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Hubs finishing up the new woodshed. I get to create art all across the back...and of course, get the scrap wood too. #garden #atthehomestead #buildong #bigcanvas

Perverted brick layer #hardon #brickoverwood #buildong

I don't do selfies, but here's me in my spray kit building my new art studio.
#painting #buildong #artstudio


Exactly what's happening ladies. Career couple. Pasquale is such a smart successful social networker helping others in business, teamwork, finances and more. He's traveled and built in many countries in his career. You can find him on YouTube in interviews and talking business from the past in a few countries. Together we are building in the forex industry while I still grow all of the incredible positions/brands I am in. It's amazing the education and the people you meet in this industry. I learn so much from him and his past business endeavors. I build him up and always let him know I'm proud of him and encourage. That's so Important. We both want the same things and work hard to get them. We are a team and I could not ask for anyone better to build life up with. Ladies, if you're like me then it makes all the difference when you have a strong successful confident man that never settles and has no limit on building life up to new levels. He watches me and I watch him and our bond in priceless. 🙋🏼❤️xo #marry #gettingmarried #futurepasquale #futurewife #futurehusband #levelup #buildong #togetherness #empires

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