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Promo code MEMORIAL. The world's perfect protein drink for both kids and adults. Mix with milk over cereal for kids or just make chocolate milk. Have a 26 gram protein iced coffee for adults. Use your imagination. Can be mixed with just about anything cold for a perfect protein drink. Build muscle or burn fat. Great weightloss drink.
You have got to try this to appreciate how versatile is really is. You really can't taste the Egg Whites in any drink.

Helps people with medical issues that just need to get more protein but won't eat the food. This is the perfect solution.

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Are you trying to make a transformation? What’s working for you? 🔥

@misscarlijay_healthyliving "💛 Transformation Tuesday!! - Change your mindset, and then change your life! 😊 Each week people ask me how I did it, and that’s what my whole @Instagram page is dedicated too! 🙌🏽 Sharing tips, advice, recipes, motivation, and generally anything I can, to help someone else make that change to their own life to be as healthy and fit as they can possibly be! 🙏🏽 There is no question I haven’t answered, so for anyone who sees this and asks what did I do? Please follow along with my journey and read some of my other posts on my story, as well as the videos I share on YouTube 🎉 I base a lot of my posts on the popular questions I get through IG! So thank you to all the people who have been supporting the journey since day 1!! Much love and good vibes people’s 😙😙😙😙 140lbs gone in 2 years through healthy eating and exercise - - - @misscarlijay_healthyliving @misscarlijay_healthyliving @misscarlijay_healthyliving"

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Good Morning.
Proats and Apple 💪🏽 • 1 sachet of Tesco Instant Oats
• 1 Half glass of water
• Mix in a bowl
• Microwave for 1 minute 30 secs
• Add Scoop of protein powder of your choice (I’m using chocolate caramel from MyProtein)
• Mix and microwave for 30 secs
• Add 1 chopped apple
• Sprinkle with cinnamon • Enjoy 👌🏽 **PRO TIP** Adding protein powder and fruit is optional, but it’s an easy way to hit your protein goals first thing in the morning if your not sure your going to get protein in your next meal.

Yayyyy🎉 I was looking at pictures from my holiday in Egypt. And look at the progress that I've made since september😲. Bulking and lifting heavy where the key to this transformation. So so happy, this is why I love working out so much ❤

Ma quando arriva l'estate? 🤔 Intanto io provo a metterla nel piatto...🌻fitCheEseCaKe lowcarb con AvOcAdO kiWi e MiRtiLLi.🌼. 😋😋 😍 #deliciousfood #fitcouple #fitnessmotivation #fitfood #fitfam #lovegym #loveeat #lovefit #gymlife #flexibledieting #iifymfam #iifym #nutrition #musclegirl #buildingmuscle #bodybuilding #doitbetter

Life has been busy lately. Fallen off the health and fitness bandwagon a little, but hopping right back on now I'm back from my little trip. Let's see how much I can change in 4 weeks before I'm off again overseas!
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Happy Monday!!! Leg/glute day done tonight ... now I’m hungry so it’s time to eat 🤪😋😂 Did you have a good weekend? .
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Although this was technically an upper body night Sharing my #legs progress while enjoying my end of workout sauna session. Can’t deny I love these #curves #curvesaresexy #fitandcurvy #gymprincess #fitisthenewsexy #fitisfab #mondaymotivation #workoutmotivation #workout #workouts #buildingmuscle

Because when we are active, we can understand the relationship with food and the mathematics to burn it.
So grateful!
Dinner time: Tomato 🍅 basil 🌿 omelette and salad! .
Happy tummy and celebrating my team’s victory! We Eat! .
Join the Challenge to receive recipes and so many tips to achieve your goals.
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Don’t know if it’s the reverse curling or Mariah that has me breathing hard. 😂😂 Either way lets get it!!

Oatmeal is something I have everyday.
I started eating it when I found it to be crazy filling and it helped me stay full for hours during my cuts.
It became one of my staple breakfast foods now and can't start my day without it now.
I like to add a scoop of whey, some cinnamon and a tablespoon of peanut butter to make it flavorful.

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Are you trying to make a transformation? What’s working for you? 🔥

If I have taken anything even one thing from this journey of mine, it has been to fall in love with myself again.
For so long I felt lost, lost in my ways, lost in my job, lost in myself, I’m sure many of you can relate? 🙄 .
But it’s a sad place, to not love yourself to not treat yourself right, to not know your own dammed self worth?
Why do we get lost? Who knows? 🤷🏼‍♀️ .
Maybe it’s someone’s job, their relationship, or just the fact they are so caught up in routine that so much time passes by and they realise “when was the last time I looked and thought about me”
For me this journey has been about being SELFISH yep I said it selfish I spent so much time worrying about others, caring about other people and just putting them before me without any recognition, and one say I was like you know what... I AM NOT HAPPY! (I was actually really sad, in a hole) 🤷🏼‍♀️ _____________________
You have to take control of your own life realise that actually the most important person in your life is you, because without you what are all those people who rely on you going to do? 😘 .
So take an oath to put yourself on your own dammed pedestal and do something that makes YOU happy and proud! 💕 "

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😖 Eat Slow To Get Lean 😬

I feel one of the most significant and most useful tools for fat loss we forget about is chewing 😂

Seriously though — how fast is food disappearing from your plate? 😆 ⠀

If it’s gone before you can even realize, this could be the reason for an insatiable hunger, bloating and digestive issues, and keeping that extra body fat on 😯 ⠀

Reason being, digestion starts in the mouth. The saliva begins breaking the food down so you can better absorb it when it reaches the stomach 💯

The more you can get used to chewing and enjoying your food, your body will begin to let you know when it’s full — it just takes some practice 😌 ⠀

And after that practice, you’ll most likely find yourself eating less and less...

15 chews is just a random number, but the idea is to make sure the food is fully mashed before swallowing 👍

At the same time, this mini-challenge will make you more present and mindful of your eating...

This is also where the bonus breaths come in at the beginning — they will help relax you before eating which in turn will help reveal if you’re eating for your emotions, stress eating, etc. 🤔

Lastly, it’s always good to note that more wholesome, nutrient dense foods are going to fill you up much faster than processed “empty” calories 🙏

This might feel weird at first, others around you will most likely finish earlier and you’ll feel a little pressure, it may feel like it’s taking you 10 years just to eat what’s on your plate…

But your body will thank you, you’ll get leaner and feel better, and this is an important skill to build given that food is such a big part of our lives 🙂

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