I've come home from my #brightlyimmersive Mastermind retreat with an incredibly full heart. As I sat on the plane yesterday, next to my Mom (who came along and was the best HouseMom ever!), I felt this sense of being completely content.
My gratitude feels like it's flowing through the roof right now!! I have a full heart, a smile that can't be stopped and a joy on my heart that feels like it's overflowing.
And that's on top of some big bummer snafus that presented themselves this weekend (most importantly being that our photographer and guest speaker @katiegrace_hollstein came down with pneumonia and wasn't able to fly out...WE WISH YOU WELL KATIE and we missed you!) ❤️ Snafus can't even stop this gratitude train.
I'm grateful I get the opportunity to create these Masterminds where lifelong friendships are made. I'm grateful I get to pour every ounce of energy I have into each precious gal who attends and believes in the power of these Masterminds. I'm grateful I get to live a life I LOVE and do this for a living.
Oop! The tears are coming now as I type this. "Tears are truth." Right ladies??
I'm grateful that I get the opportunity to do this all again next year and my heart rejoices that this gets to continue.
Today might be recoup day...as I sit on the couch vegging out with some solid Netflix binging...but my heart feels more full than ever. Grateful for all of this. ✨ Wouldn't change a thing. ✨
➡️ #brightlyimmersive mastermind 2019 is coming - get on the wait list to get all the new details soon [link in profile].
Photos from the retreat by our very own Masterminder @clairewaitephotography 🥰


Breaks are important if you truly want to enjoy the process.

Reaching the goal will bring you happiness, but enjoying the process will keep you sane and motivated!

Only put me around the mentally quipped ones who have the Mind to become fearless,motivated, hungry, and passionate to chase your dreams by any means necessary ✨ If you want to change your life forever yuh can’t give up no matter what I’m here to help I have the opportunity for you ❗️💪🏾🙏🏾❗️#goalchaser #goalchaser #dreamchaser #mindset #millionairemindset #dreamchaser #determination #motivation #passion #hardwork #girlboss #hungry #ambition #residualincome #buildingmyempire #helpingothers #entrepreneur #fearless #wealth #financialfreedom #dreambig

30inchs of Ambitious Extensions 😉
🔥🔥 🔥
Birthday hair 🙃
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It doesn’t matter how strong your voice is or even if you’re comfortable sharing it. It’s the one thing you have, no matter what you’re situation is. Don’t waste it by keeping it to yourself.
I promise there are people out there that have something to learn from you.
There are people out there interested in your voice!
Share it!
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Have you ever had one of those days where if someone just breathes and you want to scream?! Home girl had one today! So instead of being a horrible bitch to people who certainly didn’t deserve it! I took myself to the cinema 10 miles away 🤣 just to make sure I didn’t see someone I know. I knew no one could solve my mood but me! It’s hard work I should’ve been in the gym lifting weights, but my trapped nerve is worse given me blurred vision. And hey 3 weeks without working out properly and cabin fever in the house I think it just got to me. So even though it made me feel uncomfortable going to the cinema alone in wales I went. Even though it gave me anxiety waiting to go into the cinema I went. I had my beats so I would listen to my life coach stating, “The primitive brain will tell you no don’t go outside let’s Netflix. We don’t need to change the world stay here where it’s safe”. She never ever fails to put a smile on my face, make me feel at ease or just go do the shit I don’t want to do to make me feel better. I did feel so much better as well! I cried twice during Mamma Mia 2 🤣 and then giggled at @jackblack in The house with clocks in the walls. It was exactly what I needed! No one is coming to save you! You have to save yourself each and every day! I’m still wearing the gym outfit I planned to wear to the gym and my new gymshark top underneath... I’m stubborn like that 🤣. I’d wear a pink wig if it made me feel better. As long as it brings a smile to your face do it!

I recently spoke with Jeff Long about online course creation.
We both agree one of the biggest obstacles to creating a course that actually sells when we get into our own little worlds and create a course based on what we think people need instead of asking them what they really need. It is so important to ‘interview’ your target market to find out more about what their needs are to better structure your courses. This can be done at any stage although even if you don’t have the audience yet, you should be building it. This will make it easier down the road.
Listen to the podcast here: https://www.saraannapowers.com/podcast/

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