Jr Way.

I don’t know why I didn’t fill this thing evenly 🤦🏻‍♂️ hopefully I got it pretty close to where it was. I’m double downing on caulk next time. #caulkjokes #skateboardmold #skatediy #swampside

Take a look.
Your feedback is appreciated 🤘🏻💜🤘🏻

@instagram seems to be back at it and honestly, I’m pretty much over this fuckin bullshit.
Also, I couldn’t give a fuck about followers. I dumped a page with way more followers to retain engagement, this is an information based page and if I can’t get info out to people that need it, what’s the fuckin point.

can you spot the differences between #tm24proseries
Cap and this TM24 eclipse cap??
Here's some Xrayed post to give you some reference
Some of my finding 🔍:
✔Lower profile
✔No heat transfer
✔More flavor 🤘
✔compatible with all TM24 (i use my TM24 pro matte blue AF)
Get yours at :
🌍 @twistedmesses_com 🇮🇩 @tomyneque .
Slentre braidator
3x28 / 7 loops 37 N80
4 wraps
3mm ID
0.11 ohm
Wicked with @cottonbacon
*Ps , i thought this cap were made for smaller builds, but this slentre still give a massive flavour !!
#indocoilbuilder #cleanbuilds #coilporn #vapeindo #twistedmesses

Seriously though, for real. Grown men acting like little fuckin bitches.
#Repost @fresh0133 ・・・
Regrann from @_ohmageddon_ - Current mood. As a wise man once said: "Just because some people are fueled by drama doesn't mean you have to attend the performance". #actlikeadults #growthefuckup - #regrann

Perhaps not the perfect coil for this application but it’s the only single I had laying around. Either way, The Hermetic is definitely the most banginest flavor banger I’ve run across, maybe ever.
Thanks Matt, I appreciate ya brother 🤘🏻

Haven’t been this excited for a piece of hardware in a while. Huge thanks to @suckmymod you rock brother.

Some corragated stitched interlocking ribbon alien framed staples in the the old Buddha .4/50g for the squiggly

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